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  1. i hope they've fixed the issue with the launch control when running higher power. The gearbox causes the timing to be pulled when launching causing the car to hesitate and lose power breifly. Im in desperate need of someone fixing that issue but so far my tuner has had that issue with all DSG maps, but not sure about APR as theirs has just been released
  2. Had it also but thought it was because i was on wifi outside of the UK on holiday so i thought nothing of it
  3. Could you link me to some places where they do go into detail and explain why these changes are good/what they do, I want to learn a bit
  4. Here’s a fun article to read about the Mk7 R engine (EA888 Gen3). closed deck design cast iron block forged crankshaft “strength enhanced alloy” for the pistons and the list goes on no wonder these engines can deal with so much power thrown at them the article: http://m.australiancar.reviews/GolfR-Mk7_CJXC-CJXB_Engine.php
  5. Well the original problem was When you launch, the DQ381’s torque limiter kicks in by retarding the timing, and making a little misfire, so the car does not go at all, feels like limp mode but doesn’t actually fully go into limp mode. But I actually think now it’s just me being stupid cause I didn’t fully deactivate traction control and it might just be traction control kicking in. Will test it out again.
  6. Alright so, I got the car (Has L450 by littco) and wow it is insane, it’s honestly a little scary but wow does it go, very very happy with the outcome of this car, I just don’t know how to explain it only a couple issues: the problem with the launch control still persists, although I only tried it once and it might been something to do with the road condition but come to think of it I only pressed traction control quickly and didn’t hold it, so it may be traction control kicking in. another issue which is on my end is I heavily underestimated the smell of a decay downpipe, it is not pleasant at all (only noticeable at stops while the cars running) another problem is I think they accidentally mapped pops and bangs on every setting so I can’t turn it off which is annoying (and absolutely destroys my fuel gauge) but it’s a simple fix All in all, I am very happy with the outcome, and heavily recommend Littco not just for their quality work but their customer service, Dan is a absolute legend.
  7. I actually don’t have a dyno sheet for the 471 run, but I imagine the curve is exactly the same as the first, but it’s the curve has just shifted up a little
  8. to answer your question now, they actually do their own maps for the DQ381, although it was difficult for them and took a good week of thorough testing they managed to do it and give a reliable tune. They had a issue with launch control which has been fixed. Collecting the car on thursday and will see for my self. Car finished at 471hp at 1.9 bar. No HPFP or LPFP required and it's still got the stock catback, bearing that in mind it is great result in my opinion. Will keep this post updated when i drive the car.
  9. Honestly for me 480 is the perfect "reliable" track power and street power. Is achievable with the L450 from Littco easily although i dont think officially gassed's turbo went. The VIS pump that hes using is not good at all, Littco have stopped using them in their cars now and dont recommend them despite being the cheaper option and since have switched to the Autotechs HPFP which is known to be the most reliable. As for a ready built kit, Racingline and Revo are the one to go for as they have the most R&D as a whole kit
  10. yep, Unicorn has helped Littco develop their maps
  11. 7.5, they do have tunes for it, i dont think its directly from Littco i think they outsource the DSG map. Will let you know though
  12. Well turns out this power figure is with no DSG map, so they had to only stay at 1.8Bar and also no pumps fitted which will be fitted. Wow, I would not be surprised if this reaches 500, if it does I’ll put it down for reliability. Will keep you updated!
  13. its a amazing power band, exactly what i wanted Havent driven it yet, going to pick it up soon. The picture got me jumping up and down hahah
  14. 1.8 bar base map very happy with that for a base map, will give it a go at 2bar. Most likely 480s+
  15. Shoot them a quick email [email protected] they respond pretty quick, sometimes within minutes
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