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  1. Thanks GeoffT, appreciate it. In terms of the wiring, the plan is to fit as much as I can to keep the systems happy. Hopefully I can find someone who can turn certain non essential electrical items off. Fingers crossed 🤞
  2. Thank you, getting there slowly Thanks
  3. Thank you for taking the time to post, it makes a big difference, helping to keep me motivated Cheers
  4. Thank you, I’m definitely not Ant Anstead that’s for sure 😂 I’m making this up as I’m going along, piecing it up bit by bit. I’m currently moving onto working on the rear end, after that the major fab work is finished and I can crack on with wiring. I would love to have it driving for next summer. Work commitments mean I only get one day a week to work on it. Thanks 😊
  5. A random pic of the selection of R parts I’m using
  6. Inner arches sealed (engine and running gear re-installed)
  7. I then began the process of sealing the inner arches with the final coat of underseal
  8. I was then able to fit the 7.5R brake servo and ABS pump back in
  9. Hi Everyone, I hope your well. Here are a couple more updates. I’ve been concentrating on getting the car sealed before winter sets in again. Once sealed I’ll begin the assembly process. Thanks
  10. Sealing, second stage. That’s it for now.
  11. To protect the exposed metal, I moved onto priming the engine bay and started sealing any fabrication work.
  12. A friend of mine suggested using a sand blaster which worked really well but what a mess.
  13. Next up I moved into the engine bay, removing any old brackets that I won’t be using.
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