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  1. Yeah it’s not really been driven yet but weather is turning 👍
  2. It’s built from scratch by ex caterham engineers so not based on anything. it has a very wide track... wider than my f10 M5 I believe! This has a tuned 2.3 eco boost out of the mustang to 350bhp (not quite same as FRS) so is quite lively at 700kg
  3. Thought I’d post some pics of my latest purchase... Quite a rare car so credit to anyone who knows exactly what it is without googling! I missed my Atom and having a car that has no driver aids whatso ever... modern cars are great but really lack any involvement ....
  4. Anyone know if my box will fit a 2016 S3? I have a 2017 Golf R dsg ...
  5. Bit of a bump, just had one installed one a friend has loaned me to try, and he used the 1, +3 map so will try that today when I get out. It is a 7.5 and no doubt software has changed since the above posts. If anyone else has any preferred settings please post.
  6. Could have been either I guess.... hard to distuinguish the sound as obv it’s over in a flash but was quite significant. possibly was a bit of tyre tramping?! but then did also sound like a mount and transmission banging against something
  7. As title, Had my 7.5r estate 3 weeks now and at 2000 miles I thought I would treat it to its first launch. Pulled amazingly off the line and then when changing into second there was a nasty thud... it did just carry on doing its thing and when going into third it wasn't as smooth as I predicted... Carried on about my business and had a little hoon dropping through gears etc and everything seems fine. I tried launch again and it was perfect and smooth throughout gears... Not sure wether to be worried as such..? could it have been to do with surface?? (even though it was just normal dry tarmac ) Was hoping to get it tuned in future but think I may have to avoid that now in case something is a miss.
  8. I ordered my estate a day before you and is still a couple of weeks off landing here although is built afaik
  9. Mine was built yesterday according to the live chat... says will be in UK in 2 weeks time so maybe with me by end of September. 2 months from order
  10. Not my cup of tea but I like the fact they make it and it is a bit bonkers. Credit to Honda, massive improvement over the last n/a type r in terms of performance. looks are subjective, bet it's great fun on track
  11. My mistake, did you drive the RS3? sometimes how a car "feels" can be deceiving especially from passenger seat. My humble opinion is there would be very little in it. And for it to piss on the golf stage 1 would mean multiple car lengths ahead over a relatively short distance imo a bit like the impressive archie Hamilton video which to me just really means his car is not running the same levels of power as the RS3 ... looks like the RS3 has 150bhp more! Take nothing away from the RS3, hell of a car but there is no logical reason for it to be so much quicker than the A45 other than a distinct power advantage. If they were truly very similar power I would expect RS3 to win still but not by much due to its great torque plateau across the gears. (I had a TTRS plus APR stage 1 fro reference)
  12. I was referring to joinery80's quote how his stock RS3 would piss over a Golf R stage 1... I said it may have the edge but would never piss all over it.... I stand by that whats the weights of the 2 cars??
  13. pissed on it.... i'd hazard a guess that the RS3 may have the edge over a stage 1 golf r... pissed on would essentially mean low 11's 1/4 miles. Nope
  14. Yes this is all true, I often use the 62-124mph for my M5 as to 60 you'd have to run 50 times to get 1 perfect launch ... Happy to admit my forthcoming Golf r will be quicker to 60 90% of the time. Its only normal for people to quote there cars strengths tbf. 3s hatches from factory will be here soon enough (EV cars very soon), I wouldn't be surprised if tesla achieve it in the model 3, after all its just effectively changing the hob motors to larger ones which am sure they have allowed for as well as the motors getting smaller One thing that lets the M5 down is the Arse dyno imo, it does everything so comfortably and apart from traction very little drama.
  15. that's mighty impressive... so stage 2 will be 3.5 ....?! Any APR guys want to try?? be interesting to see what it shows on a standard car
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