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  1. Wow!! It's refreshing to see someone so honest about the RS3. I'm such a Revo fanboi too, I should really broaden my mind. I do love the tech that comes with 7.5. People make such a big deal about analogue dials being better than digital cockpit. TBH, I'm not sure I care enough. 🤣
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    *** UPDATE *** Advert will be closed for offers on Sunday 24th January 11:59pm 2021. -------------------- I have owned and LOVED this car for about 6 months. It's in Immaculate condition inside and out and evidently cared for. I've recently turned 40 so naturally, I'm looking for something more sporty, less doors, bigger engine, yadda yadda. About 4 months ago, it had; + Revo Stage 1 GPF Remap + Revo Carbon Air Intake (Full Kit) + Revo (Alcon) Big Brake System + Finished off with the unmistakable Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust System. This was acquired brand new at the time, so only 4 months old. Full ceramic 2yr paint coating 3 months ago. MIchellin Pilot Sport only a few hundred miles on them. 12,000 miles covered. Full VW Service History. Had new spark plugs and oil change with the remap at Votex, Cheshire. Having oil change and Haldex oil change next week. Really reluctant to part with but will await the right buyer. Never dyno'd, never tracked. Absolutely cherished. As this is an ad in a forum, you'll already know all about this car. You'll already know that a Revo Stage 1 will extract the best out of the EA888 engine safely. You'll also be able to work out how much has been spent on Revo Hardware to complement the remap and know that the Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust is rarer than rocking horse poop. No optional extras, but as you will know, they have a lot of kit as standard. I have all the original parts that the Revo ones replaced as well as the original Exhaust. NOTE I've been asked many times if I'd sell the Akrapovich separately. Reluctantly, I would, but it think it would be a tragedy as this is a rare setup and would devalue the car. Open to offers, maybe even a part-ex up to the value of £7k


    Oswestry, Shropshire - GB

  3. Now that some time has passed, what do you think about the NEW grilles? M4 M3 Buck tooth ones? 🤣
  4. Absolutely!!! I'm also trying to add a little value and be a decent contributor too. Have a look at the other posts 😁
  5. Love your story. I've certain EVERYONE has gone over this in their head and it's great to have someone actually lay it out. One of my best mates actually got me into Golfs. He's on his 2nd GTI. I went straight for an R. He doesn't seem to think the price difference (£120+) is worth it for the R. I disagree, but I am bias. In straigh-line performance from 2nd gear onwards he's right. But in corners and on wet days, he's wrong. Very wrong. I recently modified my R; Revo Stage 1 with all the trimmings. The gap between the two cannot be any bigger now. I think if you're i
  6. Amazing. This is the one with rear sear delete, limited slip diff etc.? Can't wait to see pics!! Didn't fancy the TCR?
  7. Sames, I saw one for sale earlier in the year. It wasn't much. I was tempted.
  8. I love the seats in this. Were they added later or did they come with the car / option?
  9. Of course, forgot about the Unicorn!!
  10. WOW!! Sounds absolutely amazing! Sadly I'm nowhere near S Wales 😭
  11. This (and @marshy) is exactly why I went with Revo. Attention to OEM service intervals, cautious tuning that retains everyday drivability, Extracting the best of the E888, like the way it should have come out the factory.
  12. It's bad enough to have someone fly past like that but yo join in!!?? The mind boggles. Unfortunately it's too late when the consequences are real.
  13. I said the same, then I had a go in Jaguar F-Type R 5.0 V8 😮😮😮😀
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