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  1. Yeah 7R is an absolute doddle, I done my 7.5 and you feel like something’s gonna break. Got my elbow fitted but don’t fancy trying to remove it anytime soon.
  2. I think the only problems with the pcv connection is when you have a newer 7.5 as it has no places to squeeze. It’s an absolute pig to get off. Just a round connection without any press points. Great idea [emoji2371]
  3. Also if you do anything with the filters the car won’t pass it’s first MOT with bypass filters fitted
  4. How many miles has the R done? Once mine got past about 4000 miles I find mine much noisier than my previous 2016 R
  5. I ended up ordering from demon tweeks as they had stock available [emoji1303]
  6. https://tsr-performance.com/superpro-trc4300-anti-roll-bar-sway-bar-link-kit/
  7. I’ve just ordered a 24mm superpro rear sway bar and wanted to confirm if these are the correct links to go with it.
  8. When are you fitting them? Interested to hear if there’s any noticeable difference. Can’t seem to find any ngk race plugs for the GPF car[emoji2371]
  9. Was looking at the RS3 coils myself. £100 for 4 and still look oem [emoji1303]
  10. So you’ve gone a step colder with the plugs? When I ran my last R stage 2 most of us ran the 8s as the 9s were easily fouled up.
  11. I had my RS3 done at Ecotune in Glasgow and they let me take it a run myself before I paid a penny. Excellent service.
  12. Having used TVS on my RS3 I’d agree they’re the best in the business for dsg. Only thing I didn’t like was waiting the 5 hours on them sending back the new map. I’ll hang fire to see how yours goes next week. Was it you that said about a diy home version?
  13. I know there’s a few threads here and there with this mentioned but wondered if anyone has actually gone for it? I had the drive ability map done on my last RS3 as it was running stage 1 Apr. That helped with change points and eliminated that horrible bang on gear change 1st to 2nd at 5k rpm in manual. Since having Revo stage 1 on my R I’m in the same position, I can get a similar rough change 1st to 2nd in manual. Anyone that has it have you gone for the drive ability map or stage 2+ Pros and cons please. Also heard it mentioned it could be done at home by a diy dongle to save the 100 mile each way travelling.
  14. I had Apr on my last RS3 and my MK7 R and was more than happy with them. In fact for MK7 and 7.5 non gpf I’d say they have the software absolutely perfect and enormous performance gains. Just in this case I’d already tried a JB4 and was really underwhelmed with it that I had to go with Revo for the higher gains and performance wise I’m so glad I did.
  15. Worth a read https://www.onlyrevo.com/blog/all-new-gpf-stage-1-software-for-2-0t-ea888-gen-3-is38/
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