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  1. No belt on the R, it's a chain and won't need replacing unless something goes wrong.
  2. I'm sure you can turn it on in the radio under car settings
  3. Doing a quick Google search here is one for sale, they also offer fitting and recovery. https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/vw-golf-mk7-r-s3-2.0-tsi-6-speed-dsg-gearbox-qsp-13-17-/1431592377 Failing that I'd contact your local scrapyards and see if they have one or can source one
  4. Stunning! Red definitely is the best colour [emoji2]
  5. My suggestion would be the goto I think you could consider them at this point (Maxton) http://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/side-skirts-diffusers-vw-golf-vii-r-hatchback-estate
  6. Suspension and subframe bushes & joints, springs and shockers, ARB and their bushes, top mounts, engine mounts. All these are wear items and worth checking and replacing as needed.
  7. Plenty of options away from the stealers £48.14 - Brembo pads (including the caliper bolts) https://m.autodoc.co.uk/brembo/11804412 £50.05 - Ate pads (including the caliper bolts) https://m.autodoc.co.uk/ate/7896677 £61.84 - Ate ceramic pads (including the caliper bolts) https://m.autodoc.co.uk/ate/8938929 Or spend hundreds on fast road pads [emoji2]
  8. Do a V check on the car, unless someone on here used to have the car then I don't know what you expect from the forum! https://www.vcheck.uk/ Some recommended viewing:
  9. Yeah it's electronic so you have to unfortunately!
  10. You also got 25% off (hopefully) https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/owners-and-drivers/servicing/spring-sale.html All service options and exclusions listed here
  11. What did the tuner put in when it went to stage 3? What does your tuner recommend? How long since the plugs were last changed? I'm using Denso IKH24 Iridium power plugs (Stage 2) that's why my tuner recommended, they won't last as long as comparable NGK plugs but will produce a more powerful spark.
  12. You can have the printed history on request from your VW dealer. See here : https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/need-help/need-help-faqs/servicing.html Using an independent doesn't matter, as long as they have the proper software the service will be registered with VW, if they don't it won't. As for the service schedule see here : https://www.shopdap.com/blog/post/service-schedule-for-mk7-5-golf-r-2018-2019.html You can check when the next service is due on the MFD
  13. Tap, brush and a gentle hoover/blower if you have. Don't oil, it says so on their site. Or buy a new one for 40 bucks. https://performancebyie.com/products/ie-cold-air-intake-filter-vw-audi
  14. Do it! The mileage shouldn't be a concern if the car has been maintained well and continues to be just go to a reputable tuner
  15. This looks really interesting [emoji41]
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