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  1. yes first thanks, don’t get me wrong I took a few of mates out in it and smashed it well over 70 but doing a mixture: just inflated tyres to 39 psi as was shall 36. I’ll put this redex in, I am not expecting miracles if anything. I had a speed around in race mode and was getting 30 mpg anyway. sitting at the lights in race mode you watch all MPG decrease heavily!
  2. Not concerned about it. Just want to know whether it’s achievable- I believe it can be if I do long motorway trip - Need to do a 50/60 mile trip and if that’s doable I’ll smile more lol
  3. You got 530 miles put if one tank? 55L tank with R
  4. Fair shout that - I probably will do that after I snail crawl to get as many miles out my tank so I know it’s achievable - I’ve done 115 and says I got 230 left… we shall see anyway lol
  5. Yes not to bad is it 36.3! I really want to get 40+ what’s the best you got?
  6. Thanks mate - Yes I have been doing this also, ECO makes a difference like! How many miles you get out a tank?
  7. Yes totally - I don’t think I am doing enough motorway driving to get to 40+ I’d be happy with 300+ miles out a tank. I mean it says I have 275 left range and already done 105……. anyone have them fancy led lights installed?
  8. Hey guys, So I got myself a 66 Golf R Night Blue Ghosted! Love it but gone from BMW 420 MSPORT DIESEL! My MPG ain’t the same lol! ive ready a few tips! Best I got is 36.3 and that was 12 miles of urban and some motorway! That’s my work trip 24 miles there and back! Any tips to increase - I bought some REDEX too lol!
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