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  1. So currently have my mk7.5 R with a res delete at 1600 miles. It’s really starting to pop, as if I got a custom map (I’m aware the 7.5s have a different ecu map to the 7s). Although I really enjoy these pops and bangs, they seem to be inconsistent, sometimes when I drive they pop like mad but I would switch the engine off and come back after 5-10 mins later and drive again but no pops/bangs at all. I drive in individual mode all the time. does anyone else have this issue? Am I doing something that “activates/triggers” the pops and bangs without realizing then sometimes not “activating” it? thanks!
  2. Just seen this video, the car is supposedly pushing out 600hp on the stock EA888 Gen3 which is hard to believe. Looks like a monster. what are your opinions?
  3. I really do want to do it but they have good points, im gonna wait for any issues to come up and have them done under warranty, then after that ill get it all done
  4. Ismet_U

    What security for your R

    I tried stop locks and they leave marks on my steering wheel so f*** that. Currently have a Vodafone Connect and protect 5 Tracker on, which has some nice features like if stolen the engine can turned off with phone call, you carry a little remote type thing and if the car is started without the remote thingy you get a call from them too see if everything is ok and also a notification (on the app you can turn this off temporarily if you dont have the remote on you) And a bunch of other stuff Really expensive though, but upto you if its worth it.
  5. As my car is brand new, Im not going to be going straight into stage 2 yet but i do want to prepare for it. Do you have any brake discs that you can recommend i should buy before i go Stage 2? Or maybe a BBK? I reluctant to buy a BBK as it does cost a lot and may be a bit unnecessary but i do want to upgrade my brake discs (regardless if i go stage 2 or not) so which ones should i buy? Thanks, hope this post made sense lol
  6. May be a bit of a specific place but this is where I am planning to get some of my work done on my car. If anyone has been there how was your experience at Wrench Studios in London and what did you get done? Thanks
  7. @MDLBC @gregozedobe very good points, I will wait then, going to be going straight to stage 2, until then I’ll just get it prepped with a intake and dp, uprated spark plugs and ignition coils + what ever else is recommended
  8. Got my new R ordered from factory 2 weeks ago so the engine is literally brand new. How long do you guys recommend I wait before I tune the car? Or does it not matter? Thanks.
  9. Ismet_U

    VCDS Disable Start/Stop permanently?

    I’m pretty sure you can disable the Start/Stop on the pre facelift Mk7s but not sure about the Mk7.5s Has anyone done it?
  10. Ismet_U

    R Front Number plate delete (UK)

    @almac yeah this thread turned into a mess, was expecting decent answers (which I did get) but wasn’t expecting certain people to get so triggered over me considering to take off my massive number plate. I may not have worded it properly, my intentions were to see what other people have dont who don’t like the standard No. plate + holder, whether it be completely removing it, placing it else where, getting smaller plates etc.
  11. Ismet_U

    R Front Number plate delete (UK)

    @Pipisskip looks very nice mate, odd how they still insist on using the european plate holder on such a small number plate. End result is great though, enjoy it!!
  12. Ismet_U

    R Front Number plate delete (UK)

    @Gavras ok also illegal emissions mods and countless others that I don’t know about because it’s specific to each country but also there are people saying which speeds they went, what cars they’ve raced against etc. Dno what Point you’re trying to make. Don’t act like you care so much about the law, I’m sure you don’t drive to the speed limit everywhere mate. People like you who talk and talk and talk and talk so much piss me off about the car community. I asked about if other people have done a minor illegal mod and am considering doing, so what.
  13. @GaryP Love that Rover 214SLi 😁
  14. Ismet_U

    R Front Number plate delete (UK)

    @robdfr what are u on about mate, unless the man is getting away by reversing his way out and dodging and weaving through traffic then damn if he has the skill to do that he can hit and run me all day. also there are plenty of people showing off their "illegal" mods on the forum so i think im fine mate.
  15. Ismet_U

    R Front Number plate delete (UK)

    @Gavras alright calm down there, I just really appreciate the front end of my car and don’t like big letters ruining it. And don’t act like you’re always a law abiding citizen, we know what you get up to mate. but in all seriousness, I was wondering how people’s front end looked like without that big plastic number plate holder, was thinking about getting a smaller plate and putting it else where on the front, so I can see more of the front end.