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  1. Just been through the catalogue and I can only find up to 312mm front! When I had my R I put ebc black dimples and grooved discs on. They looked fantastic but rusted in less than a year. My rear Brembos have been on over a year with no sign of rust yet.
  2. Just looking there and I can’t see the fronts listed either!!
  3. I have these discs on the back of my RS3 which are the same part as the R Size 310mm and I bought them from Autodoc
  4. Very nice motor Rob[emoji1303] Good if you to post your pics mate, I hope she treats you well.
  5. Yeah I understand it’s a costly route, although the R is an excellent car with pretty much the only weak point being the turbo. Now you’ve got a fast practical reliable car so no more worries [emoji1303]
  6. Looks like you had an excellent day[emoji1303] The old turbo failing gave you the little push needed to get the most from your car. Hope it stays trouble free for a long time. Enjoy.
  7. Hope you enjoy your new car Rob. Any plans for it? Or like me with the RS3, leaving it standard [emoji23]
  8. I think you maybe in for a surprise once you’ve changed it[emoji1303]
  9. When I had my R Awesome flashed stage 2 medium torque as I was on standard intercooler. I replaced the intercooler for the Forge one and the difference was pretty noticeable even on medium. When I went and reflashed high torque the car was an absolute weapon. I never bothered with putting in the dyno though. Probably best for your engine and turbo to be running an uprated intercooler since it’s now boosting to 2 bar.
  10. Yes by unplugging the actuator you get an error which indicates if it’s A or B
  11. When I had my R I had the cam actuator cylinder 1 A fault. Didn’t know it was that to start with as it never put the warning light on just the ACC unavailable message. Part cost under £30 and took 5 mins to change which solved the problem. With vcds connected I unplugged the actuator to see which one was A or B. A common failure but cheap although there is 8 of them[emoji23]
  12. I’m sure you understood my comment but incase there was any confusion. The box doesn’t have an additional power connector and takes its power supply from the connections on the engine. Just plug it in and off you go[emoji1303]
  13. From memory the box takes the power from the cam position sensor. Having used a Racechip box on my RS3 I personally found it much better than the dtuk version and I ran it trouble free with an excellent power delivery.
  14. Very nice Ian and certainly looks very clean[emoji1303] Hope your enjoying it.
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