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  1. Thank you Don, i don't have any errors on my OBD and the dynamic turn signals work only the the position lights for the position 0 they work normal led turn signals. I don't know why i followed all step on the manual of coding. i changed everything you said without result unfortunately
  2. I tried with this configuration unfortunately does't work. I also noticed when my car is OFF and when I turn on the right or left turn signal the position lights turn on example if i turn on the right turn signal then the right position light go ON. If you have any idea to help me with this problem. Many thanks
  3. Thank you Don for your reply . This is all Leuchte they have Blinken links/rechts Hellphase and the coding was using in my car On this link : https://postimg.cc/gallery/CVzJv5g Thank you MLR
  4. @dv52 Thank you for your feedback. My new tails led are OEM Ref: 5G0945207G; 5G0945208G; 5G0945307P; 5G0945308P I added a Plug and play wiring kit for the Golf Mk7 to convert from halogen tail lights to LED tail lights.. This is my coding : The only problem i have when i'am on the position 0 my dynamic turn lights doesn't work they work like normal. When i put it to low beam they work. I think it's a coding problem. MLR
  5. Hello, I have a golf 7 2017 europe halogen rear light and I switched to dynamic tail led lights. I have a problem when I put my lights on position 0 the dynamic lights doesn't work. They only activate on the position lights. i Think i have some problem on coding does anyone know how to solve this problem on which Leuchte ? Thanks
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