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  1. I will have a closer look at faults and post results
  2. it just picks up faults that aren't really faults. Especially when the ignition is on and the engine is off. Nothing to lose sleep over
  3. i didn't bother looking to see what the trouble codes were because as soon as my camera didn't work i yanked the obdeleven out, whipped it across the driveway and went to the beer fridge
  4. The OBDeleven app. Would take a first time user 5mins to code the head unit. Just a few easy steps and you use your smartphone or tablet to do it. And it has really cool looking pictures/icons. It also tells you that your car has a million different issues but none of the issues really seem to matter because it still drives absolutely fine
  5. Yep. Then you need to code the factory head unit. Which is a fancy way of saying "turn on the rear view camera feature" You can do this with a vagcomm cable and vcds software and sit in your car with your laptop and carefully navigate through dangerous binary code and enable the right bits to enable your retrofit camera. Or.... you can press the easy button and buy an OBDELEVEN from Lithuania. Then click on the cool photo and magically enable your camera.
  6. Helix works quite good. I am an audio enthusiast so i thought i wouldn't like it but it gives just the right amount of low's to match the factory spkrs. No annoying popping. I don't know anything about versions because i ordered it on ebay when i was drunk. it says 000051419B I got a deal on it. I bought the camera to fire in while the interior was out. Now i need to figure out what to replace to get the camera working. Sometimes i think it would be easier just to jack up the bonnet and put a new car under it 😡
  7. I installed the oem emblem camera on my 2015 golf r. Everything works apart from the video image. Screen is blank. I did all the coding. Apparently it doesn't work on my head unit. Can I replace my head unit and screen? Which one should I buy? I have the 3Q0035820A head unit
  8. it was this one... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283528698239
  9. Well ain't that a Mother F####R! guess i will be surfing ebay again. Is there any advice for upgrading the head unit and screen?
  10. Also... would the static parking guide lines not still appear even though the video feed wires were not correct?
  11. I Did the coding on the infotainment (byte 19) and the coding in parking assist. Yes the screen changes to show the car positioned vertically on the lower left side of the screen but the video feed is not showing up. This car originally had "park pilot" where the screen showed the car horizontally and had lines that moved with the steering wheel. The camera does pop out as it should, but blank screen where video should be. I will double check my video feed to the blue plug. My infotainment module is the basic 3Q0035820A <--- i was told by camera supplier that this would not be a problem. Now i am questioning it.
  12. With the help of the kind people of this forum, i was able to retro fit a rearview emblem camera to my MK7 Golf R. I was installing the HELIX sub so i figured that i might as well install the RVC (rear view camera). Everything hooked up and working, apart from rear view cam video display. The camera pops out when in reverse but no video comes to screen. I ordered an OBD11 and enabled rear view camera. Still Nothing! Any suggestions?
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