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  1. Do you have a pic of the full leather?
  2. 1nfinite

    Eco tip

    Eco tip: "Do not rev the crap out of your engine when you are stationery." "Close windows when doing 120mph to save fuel.." "Do not go above 60mph or the world will end in 12 years."
  3. Cheers guys for suggestions..might have to go obd11 root. Only trouble i had the dsg remapped.🤨 Will try an see if traction controll fully off sorts.
  4. My DSG 6 speed mk7 r sticks in 1st gear or hesitates when in sport mode sometimes if I have foot to the floor. I spoke to VW about this when was last serviced & they changed the DSG oil & claimed was spark plugs misfiring??
  5. Can you give more info how I can do this with OBD11 Dave? thanks.
  6. I done the OEM rear upgrade today with a harness.. Got the lights for 300 so wasent too pricey. Coded with Obdeleven very easy.👍 Got the Harness from George, sorts you out no messing..also supplied all the coding. The lights now fully work. Unlike my China experience from the Bay, with nasty edges. These look the nuts.
  7. I was told by Haldex repairs, after cleaning the filter & doing oil change I should also reset it with the computer. Anyone know more about this?
  8. Have you finished your lights yet Killa?..a guide would be nice.
  9. I checked connections..think is the wiring. Can send back but hoping they will send a replacement.
  10. I bought the ebay ones, which work cept when you turn hazards on one light is missing.
  11. Looks good Mr7 I do prefer to stick to OEM..how much did the Chinese ones set you back?
  12. I strongly want to do this mod, but dont know how to code & only have obdeleven. Have found some harness for RHD vehicles on Polish site. https://www.carsystems.eu/golf-mk-7-facelift-dynamic-tail-lights-led-adapter-kit-for-rhd-rear-led-dynamic-turn-signal,id2913.html
  13. Alex, can you give me a price on this too?..cheers mate.
  14. To update, go here: https://webspecial.volkswagen.de/vwinfotainment/int/en/index/downloads#/ Although I had trouble using there software & manually installed. Still never sorted the problem tho..I doubt going to VW will either. The VW EQ is seriously crap..who do they employ to design there software..for this day & age is shocking.
  15. Anyone know where can get the oil cheap? £26 ish seems to be the cheapest including delivery. Not sure if genuine. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/febi-bilstein/8773507
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