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  1. Bilt hamber for me, found valet pro citrus wash didn't do much, but maybe my mix technique wasn't suitable.
  2. Personally I have found bilt hamber better than valet Pro as a snow foam. Valet Pro is not bad, but just found the other one better
  3. Excellant - ta! I noticed my local tyre fitters have Pirelli Cintur, Goodyear Vector or Michellin Cross Climates - all pretty much within a few pence of each other tbh, may have a quick look at tyre reviews as well. @JonSW me too - I can't be bothered with faffing with another set of alloys, or unused rubber sitting around, for the sake of extra £10 a tyre compared to Michelin PS4 - it seems a bit of a no brainer. Trying to get in before we have snow etc and winter tyres / all season tyres increase in price!
  4. This might seem very dumb (apologises in advance) - but could you be washing your car too much? More contact with the paint = more swirls no matter how careful you are. I have washed my r better than any other car I have owned, and I do have less swirls than previous cars, but still have them. Ok I have white paint so doesn't show as much. What other protection is on the car? I'm assuming you do wax etc etc or maybe have a ceramic coating. Water on its own shouldn't make swirl marks , and personally I would always dry the car. Instead of one of the all singing all dancing car blowers, some people have found pet blowers to be cheaper and do the same job. I haven't tried so can't comment.
  5. Oh and I'm running 18 Cadiz alloys (on a 7.5R estate)
  6. Anyone had all season tyres on there R? Reason I ask is I might have to go to Germany in Feb half term, which I would need winter tyres for or all season tyres. As my tyres (original bridgestones) are at 23K now, time is running out on them (thank god can't wait for new tyres!). Any recommendations if anyone has had all season tyres? I don't really want to have to swap between winter then summer tyres, or buy another set of alloys to have the winters on.
  7. first wheels aren't to my taste - so would go with the 2nd ones!
  8. The child in me wants a 69 plate!
  9. Yep saw this the other day - I didn't update though as I was in Belgium, and didn't want it to f up so then have to rely on the vw sat nav home (I would still be probably making my way home now!) Had the occasional issue with it dropping out, once was after four hours of working and charging my phone, the whole unit reset its self (had the radio on and this went off as well) - so it wasn't android autos issue, but my actual headunit I think. Tbh I quite like android auto, and would never buy a car without it. Now I am back in the UK will have to update it.
  10. Taht s4 is tragic - I noticed it on a bmw the other day - think it was a 340i or 440i cant remember, but although that only has two exhaust tips - one either side - one was clean as anything, the other was practically black with soot. If they arent real why bother, I mean at least with merc alhough its just the trim - lease there is a actual exhaust behind that trim.
  11. +1 - europe seem to drive motorways far better than us, and the motorways seem better kept (although in belgium one of the motorways was terrible) - but then you get on the M20 in the UK and realise the belgian motorway wasn't actually that bad!
  12. tbh I am a dials man as well - forget all this touchscreen stuff - although surely things are moving towards voice activated, or gesture control. Temperature to 22c please mercedes (or however you do it) - I have no idea. Missus has a 2008 so that still has some heater controls, it does puzzle me though, as the 508 for example has the piano keys (think the 3008 has it as well) so at least you have a key for the shortcut to the screen, which is better than some cars that has heating controls in a sub menu. Anyway - give it 10 years all cars will be driving themselves anyway! Leaving us to play with the touchscreens!
  13. Tbh I can't see me sticking with a golf for my next car, can see me moving on to another brand, I think the cost cutting will get more and more with this new model, and to me the next golf r won't be much of a step up in terms of performance etc (its very hard imho to make the golf r faster without treading on other models in the VW / AUDI range). They may well shave 0.2 seconds off 0-62 - but thats not enough to make me change or go for the new one.
  14. I really should get mine looked at - looks like I need two front tyres soon - I'm down to 3mm on the front bridgestones, so going to run them for my next belgium trip (bank holiday weekend) then book in for a change when I get back I think, before the crap weather arrives too.
  15. Tbf I think my golf is poorly built, never been happy with it. I think this is just going to become a common thing. Think I would only be happy with probably a 7 series from bmw in terms of build quality, which you will never get on a golf - completely different price points. Maybe my expectations were too high after reading too many reviews about how amazing german cars are built etc, and I was expecting too much, but the creaking I have from the golf r and having to apply and reapply regularly the gummfledge stuff to stop squeaks and rattles with the doors (I have never had to do it on any other car - even a bloody rover 25!) I expect crap plastics in my missus 2008 as it was only £13K brand new but then I guess the golf r is only a £20k car roughly.
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