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  1. OK guys, I ma trying an update for my first time, so please bare with me as I don't wanna screw anything up. So using 'Discover Care' program, I have downloaded the latest update for my MIB 2 Pro Nav from the Mk7.5. (9.2" screen) Installed onto an SD Card and ready for the update. Is there a process to backup the current software/firmware prior to update? Is it just a case of propping in the SD card and hitting update? If something goes wrong during the update,do I just attempt the update again or recover from backup and then try update? NOTE: My unit was purchased as 'Hacked' as it has the Car Play activated, will this cause any problems? (i.e de-activate car play) Any helps, is greatly appreciated.
  2. As above, there are specific products for removing road tar that can be used for the paint work and alloys. I've used Autoglym's Tar Remover stuff for years and does the job very well but there are many others out there that will doe the same job. For large lumps, I do the same as you. Soak as section of microfiber cloth with tar remover and hold it over the lump, then wipe away.
  3. Hi Silk. You will need on of these to splice into a 7.5amp fuse.
  4. I thought you could not do it with the 8" MIB 2.5 but only the 9.2" MIB 2.5?? You need the fibre optic cable from the virtual clocks into the Glove box unit to enable maps on the virtual clocks.
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