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  1. Thanks for that. I will definitely do it
  2. Is there any way through coding or oem options to "always" remove the image of the car that appears on the left side of my screen when reversing. I know you can swipe it away after it appears but that is not always convenient.
  3. just to add a 1.5 month update on the stage 2 Golf R. So far so good. The car was detailed when i picked it up as i did also state that the interior looked like a rats nest. I received the paperwork for the updates and they were done @ 31,000 miles. Forge Intake Downpipe + res delete ECU+TCU tune I installed a new set of MPS4S tyres as the car came with Pzeros and didn't hold the road as good as my 2015 golf R which has the mps4s tyres. For a car with +34,000 miles it is very clean. *after the interior was detailed. I took care of the engine detailing and popped it on the hoist to examine the undercarriage and it was also very clean. The oil looked ok and was not due a service for 4k, but felt safer to pump it out and give it a fresh drink of Millers Nanodrive CFS 5w40 I am very happy with the car. Always puts a smile on my face. truth be told... It didn't feel that much faster than the stage 1 golf until i got used to it and then got behind the wheel of the stage 1 again. Then again... I didn't buy the car for the extra power. i bought it for my wife (she liked the options). I drive a not stock Hilux
  4. replaced the ballast and it fixed the headlight but it appears that either 1 or both of the DRL modules have also failed. Ordered them and going to test cornerning module when car gets back from garage. I put it in for a quote on a entire new headlight assembly with all modules and bulbs £1,505! lol
  5. gonna go with the mps4 as they are on my 2015 R and they perform much better than the Pzero's that came on the new car (4-5mm tread left across the tyres) I have snows on 18's for winter
  6. I fixed this problem by jacking up the rad cap and placing a new vechicle under it mib2 with app connect/nav/carnet/etc. also bonus is the new car has some nice options over my other car. *(which will be up for sale soon). -heated leather -sunroof -dyna audio -19" wheels -onyx white -forge intake + downpipe + tuning to 410hp + every other option vw offered, except lane assist and heated screen
  7. I figured it out. Its the module with the illustration of a stickman getting shocked I also figured out what caused the fault. Some ninny muggen (previous owner) didn't put the large round bulb access cover back on to the back of the headlight housing. I cleaned the engine bay and water got in and destroyed the components. Grrr! I had not driven the car for a few days after washing so never put 2 and 2 together until i found water around the connector for the Ballast. I will replace the ballast and go from there.
  8. I swapped them and it worked fine. So which module would it be?
  9. Drivers side headlight suddenly stopped working. No high or low beam or running lights. Only thing working is the indicator. Any ideas ? Obdeleven code... 09 Central Electrics System description: BCM MQBAB H Software number: 5Q0937084CL Software version: 0175 Hardware number: 5Q0937084AN Hardware version: H24 Serial number: 01061617600140 ODX name: EV_BCMMQB ODX version: 015001 Long coding: 03111B46C24122F30BA44080B11C07281800000000000000000000000000 Subsystems: System description: WWS 160603 Software version: 0551 Hardware version: 042 Serial number: 160613230550 Long coding: 0E4DDD System description: RLHS Software version: 0059 Hardware version: 037 Serial number: S4Y16M06D24H20M54S48 Long coding: 90A8DD System description: Sensor, DWA Software version: 0316 Hardware version: 005 Serial number: 000000000ZY161381YNZ System description: Sirene, DWA Software version: 0313 Hardware version: 005 Serial number: 00000000000066138229 System description: J245 PS73.403 Software version: 0004 Hardware version: H03 Serial number: 0000FST00115D1L00000 Long coding: 181901 Trouble codes: B121815 - Right low beam headlamp bulb Open circuit/short circuit to B+ static
  10. Yes I bought it. Ticked all the boxes for me. Leather White on black rims I believe it has every option that vw offered. I have to look into the tune as i only have a receipt. Forge intake and downpipe with res delete. I will have to get it dyno'd as I can only speculate. I am guessing that it had a tcu tune as the shift points are different from my 2015 R and it just feels all around different.
  11. Yes... Tyres look like they have seen better days. Will have to sus out the best ones to get. I do not do a lot of miles so short life sticky tyres for me
  12. when i launch the car (even at 3500rpm) all 4 tyres spin and it quickly shifts into 2nd. The roads were not the best conditions. I tried a few times but it just slips and slides sideways. Hoping to sort that out.
  13. Zero other mods. Just hashed out map 6 with George. Its quick as F##K. I didn't feel a massive gain on the stage 2 car until i raced another R on the motorway just south of Carlisle yesterday morning. Maybe someone on here? drivers side rear was wrapped and there was load of racing labels on the windows. My car pulled away like crazy (4 or 5 times). Love it!
  14. Actually I stand corrected. Blue = JB4 tuner with map6 dialed in. Never dyno'd so don't want to over estimate the hp Guess i can't call it stage 1
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