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  1. Thanks for clarifying, was all set on a R mk7 then stumbled across a m240i for around the same price. So now not really sure about which way to go
  2. Wise words thanks, even from a spurs fan!! Arsenal fan here went to see one and it was nice to drive, think I will opt for a mk7 with gears not sure I would like the DSG one more questions, I have seen some pics where the display is showing oil temp and pressure and G force but in the one I drove the sales man did not know. It this only on some models, also does apply car play work with all models ?
  3. Thanks for the comments. i do prefer a 7.5 but you can get a 7 for around 20k whilst a 7.5 is 25k. If I had more time could be worth waiting another year for the 7.5 to drop more.
  4. Hi all, looking at getting a golf as my new car, currently have a 290 bhp Megane R26 which I love but it’s getting written off due to suspension damage. anyway back to the question, I want to spend £20k (or less) and noticed the 2018 models have an upgraded dash and stereo. I saw a 2018 gti for around the same price as a 2017 R. I would prefer the R but is the new facelift 2018 worth it over the 2017? also anything I should worry about with the mk7 golfs? Are they any big service intervals I should be aware of if I get a 2-3 year old car? With a stage 1 map what does the power go to? Thanks in advance!
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