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  1. I wouldn't put a bike rack on the back if you don't want to damage the car. Bit of tarpaulin in the back and front wheel off is my option. I've not tried but i reckon at a push you could get 2 bikes in the back with front wheel off. Towbar is an option but expensive and doesn't look great unless you get one of the invisible one's. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. Testing out some new maxxis minion tyres. Alot better grip that the the rocket rons. Nice bike above mate. Dream bike for me that haha.
  3. Never been to any races at all. Tbh i'm quite new to mtb/cycling. Would love to go to some races. These pics are 24hr apart. Scotland and its weather love it[emoji23]. First time in the snow was a bit scary. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  4. Here's my fairly newish trek roscoe 8 2019 few upgrades. Wider lightweight 780mm handlebars and 12speed sram x01 derailleur and 32t front chainring it came with a 30t. Brakes are needing upgraded so that's next on the list. Maybe the wheels and tires aswell as i don't like them in our muddy terrain haha.
  5. Yeah, a massive difference from standard. Still plenty of room for improvement though haha.
  6. Haha it was glasgow it happened the top end of glasgow on M8 not pot holes craters. I think it was around £550 can't remember exactly. Heres his website http://www.dmddetailing.co.uk I can't fault his work, he has all his work on his facebook page[emoji106]
  7. Cheers. I loved the rs6 wheels also, still have them but there still needing fixed from being buckled slightly. Good scottish roads for you. It was DMD detailing in houston next to paisley.
  8. No i've not took any measurements etc. From the little research i did do. Airtec were getting good reveiws from what i read. I don't track the car so i went for the airtec and bonus was its a little cheaper. I've heard wagner is the one to beat. Never had a problem with the airtec though and it fits well. Do you mean ecotune recommendation? Nope haha. They like to try sell things though give them that[emoji23] Cheers pal.
  9. Changed the colour of the wheels already [emoji85] Should really get the mirrors and badges and front black now. See how long it bugs me.
  10. https://rhinoukbootlinersltd.co.uk I got one for my MK7 here. Heavy duty fabric and waterproof so no complaints. [emoji106][emoji106]
  11. I have the k2 compact. Does the job and is better than i expected, not had any problems with it. I have been using my mates k4 though recently, no doubt its the better machine. But i paid £64 for the k2 and cheapest ive seen the k4 is £160. If moneys no option k4 allday.
  12. Hi. As above. Does anyone know if these will fit? Cheers.
  13. Got the wheels and the new brakes on. Chuffed with them. I prefer black wheels, so i'll probably go black later in the year. Wait till i kerb them i think[emoji23]
  14. I was apr stage 1. I did get the dsg mapped also, just because its safer. But the mapper and from what i read elsehwere you don't need to get the dsg box done on stage 1 and is safe enough. I found drivability on stage 1 was great and i loved. Now stage 2 though i'm not so keen on the dsg.
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