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  1. My current tyres are 225 40 18. Can i use 235 40 18 will they fit Or cause any issues? would really love ps4s tyres which they dont do in 225 40
  2. Has anyone had a Racingline oem+ ecu and tcu tune? what is your opinion/review on it? how does it compare to apr,revo etc Thanks
  3. Hi, looking to get a remap ecu & tcu tune on a golf R mk7.5 dsg. have been looking at both Apr and Racingling. Can not find anything online about racingline in term of map reviews. anyone have any experience with either companies for a golf r mk7.5 dsg? thank you
  4. Yes those are the ones i have which i got from aliexpress came within 2/3weeks. just after a proper guide to both install and obdeleven coding
  5. Anyone installed door puddle lights on mk7.5? Any guides on how to install and coding guide with obdeleven? Currently car just has plastic reflectors would like to wire in some puddle lights. Thank you
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