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  1. Stage 2 [emoji736] https://www.instagram.com/tv/CW9LA0lIDVu/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. You may find a small increase in sound by using a panel filter but it's highly recommend to get one and remove the snow grate at the same time to increase airflow quite considerably. Small gain power wise without a tune. I have an APR panel filter I really need to put in the classified ads actually [emoji851]
  3. I'll state the obvious, yes I'm sure they are great but unless your looking at 1kBHP+ get a powervalve or scorpion DP [emoji573][emoji2][emoji108]
  4. This should clear it up, it's really easy. See photo, this is with ignition on.
  5. Fine to use to top up it's G13, they call it purple, they also sell the 'red' G12+ which looks pink (that's what was in mine) https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/triple-qx-red-ready-mixed-antifreeze-coolant-1ltr-523770512 Or https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/triple-qx-purple-g13-ready-mixed-antifreeze-coolant-1ltr-523770522 Both readymix 1lt
  6. The early bird and all that [emoji16]
  7. Just beat me to it, I was too busy buying a downpipe [emoji23]
  8. Not seen anything from the usual lot but usually get posted in this thread https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?url=https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/33198-tyre-buying-guidance-tyre-deals-and-tips/&share_tid=33198&share_fid=193442&share_type=t&link_source=app
  9. Hi all, I just thought it may be a good idea to consolidate all offers this year into one thread. If you find any offers for black Friday/holiday then post them here. It's much easier for everyone if everything is in the same place. [emoji108] (Becs if you think this is better in another section then please move it)
  10. If you insist on continuing to use VW genuine parts then you can readily buy on eBay. There are also few VW garages that have eBay accounts and sell directly
  11. Not repairable unfortunately Blue is the only area that can be repaired. Plenty detail here: https://www.kwik-fit.com/blog/can-my-punctured-tyre-be-repaired
  12. Hello and welcome What you are describing could be the clutch slipping. It's quite common on manuals.(I would know)
  13. I'm going to message them and see what they will do on an exchange basis. car only on 27.5k miles
  14. Yeah I have, decided that the better option is to swap it out and sell it like you say
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