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  1. Anyone know where can get the oil cheap? £26 ish seems to be the cheapest including delivery. Not sure if genuine. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/febi-bilstein/8773507
  2. 1nfinite

    USB music reset

    I updated to latest software & changed nothing. Guess have to get on to VW about it.
  3. 1nfinite

    USB music reset

    Have you tried updating Ali? Even that seems not very easy..the discover care crashes so have to manually load.🙄
  4. 1nfinite

    USB music reset

    Hi, I have Discover pro 9.2 & having issues with music resetting & going back to beginning when you start a new journey. Anyone else had similar issues & is it corrected with an firmware update. Trying to install an update on a SD card hopefully will be able to install.
  5. Alex done the cockpit & headunit install in under 2 hours for me..looks great. Recommend this guy to anyone looking to make the change.
  6. 1nfinite


    Im listening..are they that bad? 🤨
  7. 1nfinite


    Hi i bought some alloygators, and wondering opinions on these, but they also say in the instruction video to let air out to 0 psi when fitting, so I bought a small 12v 100psi air compressor..but worried now it wont be powerful enough to inflate the tyres. Any advice?
  8. 1nfinite

    Rear disks and pads

    I installed Tarox Japan 310mm discs & Tarox strada pads yesterday, same as I put on the front. Not cheap £400. From Midland VW I got best price..elsewhere they are more.
  9. Put the brakes into service mode.
  10. Dont mean to hijack thread, but can anyone explain exactly what I have to do with OBD11 ..I watched the video on YT but am still not totally sure. I need to change pads & disks tomorrow. Thanks.
  11. Any update on this from the op or still got the faults?
  12. Ive been planning for a while on doing exactly the same through Alex, just need to find AID for a decent price. Can buy new but doesnt come with surround or optical cable..extortionate pricing. The mileage thing is a bit worrying also. Most of the AID on ebay have scratches on the screen & dont come with the surround or cable.
  13. 1nfinite

    Infotainment screen upgrade.

    Hi Rod, believe it or not I have the Alpine G7 mk2 in my car right now, but want to install the virtual cockpit so figure best to go back to the infotainment. Will be connected to a DSP so shouldn't effect sound. The Alpine is pretty good but I would like the maps on the virtual cockpit etc. I had the alpine mk1 which had issues so they replaced it. I still think its overpriced, but isnt everything.