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  1. @nige bcs I knew I had read/seen somewhere you had a solution to more noise.
  2. Maybe worth a call to @nige bcs I’m sure he is the right guy to help you out here 👌
  3. Well now you mention it Dave, there is a nice set of 6 pot AP’s in ebay 😬. To the op I can’t really comment on up rated discs and pads as I went straight to a bbk but there is plenty on here like Dave that have tried several different combinations of discs and pads with the standard callipers so I’m sure they will be along shortly to help.
  4. They look like tamperproof bolts and when they tighten the head snaps off, they’re usually not that tight so you could chisel them carefully to undo them. These are available to buy from VW if you want to replace them when you have sorted the rattle out.
  5. Personally I wouldn’t waste my money I’m guessing they will be pants 🙊 Happy to be proved wrong though.
  6. It does seem impressive even if it gets close to them numbers.
  7. I’ve just edited my post with the eBay item number 👍
  8. There’s a set of 6 pot AP’s on eBay that have done 500 miles (condition on pics reflects this) that comes with everything needed to fit including braided lines that maybe an option. item number 274038543150
  9. I am surprised and impressed. When I went stage 1 with my car (custom) with VWR600 cai it made 373 but 313 before the map.
  10. Does a jb4 really give you around 370bhp? Is this on a 7 or 7.5?
  11. I wasn’t meaning you have one 🙈 just in general lol. it seems the same with anything nowadays, there’s plenty of sh*te out there and not just Golf R’s 😫
  12. Although similar (misleading) I think clocking is much worse and people do it for financial gain by advertising their car for more money when they sell it so it shows it’s done less miles than it has, I’m yet to come across an advert where someone tried to justify them asking for more money as it’s only been launched a hand full of times. This is my reason for saying (not assuming) it’s different not that I was disagreeing with you about it being misleading anyway. it’s not much different than taking off your tuning box before sending your car in for warranty work or before selling it, that could be misleading too and plenty of members on here do or will do just that 🤦‍♂️😂. Anyway back on topic
  13. It does seem rather pointless to reset the counter unless it’s reading it’s been launched hundreds of times and you want to pull the wool over the eyes of someone setup with the kit that can read it or of course hide it from the dealers incase if a warranty claim? 🤷‍♂️
  14. But clocking (car showing less miles) you can ask for more money when it comes to sell it or keep extra charges down when sending it back off lease, you can’t demand more money because your car shows it hasn’t been launched.
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