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  1. On my "We Connect" portal site, I still have the option for "My Points of Interest" and "add new list" ?
  2. Well I'm 57 so no spring chicken myself 😄 Oh, and the process of switching the WiFi hotspot on and off is handled automatically by a free Android app called MacroDroid. Really easy to set up and been using the same app for over 4 years (on my previous GTD as well). TBH, I usually just use the VW Nav in the AID and don't bother with anything else.
  3. I would agree with the above (mostly), and you can have the map in the AID which you can't with Waze, Google maps, apple maps etc). The one thing that Waze does really well is things like speed cameras and pot holes etc. which can be useful, but then again as many of these warnings as I've found useful, there were just as many that didn't exist (or wasn't removed). TBH, best of both worlds would be VW navigation (with the live traffic updates) displayed in the AID, and Waze on the Nav screen (but I don't think you can run both at the same time, at least not on my non-pro discover Navigation unit ?)
  4. Yes, I use it all the time in my GTI. You do need an active VW Car-net subscription (free for the 1st 3 years then payable every year after that), and have a wireless hotspot set up to your phone to download the data from. My Galaxy S20 runs a macro that every time the phone connects to my cars Bluetooth, it automatically turns on the wireless hotspot and connects to the car. When the phone disconnects from the car Bluetooth, then it automatically shuts off the wireless hotspot on the phone. it’s all automatic and I don’t have to do anything or even get my phone out of my pocket. One it’s connected it takes about 30 seconds then the live traffic data starts downloading and shows on the map screen as green (traffic ok), amber (potential disruption ahead) and red (definable obstruction or warning ahead). If you then go to the “traffic” button on the home screen, you will then see far more detailed traffic info than usually gets downloaded via TMC, and pretty much always instant and up to date. Works really well, and as good as waze and google maps are (either in Android Auto or Apple Car play), neither show up in the AID (only the stereo display screen), so that’s why I persevere.
  5. My GTI's been pretty bullet proof in the 2½ years I've had it, but when washing it on Saturday, I noticed water coming from underneath the inner boot trims. I took all the trims off and found that the left side vertical trim and the top trim (the inner piece at the top of the hatch near the spoiler) were very wet and took some drying off. I immediately thought of this thread and assumed my drain tube had perished but no, it was still in perfect condition and the grommet at the bottom was still in very good order. Checked the tube to the rear wash wipe and again no obvious signs. Weirdly, when I completely emptied the boot (trunk) and took the sound proofing carpet out, all were bone dry - no sign of dampness anywhere. Checked also the rear foot wells and the headlining at the rear hatch and all were bone dry too, so I'm sort of at a loss as to where the water came from ?
  6. That's absolutely disgusting. No wonder they (VW) are losing customers in droves to other marques with crap customer service like that. How can an exploded gear case not be considered warranty ?
  7. I have both carpet and rubber Becks, which I tend to swap over when heavy winter approaches. Got a good set from a seller on Ebay 2 years ago and like you say, have the edging to keep the crap in place and these seem to be wearing quite well. This photo was taken when they were brand new Here's what my current carpet mats are looking like after 2 years 3 months of use Excuse the mess - these were from carmats4u
  8. Yes, that was a trip from Cheshire down to London and back shortly after I got the car for a family funeral. At the time most of the M6 and M1 were being worked on and there was a never ending set of 50 mph average speed camera sections. Not good for travelling but my god, helped the MPG enormously. Amazingly, I've even had 51 mpg out of it when driving at 60mph on the motorway, with a good friend following me that doesn't like driving fast (see below). That was a long and boring journey 😁 Oh and BTW the cars DSG (and not the new fangled 7 speed, but the older 6 speed !) Amazing what these turbo four potters will do with a bit of care.
  9. no matter how much i spend on mats and how premium they are, I always seem to quickly wear though the heel patch area. Must have a very heavy right foot 😁
  10. Yeah mine a a 2018 GTI and I've got the WLAN symbol, but don't have the others and so had presumed it was because mine wasn't fitted with the new Car-Net emergency services with the buttons in the overhead roof console. Here's what mine looks like when connected to my phone via wifi hotspot.
  11. On the photo above, the little symbol just to the left of the clock of the WLAN and what looks like a car, is the "car" part something to do with the new car-net emergency assistance systems built into the newer Golfs ?
  12. Oh yes I forgot the £2k deposit contribution by VW for taking their finance.
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