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  1. JRock_247

    New member

    Happy collection day Kev!
  2. I think owners are referring to S on the DSG, what I also thought to be sport. Also the individual settings, there are lots of options to put modes into sport
  3. Fronts are non-dynamic for all Golf R's but can be 'retrofitted' by George Seamons. He can install a module that can give many options for the front lights, like different colours, dynamic sweeping lights, etc, etc. Lots of options but aint cheap. Fyi for all Mk7 owners, the Mk7.5 rear dynamic lights can be retrofitted to the Mk7 for full dynamic lights
  4. JRock_247

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    Look forward to seeing some pics!
  5. I believe the Estate Tips are spot welded on unlike the Hatch where you can just slide them off. This is certainly the case for the Mk7.5 estate. Should be easy to check, just take a look under the tips and see if you can see a spot weld on the underside of the tips. If not, then they just slide off with the help of a rubber mallet.
  6. +1 AutoGlym Vinyl and Rubber care. Couldn't fault it myself but have not tried other makes
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