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  1. 7r_Dan

    Bye bye R, Hello M3

    Thanks, Grey was at the top of my colour list and I'm really happy with how it looks against the black wheels. Dont get get me wrong the Golf R with its turbo engine is fantastic and delivers the power really well but there's just something about a screaming NA engine that puts a smile on your face, the fact that this has a V8 just puts an even bigger smile on your face. For an NA car it still has good power low down and you haven't got to rev it out to have fun
  2. 7r_Dan

    Counting Using Images

    It's great to see so many people getting involved with this but it seems the simple rules have been lost on a few of you. The images needs to show the next corresponding number. For instance an of image of a car with the number 66 on the side or number plate. Not a 1966 Chevy impala with no numbers in the image. Keep posting let's see how high we can get 👍
  3. 7r_Dan

    Counting Using Images

    The late great Ayrton Senna
  4. 7r_Dan

    Destroyed my alloy wheels.....!!!!!!!

    Refurb looks spot on, who did you use?
  5. 7r_Dan

    Bye bye R, Hello M3

    Thanks Gazza, indeed decent performance naturally aspirated engines are dying off quite rapidly. The prices are holding very steadily on the E92s at the moment so it made sense to buy one now.
  6. 7r_Dan

    Bye bye R, Hello M3

    Thanks, I'll let you know once I've put some for sale threads up
  7. 7r_Dan

    Counting Using Images

    No 16.
  8. 7r_Dan

    Counting Using Images

    No 10.