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  1. No it was free. Although this was my original dealer that flashed it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Had my stage 1 gpf updated today. Car feels even smoother and oil temp now sits about 100-102 Start stop is always defaulted to off Very pleased. Revo also said the gpf stage 2 is in its final testing stage.
  3. I was told by Revo today that there’s an updated file for gpf stage 1 Anyone on here that was flashed similar time to me July then there’s an update.
  4. Not much help but I have polished gt100 tips on a white R
  5. If you know your sizes I usually use these and buy mikalor clamps Ask them to slit both sides https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111083884881
  6. Up my way v-power £1.38.9 Momentum £1.16.9 No brainier really
  7. I [email protected] too. Open minded fair and just says how it is [emoji1303]
  8. Went to Awesome Gti and had my TVS gearbox map done [emoji4]
  9. Well just a follow up with this. Travelled to Awesome Gti today for my TVS stage 2+ gearbox map. As usual the same excellent service I always receive when visiting the team. Very strict covid restrictions for staff and customers keeping us all safe[emoji1303] The tune was turned around in good time and it wasn’t long before I was back on my road home with the new software. Although it’s mostly motorway home I was able to notice the difference immediately, lightning fast gear changes and now the car seems to select the perfect gear as you would in a manual. Really pleased with everything and I’ll keep this thread updated as I put the miles on over the coming weeks. Thank you Awesome Gti[emoji1303]
  10. Maybe a silly question but you do have the aircon button on? I find without that on the temp does pretty much what you describe. Just a thought before you make a trip to the dealer.
  11. I done my 2019 car last week, the battery that came out was a cr2025 so that’s what I replaced it with. Very easy and worked perfectly afterwards [emoji1303]
  12. Looking on the Revo site they don’t seem to offer stage 2 or a tcu tune?
  13. I got caught on a Thursday afternoon and the ticket arrived the next Tuesday. You usually have the gut feeling when you know your caught.
  14. From memory the flaps stay open once the car is turned off. The motors are held on with 3 x nuts 8mm or 10mm When you live the motor off there’s a spring clip setup that fits in to a slot on the motor and the flap itself. Fairly straightforward, just unbolt one at a time and refit to the same side on your new one then you’ll know exactly how it should sit.
  15. I did exactly this in July. Had ran the jb4 for a couple of months and was really underwhelmed with it. Revo offer the best power increase on gpf cars and always they’re the safest around. For me it’s night and day over jb4 and I don’t regret getting the map one bit. Once I get my BCS exhaust then next mid is tvs gearbox map.
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