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  1. No way those wheels have been refurbished. You can charity clearly see the glue from the tape on the weights, must be the light. As long as you are happy with what you got mate. Sent from my fingers
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNnOqNQrjKa/?igshid=je1f35mj2o3b Ecotune livery for their mk8 project car.... Courtesy of shorewraps Sent from my fingers
  3. ToRnado_R

    Car history

    Just what I can find published online Mileage looks s little high, there is a good chance it need pads!!!! There was a dash light on at a previous MOT...... [emoji27] Sent from my fingers
  4. Good quality? Easy to fit? Where did you get them? I think they look good and will give some protection at least Sent from my fingers
  5. You guessed it, dining room table [emoji23] Sent from my fingers
  6. Thanks Peter, the ceramic coating is indeed suitable for plastics. IPA at here we go. I'm just used to using on 'used' surfaces first and am used to getting that surface to a standard before applying the coating. Cheers Irv Sent from my fingers
  7. Hi all I have a brand new (still in the wrapping) Maxton front splitter and I want to coat it. Should I use polish on it first? Cheers, Irv Sent from my fingers
  8. Thanks, I saw them on there. Could you share exactly which one you bought please? Or PM me it? Cheers Sent from my fingers
  9. Did you buy as a kit off AliExpress or similar? I quite like the idea of this on the TTS Sent from my fingers
  10. I've only ever put Momentum 99 in the car since I have had it. Sent from my fingers
  11. Did you cover the safety aspects as well as increased resale value? [emoji28] Sent from my fingers
  12. ToRnado_R

    EPC light

    Makes perfect sense, that way you can prove which coil pack is faulty Sent from my fingers
  13. ToRnado_R

    EPC light

    The P03A5 could very well be a stored code, as in historic unless you know it was clear before. https://www.google.com/search?q=p03a5+vw&oq=P03A&aqs=chrome.4.69i57j0l4.5866j0j7&client=ms-unknown&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Look for the VW bulletin about it, it's a known issue. As for the misfire, coil pack and plugs. Without knowing mileage etc. I would recommend changing them all out but I'm sure someone will correct me if it's the done thing to replace just one. Sent from my fingers
  14. ToRnado_R

    EPC light

    Scan if you can. Coil pack and plugs are the first culprits. Sent from my fingers
  15. Works you mind sharing part numbers please? Just reversed into ramp? Looks easy enough, excuse to buy an impact wrench too [emoji23] Sent from my fingers
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