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  1. In addition to another post. My car went in for oil sensor replacement/new fuel line due to leak/DSG service (never had one, I don’t think) I bought the car with 6 year extended warranty 1.5 years ago. All was fixed but a specialist checked the engine ECU and said it looks like it’s been mapped due to the software number entry. I have most certainly not mapped the car although I have made some minor adjustments via OBD11 but I don’t believe this will show up as a MAP what this guys referring too. (Can any mapper confirm this is a map and nothing I did via OBD11) Obviously I want to prove I have not mapped it and still got these clunky gear changes! Can anyone support if they think this car has been mapped. I also delved into transmission history on fault codes and it showed a o2 transmission code which I think refers to o2 sensor (after looking it up) it would explain my symptoms on the car. I have also completed a DSG reset and I still have the issues! See attached my findings on OBD11 and also the guys finding with programmable attempts? Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Appreciate the support and I will go to VW and see if they can date/time stamp a software change and if it’s prior to me buying I’ve been miss-sold the car with warranty which is basically useless as it’s been mapped:
  3. Okay… so bought a 2016 Golf R August 2021. All fine for 1.5 year and then I had low oil which I topped up then it was fine. 2 weeks later I started experiencing rough gear changes (stuck in gears from 1/2) took it to company where my extended 6 year warranty is they identified oil pressure sensors issues, petrol leak & it got a DSG oil service (which I don’t think it ever had) it’s now at 58k. Anyway they did the oil pressure switches/new fuel line & DSG oil service & it was still locking in gear. They got a VW/Audi software specialist and he determined it’s been mapped apparently…. I have not mapped it however I did buy OBD11 and I made some adjustments (can’t remember) perhaps to faster throttle response. Since the software update he did as it was out of date he didn’t experience any fault codes or issues come up. Hoping thats it sorted however conscious I’ve bought a mapped car which will eventually void my 6 year warranty so I want to understand if I made those tweaks with OBD11 or it was already mapped and never removed? So my questions are: is it mapped based on the picture or could of it been me making a couple of tweaks with OBD11 do you think it’s now sorted with software change? could it be because it’s not been DSG oil service at 40k as recommended? they did mention that they haven’t told warranty company about the mapping but if you wanted to see if it can be removed or find out when it was added. Not sure if she was giving me a life line there? any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Took it to cartime and they think it’s the switch x2 and also the DSG gearbox might need servicing. I have 5 year warranty with them and servicing but not sure if this is included (the DSG service) it’s only at 57k and I only done 8k since I bought it - I would be very disappointed if the DSG GB didn’t get serviced before I bought it! Also there is a leak on petrol pipe… argh
  5. Hey guys, wondering if you can help. I noticed low oil come up on dash the other week so I got correct 5/30 oil from Halfords and added approx 750ml which took it to below maximum level. Oil light went out and then a week passed and I drive as normal and all fine. I then didn’t drive car for 2.5 days and today noticed a judder from 1st 2nd & 3rd gear (it’s DSG AUTO) so I thought it was wheels spinning in wet. Anyway it kept doing it, so I parked up after 20 minute drive. I then went to drive home and it didn’t do it at first but after 10 mins or so started again?! I parked at home and did a OBD11 read and got fault code Volkswagen Golf trouble code P173400 reduced oil pressure switch? Not sure what this means but but odd about me having low oil? can anyone support ☺️ https://www.google.com/search?q=Volkswagen+Golf+trouble+code+P164C00
  6. Hi Tim, We don’t do revo ourselves; but we are currently offering 20% off APR Software, and 20% off the OEM+ software. If you’re looking for an ECU / TCU deal, here’s the one we have (£640.80 offer price) https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/volkswagen/golf-mk7/remaps-and-software/oem-package-deal-ecu-and-tcu-remap-mqb-2-0tsi-dq250-381/ It would be a bit more expensive with APR as they don’t offer a combo deal. £529.86 ECU and £529.86 TCU.
  7. Bury Manchester - I probably won’t got stage 2 as it will be fast enough for me - Just got front ARB also.
  8. These guys mate https://progressiveparts.com/?utm_term=progressive parts&utm_campaign=Brand - PP&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=6631320648&hsa_cam=8252764523&hsa_grp=85396816272&hsa_ad=399486997176&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=kwd-844193348788&hsa_kw=progressive parts&hsa_mt=e&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=Cj0KCQiAj4ecBhD3ARIsAM4Q_jExa-k4B_lzaU-fbIUpHKoL2EpgmEvHlnJsbAD4sVKpihSSE2qDcOUaAoLQEALw_wcB
  9. Hi guys, any advice on the below stage 1 from progressive parts - Is this a good deal? Morning Tim, that price includes the 20% off AND an additional £200 off the ECU and TCU combo, after the sale the price will return to £1054.80 for this package. To Qualify for the sale all cars must be tuned before the end of the month so Wednesday is the last day. Best regards Mark
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