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  1. No need for a remap unless you get a custom map. The ECU as it's stock will adjust timing (slightly) for the increased airflow. Sent from my fingers
  2. I know a guy that coded it out on his R and there was definitely no error, just use the battery mod method [emoji6] Sent from my fingers
  3. This is correct, I actually had a car that this was the reason for major fail on the MOT (headlight washers inoperable) and it's because they were coded out. Not that I would do this [emoji2957] Sent from my fingers
  4. Thanks, so as I suspected as there are no dash warnings then it's not a fail? Sent from my fingers
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124165142607 I've had 2 sets and can 100% recommend £17.99 delivered and with decent sticky pads Sent from my fingers
  6. Hi all My question is this, if you were to code this out by whatever method is this an MOT failure? Assuming there are no dash warnings etc. Is it an MOT failure is the vehicle stop start function is inoperable. Please no speculation I'm really looking for an answer so would appreciate factual replies. I'm sure I read on the DVSA site at some time in the past that if this was inoperable that it would fail. Personally, from my own knowledge it's not tested as such during an MOT? Or is it? Thanks Irv Sent from my fingers
  7. You are probably correct though, at the end of the day its a checklist but Becs needs to make sure that this is declared to the warranty company or they may charge as another claim, it's not the customers fault if misdiagnosed. Sent from my fingers
  8. Interesting, nothing mentioned about the UK market. Will this translate to £499.99 for the R or less? This would make me book it tomorrow at that price but I suspect REVO for example will follow suit. Cheers Sent from my fingers
  9. Hello https://www.axa.co.uk/breakdown-cover/ £35.40 a year, UK nationwide including homestart (Vehicle cover) Got this cover for both of our cars For this price for me it's peace of mind for pennies. Sent from my fingers
  10. If they can repair alloys they can do the same with pit marks Sent from my fingers
  11. Not had it done but yes seems expensive. Have you considered getting them powdered coated? Take them to somewhere that does alloys and get them done I'm sure they will be much cheaper than that! Sent from my fingers
  12. Summer facts to consider. MOT data for VOLKSWAGEN MK15LLP Advisories: • rear pads wearing low • oil leak • center exhaust bracket has come away from exhaust fixing but is still secure Last MOT advisories (May 2020) It's done 16,682 miles between May 2019-May2020 Autotrader considers this vehicle higher than average milage and over 10% above market average. To answer your question, I've not seen this car on VWROC which in itself should tell you something. Sent from my fingers
  13. I'm interested to hear your experience with the comfort led from CTEK as I have the charger but the reviews for the LED indicator were all over the place! Sent from my fingers
  14. Both are a bonus [emoji16] She? It's still a looker, we did consider another R before the TTS and the Mrs definitely loved the DPB so much as test drove one! She couldn't bring herself for us to have 2x R's on our drive. I don't see the problem though! Once she got in the TTS the 3 series was a distance memory [emoji41] Not going to lie, it's great to drive. As they both are [emoji56] Just to clarify, I still have my R, our 3 series is gone [emoji1787] Sent from my fingers
  15. That will be the RTS clutch, look at the plates and you will see why. It's best of both worlds. This is going off someone I know that's running 4XX bhp on an RTS on a FWD manual Polo GTI. [emoji12] Those who know the car will know who I mean.... Sent from my fingers
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