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  1. gazza5

    Digital or analogue dash

    To me the digital dash is half hearted in the Golf, I was hoping for the audi system, not the one we ended up in. Hoping the MK8 will be a lot better.
  2. gazza5

    Digital or analogue dash

    This is what I plan to do when the R goes, although as my little one will be in nursery still, will have to settle for a M135i / M140i, then go up to the BMW M5 (or audi S6). Although I do prefer the sound of the AMG v8 - so thats is a possibility too. Need a V8 in my life for at least a year, always get a v8 when visiting america if possible.
  3. gazza5

    Gtechnic v Waxing

    Tbh any protection is better than nothing. Personally I use Collinite 845, its quite easy to use, comes off quite easily too. Whats more important if doing it your self is the preperation, you want all those nasty bits off your paint work, I have used Auto Finesse Oblitarate for tar, it was ok better than the autoglym stuff, and use iron x or had some Auto Finesse iron remover as well. It was a bit of trial and error, I think I sprayed far too much on the first time round, but you get to grips with these things. the wheels, I only use Iron X once or twice a year, rest of the time Billberry (need some more), I use poor boys wheel sealant, quite a few others on here use g techniq sealants or gyeon Q2 (take wheels off car etc). The joy of cleaning your own car is there are tonnes of products to try, all say wonderful things, some smell nice, some smell horrible, some are easy to get off, others will leave you buffing the same bit for 4 hours (slight exaggeration), to me thats all part of the fun, and I actually enjoy doing my car, although hate it when I find new scratches, or accidently get a bit of wax on some black trim (that then turns to white). Some prefer wax, some prefer sealants, some prefer to pay someone £500 - £1k to have it done once and not have to worry about the protection side too much, others if they could would be out once a month doing a full on detail adding layers of wax / sealant. Theres no right or wrong answer - I drive the missus mad with my car, but she now knows, if I put the effort in to start with, I don't need to do so much during the year, leave me a lone for 1 whole weekend doing inside and out, and I will only be out for 2 hours or so doing maintenance washes down the line.
  4. gazza5

    VW ditch hybrid tech for MK8 GTI.......

    If the R does have the mild hybrid stuff I expect it to be a lot more than it currently is!
  5. gazza5

    (Super) Unleaded Petrol?

    I may try some 102 Ultimate when I go over to Luxembourg / Germany in the summer. Although it will take a while to adjust to it.
  6. gazza5

    BMW 435d Xdrive.

    I'll be honest I did 10 miles a day in my astra diesel, some bigger mileage at weekend, but averaged about 7500 miles a year, didn't have one issue with the DPF. If it was doing a regen I would drive it until it stopped. Sometimes this involved 10 minutes of pointless driving mind.
  7. gazza5

    We buy any car

    I used we buy any car for my astra, yeah I admit the one or two things they knocked off I wasn't best pleased about, but I knew it needed a new clutch and DMF, so wasn't too fussed when they offered me 3500, admittedly they sold it at car giant for £5250, but as I have joined the leasing game, I couldn't be bothered with the private buyers etc.
  8. gazza5

    Ceramic Coatings

    Or not bother with ceramics, and just use something like 845 collinite (which I have had quite good results with). I know its not the same, but with doing it yourself it is best if you have a garage (I don't) or get one of the huge tents like Booth has.
  9. I am surprised I have lasted this long to not comment. I can't write half the things I want to but I echo the thoughts of many other posters here. general society is so screwed with all this PC stuff you can't say anything. I got a smack when I was a boy if I did something very wrong, now you would probably do longer in prison for smacking your own child than a murderer. It doesn't pay to be a good citizan any more, the general PC brigade have really screwed with society. This boy may have been a "good boy" around his family, but I am sorry a 14 year old, riding a scooter which he is not allowed to do is not a "good boy". Don't get me wrong we all made mistakes growing up, did silly things, but not on this scale.
  10. gazza5

    What detailing have you done today?

    Did mine on Sunday. Only a quick rinse mind. Been impressed with poorboys wheel sealant. Forgot to put bilberry for my wheels on my Xmas list so santa didn't bring any. Did 2 lots of snow foam then 2 bucket method then dry. Nothing else done. Before Quick one of after
  11. gazza5

    Changing sound system.

    Funnily enough I kept the hertz speakers and amp and sub I had in my corsa, sitting in the loft currently. Like someone else posted - I got a Fourmasters package - was from John Kleis audio in reading. Think it was a crazy offer at the time, £500 all in for amp, sub and speakers. This was back in 2011 mind, with my car being a lease wasn't going to touch it, but if I end up keeping it could be a option (just the speakers not bothered with the sub). I know times move on, but to spend £100 on some speakers, when I got some already seems pointless to me - unless I did new ones in the front, and chucked the old ones in the back with a amp. Just went through my emails and I got this system (stuff quite old now was 2011). Hertz HE4 Amplifier Hertz ESK 165 Speakers Hertz EBX 250 and subwoofer enclosure Skinz sound treatment system Audison Connection cables and accessories !Audio Joy for just �499!
  12. gazza5

    Yes.......another fuel thread!

    he he! Fuel wise, use momentum, occasionally had to fill up with 97 ron (sainsbury) and in France filled up with supermarket 98 RON (supermarket AUCHAN). Tbh not a huge difference, I find I get a bit more to a tank, but talking very slight. But I feel warm and fuzzy putting in 99 ron fuel when the filler cap says 98 minimum (I think). Never used vpower, use to lkoads previously on my corsa, but for the golf, I am not paying a extra 10p a litre roughly compared to momentum thats the same ron.
  13. gazza5

    What detailing have you done today?

    Not touched mine, been winchester, paris, cardiff in the past week and grantham at the weekend coming. Hoping second week of the new year will get it done (at least a wash). its not as minging as i though it would be though - not much salt on the roads, and the rain we had in france think it washed it a bit!
  14. gazza5

    WLTP pushed back again

    I wouldn't be surprised if the R will become discontinued. I mean in terms of volume how many do we reckon would be sold. 4k max in a year? Not sure about the new R mk8 - I think there will be one, but this last R will be the last cheap one. I can see the next R being £40k with no options.
  15. gazza5

    Interior lights will not turn off

    I looked a pillock, but looks like I might have a loose connection. But more importantly I have managed to turn them off! I had the front button (to turn rear lights on / off) in all different configurations - then clambering into the back - playing around with them buttons too - but I managed to get them off by pushing the roof trim.