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  1. i had this a few months ago, made a post about it. I have the same 7.5 18 plate but what i learnt is, if you are worried about warranties and your car breaking then maybe this just isnt for you or get a faster car from stock. I got over this fear eventually as modifying cars is a true passion to me but there is a alternative. You could always go with a piggy back route (JB4, Racechip etc), they are easy to install, and you can take them out before warranty work/services etc and put the piggy back on after its done instantly and they also do give very similar if not the same gains to ECU tunes. Since the post about worrying about warranty i've fully sent it and should be stage 3 by the end of May hahah
  2. A owner on the Facebook owners club got one of these I believe (will link the video if I find it). Sounds terrible and the tips looks proper off. Wouldn’t recommend. But in the end of the day you get what you pay for.
  3. Finally they are working on this thing, been waiting for a video where they properly work on a Golf ever since i saw their video that was uploaded nearly 10 years ago working on a GTI. Here are links to both videos:
  4. have you got a video of it?
  5. I’ve seen some even in our very own Golf Rs!!
  6. @invisiblekid happened today, not sure if it’s normal, saved a screen cap as a gif below
  7. Hahahahaha f**k me I’m a bit slow in the head mate, all good
  8. Yeah I follow him on YouTube, I might give him a message aswell, thanks mate
  9. Cheers mate I’ll drop you a message when I’m free
  10. Planning to go stage 3 but i want to have a go in the passenger seat of one to see for my self, whether itll be too quick. and i have a couple questions for the owner. If theres anyone in the north london area or even a 30 minute drive a way, could you give me a shout if youre willing to have me in your car. Cheers
  11. So today had a traffic light competition with a TTS, obviously as you would expect it was pretty much neck and neck, and thennn boom i see the classic blue lights in my rear view. I instantly pull over as there is no winning when you try to get away from them, but LUCKILY the TTS had other plans and carried on going (not sure if the driver didnt see the lights on not) so, they completely ignored me and chased down the TTS, so i pulled into a side road, shut my lights off and waited for 10 mins for s**t to cool off. 10 mins later i drove sensibly home. Moral of the story is, if ur gonna do something stupid, look around you before you do it hahah
  12. Perfect, thanks a lot mate. what set up are you running performance wise?
  13. I remember a couple months ago I was debating whether I should even go Stage 2 because I was worried about warranty and the turbo going. But now I’ve said f*** it and go for the Littco L450. Parts list (to buy/bought): - L450 Hybrid Turbo by Littco - MTC Front mount intercooler - Scorpion Decat Downpipe - Leyo Motorsport Intake Kit - Leyo Motorsport Elbow - Uprated Plugs - Uprated Ignition coils (could someone recommend me some good plugs and coils that’ll suit the set up) - Possibly Oil catch can, going to see how it goes - Possibly Methanol Injection - Possibly HPFP seen Rs with the L450 go upto 480hp which is nuts and more than I need, my goal is 450 which is what I feel is right, so even if I can get to more than 450 I’m going to stay conservative and see how it goes if I want more I will be installing things to support that such as catch can, hpfp etc These will be hopefully done towards end of May, will keep you updated for any changes in my plan. please let me know of any tips, recommendations or if I’m missing something. Thanks!
  14. I was logged in at the time, not happening now, probably just a glitch. The ads at the bottom of the page moved to the top. When I scrolled down there were no ads at the bottom so I think that’s what happened. Currently its fine but ill let you know if it if it happens again and get some screenshots.
  15. Today the amount of ads on the page has signficanatly increased, I have to scroll for a bit through ads before getting to actual content in a post. Not sure if it’s a glitch or something because it started happening today. Just letting the website know Incase it is a glitch
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