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  1. Mines boggo car with white (free) paint
  2. Way better than the offer I had, mine is a 17, for 10k miles for the next year its £205 a month, my to purchase price based on 19k miles was £23250.
  3. The game of leasing is to beat the depreciation. The cars you have listed, I will be honest its probably cheaper to buy than lease. They have a "deal" on vauxhal astra at the minute through leasing, here is the link (I nearly got one of these before I got the R) https://www.whatcar.com/car-leasing/deals/personal/vauxhall/astra-hatchback/16t-16v-200-elite-nav-5dr/3466361/49853695/ I appreciate its the 200ps model, but elite nav are very much fully loaded. ALso after 24 months will have to get something else. I would say have a little play with what car leasing website, gives you a idea whats around. this link here is to a 3dr up Beats edition https://www.whatcar.com/car-leasing/deals/personal/volkswagen/up-hatchback-special-eds/10-up-beats-3dr/3563548/53690345/ Price wise not much different to the astra above. Obviously insurance etc should be cheaper, but over 48 months you have paid £7876 for a up, on broadspeed a new one is £10547, would a up be worth more than £2671 at 4 years old? Lease you do have road tax included for the 4 years (£145 per year), and some breakdown cover (normally).
  4. oh yeah keep to the right as well. One thing thats get forgotten (and I just remembered it) the track etiquette is slower traffic stay right, in the bends tbh there should not be any over taking, but it does happen. You need to signal right to show the car behind that you have seen them, you know they are there, and move across to the right. Trust me you will get overtaken by a crazy german in a mk2 1.6 golf, but hes / she has probably done the track a 1000 times.
  5. Forgot to say - we were there till around lunchtime, track closed 4 times, one time for a very serious smash - no cars for 1 hour on track. Some days they even stop people going on track as its too busy - and watch out for the passenger ride cars, they are bloody quick and come at you out of no where. I'm not trying to put you off at all - you should do it, but just go in with your eyes opened, don't over stretch your self either, it is a narrow and difficult track. Just reading my posts I sound a right old man!
  6. Lucky bugger - haven't made it to Spa 24 hours yet, always seem to have it clash with something but next year 100% going! I'm off to belgium tomorrow for the british gt, staying in liege thursday night, then got bitburg brewery tour friday, then onwards to luxembourg (where have a static caravan courtesey of sun holidays £80 for 3 nights). Saturday driving to stuttgart for porsche and hopefully merc museum, then sunday Spa for british gt etc, then monday home (stopping of at ghent to stock up on beer. Thats about 1200 miles I reckon in the r - looking forward to getting 102 ron fuel in luxembourg at 1.28 euros a litre! Did the nurburgring last year, if you want my honest opinion - forget the music, you won't need it due to the concentration level, we went very early (8:30am on a saturday) and hired a polo gti from Apex, had Mischa taking us round (we were driving him in the passenger seat) - wasn't cheap but with my r being a lease its technically not mine. Honestly even at that time in the morning on the saturday there were some right tools driving - one bmw 3 series about 15 years old, got very close to the polo I was in - I'm talking mm away,as he lost the back end slightly, the car was reported for reckless driving. I would say though the insight mischa gave to us driving the nurburgring really helped with braking points etc. I was a track virgin (apart from one of them lambo driving experiances from wowcher), what a track to pop your cherry on, but looking in mirrors etc is a must and I'm actually glad a had a slower car (in polo gti) as in the r i would of wanted to floor it. You will be hooked, probably want to do more laps after, but once driven the lap (or two), park up have a coffee walk round the car park etc, chill out a bit, because the speed limits are very low on some of the roads around the nurburgring because after you have been driving at 105 mph etc (probably more in the r) driving at 50km/h after takes some getting use to! Do drive some of the roads around the nurburgring if possible, some lovely roads, but be careful of the speed camaras, its a very pretty part of the world. Ideally next year I would like to do the nurburgring 24 hours as well.
  7. No photos, but gave mine a quick rinse as birds seemed to enjoy pooing on my car over the weekend. All nice and clean before 1400 miles of driving over the weekend, car will go to Spa circuit, porsche museum and merc museum. No doubt need a wash after that run.
  8. My lease was taken out in June 2017 (there were about 200 estates I believe). Although I extended mine (for 205 a month) for another year, quite a few others did also. These would go to auction (maybe be washed but probably not repaired) - and I would expect around a 1 month to 2 month turn around potentially. VW may hold some back if there are a few too many to be off loaded. Some deals can be had on second hand cars around feb / march and august / september, but this would not be on new cars (due to march and September registrations). All depends if dealer have made enough sales for there bonus / meet quota for the quarter.
  9. I'm off to Spa myself, can't make the 24 hours, but going to the British gt on Sunday (21st July)
  10. I'm with you guys it is crap what VW have done, like others, all i do is display the gear and speed, that way I can keep track better. As others and the pictures on this thread, the dials stay in mpg - thats progress for you! Before we get any police etc on here, this was in Germany, photo not taken by me but a co passenger (on way to nurburgring last year)
  11. On my list of potential next cars - with the amg sports exhaust they sound better than the R.
  12. gazza5

    New bmw 135i

    Interesting - I don't think the build quality of my R is great - I've given up and just accept the creaks and groans from it. I can honestly see me getting a M140i next (depending on what car the missus gets), obviously its smaller inside than the golf - we currently use my r estate as the family car for holidays etc. I don't get the BMW will kill you band wagon, quite frankly you drive to conditions, any car can aquaplane, any car can kill you (even a 1 litre micra) if that aquaplanes at 90 mph and you smash into a wall, if you come out alive you are lucky. I wouldn't buy a bmw to stick its arse out round a roundabout, I just want it for that engine (the golf r engine to me sounds crap compared to it).
  13. Was meant as a joke - no need to get so defensive.
  14. Adds about 5 bhp doesn't it a K & N? 😀 Or is it 10bhp in the golf r?
  15. gazza5

    New bmw 135i

    Yep, 2.0 litre too just like golf r, a35 etc. Be interesting to see if VW can keep a head of the new ones, especially with the MK8 golf r.
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