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  1. Can you please shed some light on what you did to enable the map on AID and resolve the problem?
  2. samx300

    DoDo products

    Did you mean to quote me there? 🤔😉
  3. samx300

    DoDo products

    I have personally used a few DoDo Juice products over the years and would recommend them. These would include: Red Mist Spray Sealant - insane beading and easy to apply. Longevity is questionable but still a very easy and quick way to get LSP that repels water very well. Future Armour Spray Sealant - similar to the Red Mist, maybe even slightly better! Diamond White Wax - Superb hydrophobic wax with brilliant results on light coloured cars - I used it on my old Reflex Silver Mk5 GTI and loved it. Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner - does what it says, decent glass cleaner. Lime Prime - Pre Wax Cleanser and Polish - did a great job of prepping the surface and taking care of micro imperfections before wax application. I've moved completely to synthetic sealants and ceramics now (for ease of application) but if you're into waxing your car, I'd highly recommend this product. Born Slippy Clay Lube and Clay Bar Kit - does what it says. Not much else to say about this other than the fact that the clay lube can also be used as a QD - though it doesn't offer an extra protection, just cleaning and lubricity. Let us know how it goes!
  4. The music on the 7R video is spot on 👌 Ozzy Moog 😊
  5. Never was truly 600HP this R. False taglines is nothing new on social media - stick a bold title to attract punters (aka, click bait). This was at best 540-550HP on 99 pump fuel, via insider sources. The most powerful DSG R I've seen is Andy Russell's, which was 590HP independently dynoed and also running a modded V5 turbo (also from VRS).
  6. Sam is my name and x300 was just a random second half I chose years ago for online gaming and few other PC building forums. I think it had links to a graphic card or some PC component that I was obsessed about at the time. Just stuck ever since 🙂
  7. Certainly looks odd - more along the lines of lacquer loss. What I can say is its' not PPF as that does not come off like this in pieces. PPF is extremely tough and can easily withstand some bird poo (speaking from personal experience as my car is PPF wrapped).
  8. Around 2 years mate and ~18K miles. That was with absolute mechanical sympathy, on-point servicing and minimal c**t style driving. That boost level certainly is addictive but not so much when you're left with pieces of the conrods as a memento... 😓 Apologies to the OP for this blatant threadjacking. I do not mean to cause you any concerns on your Stage 3 journey 🙃
  9. I was Stage 3 back in 2016 running 500HP+. Last remap with MRC was in Nov 2017 at 520PS but that was at 2.45 bar (35.5PSI). Unfortunately my engine gave up (rod out the block, check my Insta) in May 2018. I've been working on a major project ever since and its' all very close to completion. Car is now running on a fully forged engine, just the final mapping that remains. All will be disclosed in time
  10. Technically you are now Stage 3 mate 😎 Typically the '+' in any Stage 'X+' tune denotes additional fuelling upgrades. You'd be classed as Stage 3 even when you were going for the L450 (no HPFP required) or now with the L500 (HPFP upgrade required). Stage 3 is basically a non-OEM turbo, mostly a hybrid or larger. Look forward to the results on this machine - bet you're excited! 😃
  11. This was my Milltek backbox on a 7R. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Shockingly poor quality really..
  12. Thanks mate 😊 I believe what I have pictured is the passenger seat heater element loom that connects to the car's loom. Also known as 1K0 971 365 RT.
  13. @Scotty2hotty @SpursMadDave Link to resistors below. I bought two different ratings as I had read about both 2.2O and 3.3O. Thought I'd get a second one after I identify the correct resistance. Turns out they both work! So take your pick 😊 2.2 Ohms - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-2-2-OHMS-OHM-SRS-AIRBAG-RESISTORS-0-25W-2-AMP-FUSED-FAULT-LIGHT-RESISTOR/261532669816 3.3 Ohms - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-3-3-OHMS-OHM-SRS-AIRBAG-RESISTOR-RESISTORS-0-25W-2-AMP-FUSED-FAULT-LIGHT/261532857253 As for the occupancy sensor, I believe a new one was sourced and just slotted in place to get rid of the error on vagcom. I didn't personally do this bit. Here's what mine look like fitted. Test drove 200miles last week and they felt great 👌 Bum warmers work a treat - a bit too hot on setting 3 TBH but I'm not complaining! 😓 In case @SpursMadDave or anyone needs, I've got this spare loom:
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