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  1. Looking good @Gavras Ordered my black mirror caps - so these will be going on my car soon - get rid of the silver mirror caps. I really can't think of anything to replace the r - i have been looking - so looks like its going to stay with me a bit longer me thinks. Would love a v8 in my life at some point, but don't think that will happen, and a 540i seems a bit too grown up (although a lovely car), may have a look at audi s4 (3.0 v6 petrol not diesel), but even then - I look at the golf and think keep it.
  2. Friday 3rd april I put in £28, took the car up to full, mileage was 25597, now (22/05/20) - its sat being repaired, but mileage when I dropped it off was 25698, so 101 miles since 3rd April. Who needs eco mode?!?!
  3. on my watchlist - as I need new tyres
  4. My one is currently on lease (reg June 17), so coming up to 3 years old. My car got hit by somebody in Watford Hilton car park, no note etc, no car parked next to mine when I got back to it, so have paid for the repair myself (gone to a VW approved bodyshop, so its not cheap!). Right on the wheel arch too. I'll be honest, some lease owners are like myself, who have probaly only launched the car once or twice etc, looked after it reasonably well, not booted when cold etc. My plan is to get the servicing done soon along with MOT - even though we have the extension, if it goes to plan we are off to germany end of august, so would like it all done before then, keep her in tip top shape, will need some new tyres soon - luckily you haven't had to put up with the bridgestone tyres - horrible things!
  5. Back to the detailing (food items added to shopping to try!) Absolutely awseome is what springs to mind, don't fancy doing mine too? I find sometimes I get too bored / or tired, so I have tried this year doing it in stages. I have found my r to be a stone chip magnet, front is peppered with them, so probably more the state of the roads than anything else. Awaiting my repair, which starts today, should have car back by friday, I need to clay the whole of my car - I put off claying the famous back bumper ledge for a year, that really was a sorry state on my car - even though I had thought I had done ok in washing the car regularly, using iron x on the whole car once sometimes twice a year (usually spring and autumn detail). Really do need to get myself a DA machine, new toy and all, might spur me on to do a decent job on mine. What plate is yours? I'm guessing possibly a 2 year lease previous owner? Thats the one thing I hate about the r is the exhaust tips!
  6. gazza5

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    Yep will probably be my next purchase, if I do purchase the r at end of lease, current price is 19300, not sure where I stand with it being a lease and dash cam, least my car will be fixed ready for some proper driving once out of lock down.
  7. Over the weekend did my wheels, rinsed, washed, then some poorbiys wheel sealant (only 1 layer). Willleave for now, and put on another layer another day.
  8. gazza5

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    There is no other claimant as whoever hit me didn't leave a note, so I have no one to claim against.
  9. gazza5

    Side swipe

    I must admit, after looking at it over the weekend, the excess on my insurance is £600 (£400 compulsory, £200 excess). I ran a insurance quote for claiming on insurance, for the £900 claim, my insurance for the next year goes up just over £100 (done through confused.com). Then the claim is sitting on my insurance for 5 years, doing the sums, it all works out very similar if I put it through insurance or not (depending how much my insurance goes up the following years). I think its the person I spoke to didn't really understand what I was getting at. At one point he said, if we estimate the repair to be £700, but your place wants £900 you would have to pay the difference, With my excess etc, its just not worth while.
  10. gazza5

    Side swipe

    Just to update, car will be repaired early June. Nice £900 bill for me. I did consider claiming on insurance but due to the lease I need it done at a official vw repair place, and the place I have found local to me aren't on the approved list of my insurance company 🤦🏻‍♂️ Will be a pull out as far as they can, then filler, repaint etc.
  11. I wouldn't rule out a basic spec car. Mine is (and a lease at that) coming up to 3 years old (this time next month). There will be a few leases going back, but again most of these will be like my car, white and no additional options. The R is not a bad specced car tbh, it has everything I need, I would of liked the pano roof, but I have never had it so I have lived without. I would of liked the dynaudio as well tbh, but again, the standard set up isn't too bad depending what car you are coming from of course, if you had say a B & O system in a a4 for example, the standard system in the golf will not be up to that. If I do buy mine, I have considered putting in my Hertz speakers from my previous car, and amping them (with the amp from previous car), I am thinking of buying my lease - there are cars I would like but they are more money, and in current situation - wife no job due to having a 1 year old and got made redundant, things are not easy right now with her finiding another job. So I may well stick with my golf (price of £18,300 currently to buy at 3 years old). At least I know the cars history, just have to get the dents fixed by other drivers 😁
  12. Did my car sunday Snow foamed, rinse, 2 bucket wash, rinse, dry, iron x, rinse, dry. I then clayed the bonnet and the back bumper shelf - as both were pretty bad and the iron x got some off but not all. I then after claying them bits, use poorboys white diamond over whole car, then waxed with collinite 845 I want to do another layer of wax at some point, I didn't even tyre dress my car either, only rinsed the wheels, they will have a better wash at some point. Now just got to wait for it to cool down again, before waxing etc again.
  13. Not good, at least you got details for your scrape, the back of mine got hit on the wheel arch, still awaiting repair (paid for by me as no details left etc). Then due to lockdown, no repair done yet. Luckily I can still drive mine, its not as bad as yours, but still gutted at the same time. Like you - r is the nicest car I have had, I have had the most bad luck in it, clipped a alloy on the kerb moving out the way for a ambulance, that was painful, hit on rear wheel arch - awaiting repair. I also had some one who looks like they were too excited seeing 4 exhaust pipes as someone has also reversed / driven into the back of me, no note left etc, but the black skirting at the back is slightly indented on one bit, and theres a little patch of paint thats been scraped. Also someone has driven into the front of me, as they cracked the numberplate plastic. I wouldn't of cared if it happened to my previous cars, but its all happened to the R! Does put me off having something nice, but then I think I work hard enough, I should have something I enjoy. Feel for you at this time, but you have the details at least.
  14. Really they need to be washed, every week pretty much. Mine are coming up to three years old. They are pretty bad, I try my best with them, and they do come out good, however I have noticed even though I have done 20 miles since cleaned - I now have some black on them again. Joys of owning a pre WLTP r!
  15. I have the same pressure washer, it squeaks occasionally, but tbh has lasted well compared to a mate of mine who got through 2 karcher in the time I've had mine. Would certainly recommend nilfisk. Got mine in 2012 think it was.
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