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  1. Yes by unplugging the actuator you get an error which indicates if it’s A or B
  2. When I had my R I had the cam actuator cylinder 1 A fault. Didn’t know it was that to start with as it never put the warning light on just the ACC unavailable message. Part cost under £30 and took 5 mins to change which solved the problem. With vcds connected I unplugged the actuator to see which one was A or B. A common failure but cheap although there is 8 of them[emoji23]
  3. I’m sure you understood my comment but incase there was any confusion. The box doesn’t have an additional power connector and takes its power supply from the connections on the engine. Just plug it in and off you go[emoji1303]
  4. From memory the box takes the power from the cam position sensor. Having used a Racechip box on my RS3 I personally found it much better than the dtuk version and I ran it trouble free with an excellent power delivery.
  5. Very nice Ian and certainly looks very clean[emoji1303] Hope your enjoying it.
  6. My R was Night Blue which I loved when it was clean My RS3 is Sepang Blue which I love
  7. Basically what I had mate. If fitted correctly and properly aligned the scorpion is the best exhaust for the R. Perfect for day to day driving too. Although a downpipe makes it sound that bit better[emoji4]
  8. Looks good Rob[emoji1303] You must’ve went for resonated valved system?
  9. Sold my 16 plate dsg 3 door with 20k on in April. With Prets , satnav heated seats etc in night blue Best VW would offer was £20k Traded it to a specialist for £22k which they sold within 2 days.
  10. Don’t think the Revo replacement bolt is a yield bolt so it’ll be fine to slacken and retighten. I did mine and never had any problems but it did reduce the initial vibrations. Even as it is at first fit is miles better than any other option in terms of living with.
  11. Having had this mod myself I’d suggest doing a few hundred miles then slacken and retorque the bolt. Let’s the mount settle in better.
  12. Having just watched an install video the torque on there is 100nm
  13. From memory there’s only 1 type for the MK7 R, because your changing the lower part of the mount. The 2 different types is when your wanting to fit an insert to the original mount.
  14. The new bolt comes in the kit as it’s a different length since the Revo mount doesn’t have a recess. Can’t remember the torque off the top of my head though.
  15. Sorry for the late reply just seen this now. The mount in the picture is the same item I fitted but at that price it won’t come with the fitting tool. I removed my mount when I changed my car and sold it on. By far the best option for the daily R, works very well and doesn’t cause the vibration that others do.
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