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Found 2 results

  1. Yes…another tail light thread. This might even be the wrong place to post this, but I’ve not seen a thread with any info on this particular configuration. Just got some new LED tails for my Mk6 R20 and desperately want the inner tails to illuminate on braking. I’ve done an insane amount of digging and came across this thread: https://www.motor-talk.de/blogs/tba...heckleuchten-beim-bremsen-aktiv-t5216235.html (granted it’s in German…I just translated the sections I wanted to see.) This process appears to use Vag Can Pro (VCP) to dump the BCM EEPROM to a configuration file where you’d then be able to modify the individual light settings (including enabling the inner tails and specifying brightness). My issue is that I only have “OBDeleven” and it does not have EEPROM capabilities, but I don’t want to go and buy other vag com tools if it won’t work anyway... Can anyone confirm this on VCP? Has anyone been able to do this on the NAR Mk6 Golf R?
  2. I suppose this would fit under the mod section. One of the disappointments I found with the tail lights was the level of illumination to see objects behind you while reversing, as mentioned in other threads. In working with LED bulb vendor deAutoKey on different LED bulbs, none could really beat the stock bulb for the level of illumination provided. Only so much can be done when trying to fit it through a less than 9mm diameter housing connection. However they came up with a bay9s LED bulb design that is wider and flatter with stronger LEDs fitted to it. In working with them I found it can be fitted with an easy trim of one side of the reverse light base hole to accommodate the wider bulb. Yet it still locks into place with a quarter turn and regular bulbs can still be used as well. Here is a video I did on the trim process and some results of the brighter bulb. https://youtu.be/8A0bfqDvtCI deAutoKey has a group buy on these bulbs now as they are just being introduced into the market. You can see more info about them and more photos here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?8443953-DeAutoLED-Group-buy-for-the-brightest-Euro-(bay9s)-REVERSE-LEDs-ever-created!-Error-Free-Free-Shipping-Lifetime-Warranty-Tested-to-work-and-look-good-in-your-car! I don't work for them or anything like that, I was just determined to find a better solution to our lack luster reverse lights in a car with otherwise excellent exterior lighting. Here is an illumination comparison between the stock bulb and deAutoKey's new over-sized ultra bright reverse bulbs. Stock is on the left, and their LED bulb is on the right: So for anything looking for a solution for something brighter, give these a try.
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