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  1. Hi Peter: I'm booked in for 16th April so hope they get to the bottom of it. Hope you get yours sorted ou.t
  2. Don't know Daniel, the car was dry ish when I parked up at work then it rained all afternoon carpets were soaking when I got home. But I won't rule anything out I'll see what information I can find on this pipe. On the positive side I'm booked into VW ingram for 16th April which is a lot sooner than July that Arnold Clark Linwood wanted to book it in for. Thanks for posting bud
  3. Hi Scott ; yeah I checked the scuttle plate all nice and clear. Spoke to VW today its to get booked into VW Ayr for an initial inspection Just waiting on them phoning me back .
  4. Alright guys ' thanks for getting back to me . Ive only done 4533 miles and had no problems with the car up until now. Ive seen a couple of videos on water ingress through the back doors but ive got a 3 door model. I had dried the carpets and it rained this afternoon drove 15 minutes home and the carpets are soaking again. So I would say it's petty bad leak . As for vw Linwood, yip they said it was a specialist area of work to remove the interior and the team that do it are booked up , i don't believe that right enough so am going to phone Volkswagen tomorrow to say to them if the think 18weeks is good customer service.
  5. Hi People , anybody out there with any experience with wet carpets both on drivers side , phoned volkswagon and they say earliest they can book me in is july 23rd, the thing is" although I'm in Scotland it's not been raining lately so any thoughts. 2017 golf r..
  6. Brian2828


    Alright Troops , Joined the VW brigade and got myself a 2017 Golf r , Thought i would just say hello to everyone.. Brian
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