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  1. Scotty2hotty


    Have you sorted this?
  2. If that is correct then that’s bulls*#t! I didn’t know this but I bet many Drink drivers do which again will give them reason to chance it! If people thought police could be parked outside or waiting they may again think twice.
  3. I think being zero tolerance could help, it’s not uncommon for someone to pop out for a “couple” of pints but have way more than they set out to have and because they have drove there they are then tempted to and quite often drive back home, if people didn’t think “oh I’ll get away with a couple of pints” then maybe they wouldn’t drive to the pub full stop. Beer can effect people in different ways and as little as 1 pint could effect some people’s judgement but could still blow under, do we need this on the road? Nope, zero tolerance should be brought in I think. This will not in anyway change stop it but I think it could make people think twice and if it lowers the number of drink drivers by 1% then that is a start.
  4. No spigot rings needed when I bought from Cm wheels they mjust bolted straight on.
  5. I had prets reps from CM wheels and he told me the bolts are the same as the originals.
  6. Some places may have even said it needs a new mirror housing in which case it would have been more. 😫
  7. Optimus automotive trimmers in Scotland may be able to help 🤷‍♂️ worth an ask.
  8. I will try and help where I can as this forum has helped me out so many times So it’s only right that I give something back 😬👌
  9. I’m glad you got to the bottom of it and at 0 cost 👍. I think the black cover over the screws or should I say not having it may be a cut back by VW, my GTD didn’t have the cover (17 plate) but my R does (64 plate)🤷‍♂️.
  10. Open the door and look at the Inside of the door directly behind the mirror and you will either see a black cover (not always fitted) or just 2 (maybe 3 screws can’t remember) you may or may not see slight paint damage where the screws have moved, undo the screws and relocate the mirror housing then re tighten and that should do it.
  11. I wasn’t aware of the 2 year a/c service before the new gas and in that case I definitely see it as being a money making scheme But then isn’t that what dealers do anyway? They told me my front brake pads were 60% worn and asked if I would like them replacing At X amount (no warning light at this point) I said no thank you I will wait till they are “needed”!
  12. Yes the R1234yf gas is lot more expensive that the R134a which is the older type, I’ve also heard that they are changing the gas again 🤦‍♂️ I’m not sure about the oil change though, afaik the whole system won’t/can’t be drained of oil whilst doing a re gas and they will probably only replace what oil has come out whilst recovering whatever gas may be left in the system. You’re probably right to have it done whilst in warranty as you don’t want them to try and wriggle out of any future claims.
  13. With the car only being 2 yrs old it maybe on the new aircon gas which doesn’t last any where near as long as the old gas, I’ve re gassed a few aircon systems on a few cars with the new gas that are barely 2 years old that were pretty much empty. Although I do agree that it is up selling as they could have just checked the system to see it it required a re gas.
  14. It’s the same at my local dealership, the wash bay is right next to the customer parking, it was a good job I noticed them washing with a brush as that reminded me to leave a note and make sure the service department and manager knew I didn’t want the car washing or valeting. wow 😫 I’m guessing the owners of the cars being washed with the broom wash their cars in a similar fashion to accept that 🤦‍♂️😂
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