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  1. ToRnado_R

    Chewing Gum

    There are 2 main ways to remove it, either freeze it and scrape it off or dissolve it. There are sprays for both on Amazon. I would suggest freezing it and scraping it off with the spray and they decide if you need the other. Have a look on YouTube too Good luck Sent from my fingers
  2. Tidy job Dave [emoji106][emoji41] Sent from my fingers
  3. Fitted a pedal rest (super Skoda one) Gave her a quick wash and then put R dust cap covers on. (Extra 5bhp [emoji23]) Sent from my fingers
  4. This thread is over a year old, if your are looking for pret reps the CM Wheels seem to be highly recommend. https://cmwheels.com/product/19-vw-golf-r-pretoria-style-wheels-gloss-gun-metal-vw-audi-5x112/ Sent from my fingers
  5. Great minds, and a better price! [emoji3] Sent from my fingers
  6. [emoji817][emoji3] Can't beat these [emoji106] Sent from my fingers
  7. Nice one [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my fingers
  8. Back in stock! https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/das-6-v2-dual-action-polisher You are welcome! Irv Sent from my fingers
  9. ToRnado_R

    Fast Ford

    Showing your age mate [emoji16] My first ever fast lap on a circuit was in a Capri and I agree they are widow makers if not tamed! Cheers, Irv Sent from my fingers
  10. Cheers, Interesting what cars is listed as fitting when you search eBay Skoda VRS, S3 etc I do suspect that this is actually the OE part we have already! Cheap to replace if I f*k it up to be fair!! Sent from my fingers
  11. Yes I saw that, big Turbo on the way for full stage 3 and yes the drag tyres will certainly help but it's amazing to see what can be achieved on stock turbo, not sure about reliability/longevity though. The wrap is by shorewraps I believe (not far from me) Personally I prefer what you are doing with full street trim. Maximum sleeper [emoji573] ATB mate Sent from my fingers
  12. Someone has a sore foot and keeps biting it!!! Sent from my fingers
  13. Cheap women and fast cars, I knew we had something in common.... Sent from my fingers
  14. Have a look: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202944960060 It's not clear if it's open [emoji45] Sent from my fingers
  15. Works for me Dave [emoji16][emoji106] More money for others mods, don't you know I need to get a clutch! Sent from my fingers
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