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  1. Are they not both the same part? If you’ve already changed one and the fault is still there, could you not try the one you’ve removed on the other one to save spending g anymore?
  2. You got any pics of the offending area?
  3. How much is a genuine module? Are they accessible without removing the headlamp?
  4. Pretty sure with standard downpipe the highest recommended boost safety was 5.0 With aftermarket downpipe 5.2 Wouldn’t be pushing an opf car to 5.5
  5. I’d imagine it’ll be for sale a long time! If it had a make an offer option I think I’d of bid £1000
  6. marshy


    We’re getting issued letters for travelling back and forward to work. I travel across the ScotlandEngland Border and never seen a police car when travelling either way[emoji2368]
  7. marshy

    Stop start

    Not that it makes much difference but 7.5 cars seem to be 7.8 volts and mk7 is 7.6 volts. I put my Gti back to 7.8 volts and it worked perfectly.
  8. As usual no follow up, but at least I’ve now received my pittance of a refund. Must say I think if you put a thread on here for a years free insurance I think I’d decline.
  9. I’ll take a pic of mine for you. Either later tonight or tomorrow at the latest
  10. One of the apps on obdeleven gives you a tick box on your vehicle setup menu on the stereo to turn them on and off. I done that with my Gti
  11. If Rob doesn’t have one I still have mine[emoji4]
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