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  1. Haha...could that be the case? Limiting to 4k rpm at the moment, until run in.
  2. I'm just 180 miles into my new R and have noticed that only 3 of the exhaust tips have carboned up slightly. The outermost nearside one is still sparkling clean. Any ideas / anything to be concerned about? Cheers
  3. Thanks for the good wishes. Coincidentally, mine happened when playing doubles badminton and I went down like I was shot too!!
  4. Thanks for the message. Yes, you are spot on, I tore my Achilles tendon... agony!! Apparently different hospitals have different policies, but my hospital are hoping to operate on it next week, which I understand helps the recovery process. The irony is that I was just getting back into sport after being laid off following neck surgery!!
  5. Picked up my long awaited brand new Golf R two weeks ago. I have done less than 200 miles, and on Thursday had a slight 'incident' playing sport and I'm now wearing a leg cast (right leg), unable to drive for at least six weeks!!! Totally gutted!!!
  6. I collected the car on Saturday, so not technically new as such! I hadn't really thought about detailing until I looked at the paintwork under the outside floodlight last night and saw all the horrible swirl marks. Not sure what to have done, apart from swirl marks removed and paint and wheels protected / sealed.
  7. Please can I have recommendations for a first class detailer to perform a new car detail, ideally in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset (in that order). Would prefer non - mobile detailer...i.e based in their on covered premises. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anybody know what is involved in removing the signal amplifier?
  9. Just posted some about this a moment ago. Meant to be picking my R up on Saturday but dealer said need to disconnect the amplifier first otherwise the car won't be released. I'm wondering what impact this might have in terms of reduced functionality and having to pull things apart on a brand new car??
  10. I'm picking my new R up in a week, but just had a call from the dealer asking for my permission to go ahead with the removal of a signal amplifier which is part of the wireless charging option. Apparently VW are required to do this on new cars now for some reason, but it doesn't affect the functionality of wireless. VW won't release the car until this work has been done. Whilst I'm ok with this in principle, and I've give go ahead for garage to do this on Monday, I'm concerned about them taking my new car apart before I even get it. The salesman said don't worry as only a small job that requires removal of carpet and does not require any dash removal. Does anyone know about this issue and am I worrying unnecessarily? Cheers
  11. Can anybody recommend me some seat covers please? I'm picking up my new R in a couple of weeks and need some decent waterproof type covers to protect the seats, e.g for the days when I have to pick my son up after a muddy / sweaty football match. Ideally I would like covers that are easy to take on and off as I don't want them on permanently. Thanks
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