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  1. Thanks. I seem to have been looking for weeks and weeks. Made my mind up to get white.....now considering Lapiz or white. But must be 5 door DSG. 👍🏻
  2. As in the title. Looking for a facelift Golf R at the moment but hard to find the right one with low miles and for reasonable money. Any tips to look for? I’ve just sold my mk3 Focus RS Edition to come over to the ‘R’ family as the wife hated the RS so I’m hoping she’ll prefer the Golfs more ‘understated’ appearance. Thanks in advance
  3. Sorry, probably posted in wrong section as just seen I’ve put it in Modifying section?
  4. Hi. Just joined the site as just sold my mk3 Focus RS and looking to buy a facelift R over the next week or so when the right one pops up. Any tips to look for? Thanks in advance
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