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  1. He ordered some terminator plugs from eBay for £25 or so No errors and permanently open
  2. I tried to do a mates 19 plate S3 and it wouldn’t work either!
  3. This yours on Instagram?
  4. I’ve always done mine about 30k or 3 years. Which is why I said unless you’ve got more than one to do is it worth the hassle for diy. Most people will only do their own car once and have a new car by the time it’s due again.
  5. For me the dsg service as a diy is only worthwhile if your going to be doing a few of them. £199 at the dealer although make sure that includes a filter. DIY last one I did cost £100 for 6 litres of genuine oil and genuine filter and a new drain plug and level snorkel. Very easy to do although to do properly you need the pump to refill the the gearbox through the drain plug which cost about £70 Then you need some form of diagnostic equipment line obdeleven or vcds to check oil temp to get the correct level. Not doing it this way can cause more problems than not doing it in the first place.
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    It’s good to keep an open mind[emoji4]
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    Got my tcr rep wheels on, had eibach pro springs but just swapped back to original springs since the roads are so bad.
  8. marshy

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    Very nice I’m currently running a 7.5 Gti performance pack in manual and really like it [emoji4]
  9. I will let you know if anything changes, he just picked his 19 plate S3 up yesterday so I’m sure he’ll get it today or tomorrow.
  10. That bad news a friend is 99% sure he’s having it. But yeah a jb1 Rev 2 with the latest firmware is the same for Gti and R.
  11. The jb1 is only active when your actually making boost, So 1500 rpm upwards it’s doing something but increases as boost increases. Not active on overrun or idle. If that makes sense.
  12. Having run a jb1 on my R before going stage 2. I’m running a jb1 on my Gti and the performance is excellent, I’m in the process of deciding about going for a remap so maybe a jb1 with Bluetooth coming for sale[emoji4]
  13. Just reread your post and you used aftermarket. I’d assume they’d still have some markings to show fitting position? Like this
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