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  1. Not again! You don’t seem to be having much luck with this front corner 😫. I would be careful letting the insurance company take your car to their Bodyshop which I’m sure you already know from your last experience. As people have said you may be waiting a while for the car to be repaired but I hope this time it goes smoothly you.
  2. Thanks Bec, yes it has been quite a lot of work but It’s kept me occupied and I’ve almost enjoyed it 😂. The results have made it worth the time and effort.
  3. Well my new buffer and exfoli block finally arrived so I could get to work on claying (or exfoliating as the packaging suggests 😂) and machine polishing. As the car is white it’s pretty hard to see the difference but this has been long overdue and the R looks the beat is ever has 👌 6 days (I’ll never get back 🤦‍♂️) cleaning and machine polishing but all the vehicles look so much better for it.
  4. My rear seats were on the list to get done to match the fronts but something got in the way and I just haven’t got round to getting them done yet lol.
  5. Some people are asking silly money for seats that are trashed and need a re trim to be worthy of putting them in majority of 7 R’s 🤦‍♂️
  6. The seats were a direct bolt in but as they have no airbags in them I had to fit a resistor. The heated seats needed some re wiring to get them to work which wasn’t too difficult but after I sorted them out I found a guy who will make you a loom to make them plug and play, you tell him what you need and he makes the loom to suit. Also I had to fit the passenger seat occupant sensor into the wingbacks which again wasn’t too difficult, well worth it though 👌.
  7. Auto tech high pressure fuel pump internals
  8. I bought them from a mk5 R32 and had them re trimmed, they didn’t offer them as an option for the mk7.
  9. I was surprised at how many purple spots appeared as I thought the paint work looked pretty clean before 🤷‍♂️ It strange how much cleaner the car looks now even without a polish and being waxed. Thank you and yes the shiny black plastic, I will give that a try as long as the scratches aren’t too deep.
  10. Give it a goI’d wash and decontamination ready for a full machine polish and wax.
  11. No not forged 🙈. and no I was hoping to go pod this year.
  12. I believe what @Shug said will be correct, it wouldn’t really be cost effective to make a different door specifically for the R, same shell so same panels I would have thought baring the bumpers etc.
  13. TTV5 scorpion turbo back HPFP internals wagner cooler VWR600 race plugs 4 bar map sensor APR tcu tune MRC Ecu tune may be bits I’ve missed it’s been on 3 different rolling roads with 3 different results 😂. 540/505 524/480 (iirc) it actually made 536 on this RR too on it’s first run and 520/478 on another RR
  14. Once it’s polished and waxed I will have to sort out them rusty rear hubs which I can do whilst the wheels are off being cleaned and protected, yes I know one needs a refurb after the other half kindly curbed it for me 🤦‍♂️😢 that will have to be done when lock down is over. Then some time will need to be spent on the inside, leather cleaned and protected etc and find a way to remove some scratches from the rear of my seats without getting polish everywhere 🤷‍♂️ Any suggestions welcome. I will update as I go
  15. So thanks to @Booth11 and her detailing on the black beauty she has made me want to give my R some overdue love and whilst we’re on lock down and I’m not working 5-6 days a week I thought now would be the perfect time. So I bought myself a new nilfisk power washer and a DA polisher (later not arrived yet) to get the R looking it’s best! I started today with snow foam citrus pre wash thorough wash with a g technique wash mitt. I then started the decontamination stage first with Reigning iron from ez car care on the whole car and wheels followed by tar removing with auto smart Tardis ready to be clayed and polished when my polisher turns up. I also ordered a carbon collective exfoli block clay system from cleanyourcar.co.uk as the reviews seem quite good 🤷‍♂️ I’ll soon find out. Anyway here’s a few pictures or today’s progress
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