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  1. It is, sounds crazy but it is.
  2. Ismet_U

    These cars are amazing

    Yes ofcourse! i just use the word lads as a way to address a "cool" or a "respectable" person. It's not the correct way to use it but oh well, will keep in mind next time!
  3. Ismet_U

    These cars are amazing

    It’s crazy how amazing the Golf Rs are, think about it, you’re getting the most practicality any person can have, you’re getting 4 motion, you’re getting great performance and rediculous tuneability, great looks there’s just so much. Probably the best all round car I will every own. Good stuff VW. Enjoy your Rs lads.
  4. What a c**t, what pissed me off even more was he got his nasty saliva on your car. Hope everything gets sorted out for you. Also what dash cam have you got, this has made me want to get one
  5. Ismet_U

    Carista or OBDeleven?

    That’s great, thanks for letting me know! I’ll hold off
  6. Ismet_U

    Carista or OBDeleven?

    Unfortunately I don’t have a android and don’t fancy even spending £40 on one. Carista works on iOS. Are there any notable differences between the two?
  7. Ismet_U

    Worried about warranty...

    yeah im just gonna wait, im just a little worried cause its a new car, i aim to do it all before summer
  8. I want to go APR Stage 2, I’m set for it, all supporting mods installed (except DP) and I’m ready to go....... but warranty, car is still new, only on 3.3k miles and especially with is38s failing even on stock tunes is always on my mind (IMO VW should do a recall cause it’s kind of rediculous), could go with Littco and have the turbo balanced etc but just more spending, I just want to go Stage 2 and enjoy. I don’t know what to do hahah. i could go with the piggyback route but personally I don’t like those, no offense to anybody that uses them, they just don’t seem proper to me. And plus I don’t have a jack to lift the car up and install the connector underneath the car. I need some advice or something. thank you for hearing out my thoughts.
  9. Has anyone ever tried or actually fitted the OEM Recaro seats from the Mk6 R and the Scirocco R? They look really nice and I find them pretty comfortable, would be interesting to see if this is possible.
  10. Ismet_U

    Theives came for my car.

    To everyone on this topic, my intent wasnt to frighten people, the fear of theft is a serious thing which people lose sleep over and are overly cautious to a point where it is not healthy at all. Its just for people to know that they can go after your car, be safe and look after your self. As much as we hate to say it, its just a car, keep your mind at ease!
  11. Ismet_U

    Theives came for my car.

    With the easy of stealing keyless cars nowadays, if they see one they won’t bother cutting through, they’ll just find another keyless car without a stoplock and steal that.
  12. Ismet_U

    Stage 2 without a balanced is38

    Yeah i think im just going to go for the apr stage 2, going to give it some time, wait for any issues from the engine to show up and use the warranty as im still only on 2.5K miles
  13. Ismet_U

    Theives came for my car.

    They did instead take my brothers BMW M6 which sucks, stick to the stop lock, usually when they see that they dont even bother. Im in the north london area mate
  14. Ismet_U

    Theives came for my car.

  15. Ismet_U

    Theives came for my car.

    Knob heads, came for my car thinking it was a remote start (which i specifically didn't pick as a option because our previous cars have been stolen without a key), after waving their receiver about trying to get a signal they gave up on my car and instead took my brothers BMW away. Absolutely ridiculous how these pricks can come and take what ever car they like whenever. Got a stop lock on my car now and i already had a Vodafone connect and protect tracker on so i should be good for now... Thanks for reading my little rant.