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  1. ive tweeked the front geometry slightly. On the rear I’m planning on using the entire multi link setup. I’ll be taking the rear subframe off the donor in the next week or so. Thanks
  2. thanks Jared, much appreciated. I am excited to get to this stage, but still got the tough rear end to think about.
  3. So here’s the final result (for now) its now rolling and steering again
  4. Once the turret was in, I was pretty eager to get the engine back in, and get the car back on the ground
  5. The exact same process was repeated on the other side
  6. Next was to further increase the strength and stability of the turret a brace to the scuttle, and cone shaped piece (fully welded) around its base
  7. Before going any further with welding, the turret was stressed slightly, pushed out around 5mm. This will prevent shrinkage during welding causing the turrets to move inwards.
  8. A strengthening plate was welded into the scuttle area
  9. The turret was now stitched onto the mk1 chassis and newly made inner wing
  10. Here’s a few more pics the inner wing panel was stitched on and spot welded rather than an entire weld around around its perimeter. This allows strength with the ability to flex slightly with will help prevent premature failure
  11. The template was cut and shaped. The curve gives strength to the panel and allows clearance for a standard 7R shock. some heat was applied to manipulate the panel when fitting
  12. Before beginning to install the turret I needed to repair the inner wing as this would be the foundation for the turret. Again with card a template was produced
  13. I then transferred the card templates onto sheet metal and began rebuilding the turret section
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