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  1. Ds2500 pads fitted a few weeks ago, only had the odd rattle to start with over bumps now seem to be rattling more and more over uneven road... very annoying. Anyone found a fix yet? If not going to try and open the clips some more. [emoji30] Any help appreciated seen plenty of posts regarding the rattling but cant see a fix. Thanks on advance
  2. Show was alright same old stuff there tbf, Some good strip action on
  3. Can we still get on the stand for this decided last minute to go?
  4. Anybody going on the saturday, can you get on the clubstand on the day i havent booked a ticket yet
  5. Saw a fee other R's there yesterday good morning out!
  6. Used this yesterday
  7. Dansx

    Collected R Today

    I hear nothing but good about clean detail in doncaster, a few mates have had work done!
  8. Was on the stand last year on the Saturday just me and one other gent great turn out [emoji23]
  9. Go every year some really nice metal turns out if the weather is decent, but a good morning always
  10. Dansx

    Real MPG.

    40mpg acc in eco at 70mph with some 50 zones, going to donnington for vag tuner this morning cant complain at that
  11. Decent show for free more there than i expected
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