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  1. Hopefully they will have unlocked the ECUs by then. So annoyingly!
  2. Been with them for years, always great for me. Got both my A5 and the R with them.
  3. My car has been sat at Grimsby longer than it did at Emden, just when you think your making progress.
  4. How long does it normally take the cars to get to the dealers once they land in the uk? I can't take much more of the mrs taking my car, we need her golf yesterday, ha ha
  5. Woohoo stage 6 text this morning.. Bw15 btw
  6. Weser highway is due to dock at Grimsby 1am. So anyone 5c this morning, that's probably us.
  7. I think Bodsta just struck lucky to be honest, in reality I'm not expecting a 5c for a couple of weeks.
  8. I am bw15 pal and they told me it's going to Grimsby..so you never know. See what 8.47 tomorrow brings
  9. As much as I know it will be a while, every 8.47am I check my phone for a 5c text....the wait is killing me, especially with the good weather we have had recently.
  10. What's the quickest anyone has gone from a 5b to a 5c? Just so I know how long to forget about it
  11. Ha ha, I've just phoned up...mine arrived at Emden yesterday, can take 10 to 15 days to assign a ship. I'd be happy with that. Who am I kidding, I want it NOW
  12. Hope it speeds up for you pal, although reading this forum its probably going to be sat at the docks for a few weeks ;(
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