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  1. Yep the shell garage on the way home today was rammed, mugs paying 138.9 for normal 95 ron! Well at least it puts some money in the tax coffers for now. I did fill up the R yesterday, but mainly as I only had 40 miles left anyway. That will last me the month.
  2. I am going to try Esso Supreme tonight, get 5p off with nectar by exchanging 300 points. Esso supreme has no ethanol - even though it has E5 on the pump, that is the lowest ethanol content badge yhou can put on fuel (so I believe). I doubt it will change anything in terms of mpg etc tbh and will probably go back to Tesco Momentum after.
  3. I can get a dsg fart on upshifts in eco mode, has to be over 3500 rpm i think it is (or might be 3000 rpm). Think accelerator travel also plays a part, i don't have to floor it to get the dsg fart, obviously sometimes its louder than other times.
  4. Very quick wash for the r today, wanted to re protect the wheels but the sun was out, and the wheels were a bit warm to the touch, so just a rinse, snow foam, rinse, 2 bucket wash, dry, and exhaust tips done with mothers. Had to work quickly, wheels need redoing as still filthy, but got all the tree sap, bird crap, etc off. Small difference, wolves v brentford was on TV, so only had a hour. Before After
  5. great write up, way more patience than me, and like others, I would of taken one look at the instructions, and driven to a pro. Tbh, if my estate is a keeper, I may treat it one day to a professional job, as I find I have less and less time to work onmy car now (even though I do enjoy waxing it etc, and have a broken back the next day and lots of other aches and pains).
  6. A few arteon shooting braks R's are now at dealers, although I think the price is a bit strong for what it is, and that also worries me about the price of the R estate. TBH I don't think the r estate will be here till march next year.
  7. The 7 speed DSG gives better mpg than the 6 speed you have. Tbh I don't really worry about the mpg, I keep track of it, but its not my main concern. At the moment I get between 28 and 34 mpg to work depending on traffic. When winter comes this will be anywhere between 18 (lowest I got last year in the snow) and 26 mpg. Again with the 7 speed dcg - and driving in eco to and from work. Might be worthwhile as you don't know how the car has been treated in the past running some redex through or equivalant, I think esso supreme has no ethanol at all (
  8. How old was your S3? Seems a good price £36k!
  9. Think the blue one has better spec, but I have no idea on the mods which one is better etc. Depends if you like leather? Looks like the red one might be a bog standard with no options. Blue one has DCC which some say is a must have.
  10. Not bad at all - and pretty much what you expected based on previous posts.
  11. Interesting to hear yhour view points @Charles M I have coonsidered this to be my next car and possible last hurrah for petrol, although with the current prices, will have to keep saving. Maybe need the C43 possibly for a bit more exhaust noise, although personally I prefer the M340i dash etc. Hopefully the car will get a bit more under your skin.
  12. Got yellow tree sap over mine currently - horrible stuff. Won't be washed for at least another week, in devon now, got center parcs next week, At least its not going to be hot for a while, so hoping it will not be too bad. Given up on my wifes car now, shes not bothered, so I'm not bothered now either. Tbh will probably just let the men at tesco do it twice a year. Least with white the swirls don't show too much, then I can just concentrate on mine! (which needs another layer of wax, wheels need redoing, want to properly clean the glass for once too!
  13. I haven't done any exhaust mods myself - the joy of having a hearse is the exhaust doesn't have any flaps. However, a back box will give a bit more noise quite a few videos on you tube, some have run the sports cat, but kept the original back box, others have gone full exhaust mod. From what I have read, remus is quite loud in non resonated form. I guess the main question, you going to go further than stage one?
  14. I got my car without driving it (was a lease to start with later bought). I will be honest, its a lot smoother than my previous diesel, however I couldn't really see what the fuss was about, after driving the R for a few weeks. Of course all the reviewers get a nice road, which yes the r is fun, I have had some good drives with it in yorkshire, wales etc. But the R is seen as a more grown up car, I mean I love the exhaust noise for the hyundai i30 N, but I found the ride too hard personally. (really want to try the revised one) The renault sport megane, I like, also sou
  15. Heading back to wales hopefully in a few weeks (hoping not to get lost this time), and also just booked AMG day at Brooklands Mercedes World. Hoping for a C63 estate to compare the two, but tbh I'm sure I will probably end up in the saloon. After that day, may book the hour slot with the C43 amg, as that possibly will be my next car.
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