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  1. Scotty2hotty

    Anyone Know this Car? Revo Stage 4: KT15 LYY

    If it’s a local car I would still go take a look just out if interest, it could be a really nice genuine car but it does seem very cheap. I would try and do some mileage checks as well as the mileage can’t be changed on the new clocks so although they read 24k it might not be the mileage on that car.
  2. Scotty2hotty

    Seat Height? Recaros? How are people getting comfy.

    I’m 6ft and I don’t have any issues with my knees hitting the steering wheel at all and my steering wheel is set quite low 🤔 maybe just try adjust your seat to avoid that even if it does feel a little alien to you as you will soon adapt to the position and get used to it with driving like that for a while.
  3. Scotty2hotty

    Anyone Know this Car? Revo Stage 4: KT15 LYY

    Sounds way to cheap and usually cheap for a reason, something seems odd.
  4. Scotty2hotty

    Dazie00 s Lapiz R long term review and Mods !

    Wow 😳 that’s got to be one of the worst I’ve seen.
  5. Scotty2hotty

    rust under front door seals

    Do you have pictures? This sounds strange
  6. Scotty2hotty

    Virtual Cockpit Retrofit

    What problems does it cause if you plug them in before coding?
  7. Scotty2hotty

    RS3 rear Silencer fitment/flap help?

    Pics? I would imagine the RS3 motors will be the same as the Golf R, maybe go on eBay and find both exhausts with motors on and compare.
  8. Scotty2hotty

    Repair center damage and “clocked mileage!”

    The way the car has been returned to you is unacceptable especially after you asked them not to wash it and as people have said I would get your insurance company to pay for the car to be put right as it was their approved repairer. As dan said the mileage discrepancy could be due to the battery running low or being disconnected and that will certainly be the reason for your trip computer to be reset, as for the stereo and other settings then a disconnected battery wouldn’t cause these things to lose there settings like a car would 10 years ago. As far as I’m aware these new digital clocks cannot have the mileage corrected in them (yet) as I was looking into having the digital dash upgrade and was told by several different people and companies this cannot be done yet as no one has figured them out up to now so because of this I decided to stick with my original clocks so im pretty sure that your car hasn’t been clocked and certainly not by 1 mile. The body shop may have told you “yes sir your car has been test driven” to avoid questions that could arise like well how do you know there’s no rattles or wind noise etc etc if it hasn’t been test driven? Just because they said it’s been test driven it doesn’t mean it has been, they probably said this knowing it should have been to check for things stated above. It seems to me the truth has come out when confronted about the mileage “no sir we didn’t test drive your car”
  9. Scotty2hotty

    What did you do to your R today?

    Yeah it certainly won’t help, I swapped the wheels front to back and with the new custom spacers the wobble has gone which is a bonus 👌 the down side is I will have to get the wheel straightened at some point 😡
  10. Scotty2hotty

    What did you do to your R today?

    I took my wheels off to fit my new custom made hubcentric spacers on the front due to a slight wheel wobble with the universal forge ones, i give them a good clean inside and out while they were off and checked the balancing then found a flat spot on the inside of the n/s/f wheel 😡😡 then I remembered exactly where it happened, I hit a BIG pothole at night (about 25mph) and I only seen it last minute and with oncoming traffic on a tight lane I couldnt swerve to avoid it 🤦‍♂️ I believe a trip back to the scene with a ruler is on the cards.
  11. Absolute wa*#er! Watching that Video made my blood boil! As others have said I made sure my lad knew from a young age that he doesn’t just open the door when there’s anything next to the car, when In a tight space (in the very very rare event I have to park there) he will get out of the car before going in the space or he will get out carefully with his hand on the leading edge of the door to prevent any damage if it does touch anything. Keep us informed how how this pans out for you and the inconsiderate wa*#er!
  12. Scotty2hotty

    What did you do to your R today?

    I give mine a wash, 2 in 3 days because of this “lovely” weather 😡
  13. Scotty2hotty

    OEM Recaro’s on Mk7?

    They look great 👌 Can you not go into the airbag control module with vagcom and tell the module it doesn’t have seat bags? If not you can fit a resister in the wiring of the car to fool the system that it has seat bags fitted. did you have those recovered? If so where and how much did it cost?
  14. Scotty2hotty

    Autowatch Ghost Bypass

    Hi Mark Does the ghost 2 have the features of the shadow for the Mk7 Golf R or do you still need the shadow for the anti hijack and gearbox lock feature?
  15. Scotty2hotty

    Police in pursuit, then this.....

    That’s no surprise bruv