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  1. Leaving it, i got to sort out the lovely bird poo stain (etching), which is annoying on the bonnet from the car being parked up for a week at the airport 2 weeks ago, also its going to be parked up again at bristol airport from sunday for a week holiday with the family. Lets hope the birds stay away from it this time!
  2. Get the newest car you can - the 7.5 has some nice to haves, but it isn't the end of the world if you end up with a 7. However stage 2 makes for a very quick car, these cars in standard form are quick, and in the wrong hands become lethal. There are tonnes of newspaper articles (online) detailing people who have stolen a R and assumed as its 4wd (its not but thats another thread entirely) ended up wrapped around a lamp post / side of a house etc. Modern cars hide speed bloody well, 80mpgh in my rover 25 or mates metro, you felt it, 80 in a golf R quite frankly is nothin
  3. I do wonder how VW are going to deal with this, my cars not due a service till December, if I have failure in that time as no one has contacted me, I don't know about it. Although my car does need a brake fluid change, so wondering getting it done at VW just to get the update, as don't really want a damaged DSG - especially when car gets to 6 years old next year.
  4. Did the papertowel trick on some bird poo - will now have to get rid of the etching. Joy of leaving the car at the airport.
  5. Another one for white, doesn't show up swirls either as much. Same @Ignition1 I find the VW paint chips as soon as you look at it, my cars paintwork is the worst out of all the cars I have had (not many mind) - although I wil probably keep the R the longest. I would probably say the 19 one as it will be higher spec (didn't they bring in keyless etc as standard as a example). I have 18s - yes sometime I wish for a slightly comfortable ride, but if I'm honest its the UK crap roads, have no issues when I have taken my car to germany / belgium / france.
  6. Hmm maybe I should book it in for the DSG oil service as well (being 5 years old now) - I know its not needed in VW eyes, but I am sure they would gladly take my £319 from me for that as well. I should do my haldex oil too, but I think I am going to do that every 3 years rather than 3 years then every 2.
  7. Just got notification brake fluid change time (car is 2 months past 5th birthday whoops!). Where to get done? VW want £69 - which seems a bit toppy, I do have the all in package, but hoping if I take anywhere else won't cause issues further down the line. Kwik Fit do it for £40, now I know I know, they aren't the best, but surely they can't stuff up changing brake fluid? ATS euromaster did my tyres before, they do it for £45. Only bad point with ATS is its opposite McDonalds and I'm trying to loose weight!
  8. Quick scrub for the R tonight, snowfoam, rinse, 2 bucket wash, rinse and dried. Got rid of more dead bugs, and the dirty windscreen was doing my nut in, fed up of looking at sticky bug goo and tree sap. Loosing water beading, so need to either re wax, or maybe strip it and reapply, decontaminating the paint etc. DOne about 5k miles since last wax.
  9. gazza5

    Petrol Price

    I paid 193.9 for momentum today, esso is still 205.9 for supreme, so drove off and went 2 miles down the road ti fill up with momentum which saved my about £6 compared to esso supreme.
  10. Hate to say it, but unfortunatly we do have some bellends in golf R's and unfortunatly we probably all get tarnished with the same brush - bit like the RS3 as well. Unfortunatly with the two youths not a million miles from me living, which both clearly have decat exhausts, and sit there revving the nuts off at the lights etc (both lapiz blue R's unfortunatly) and racing around like fuel is 50p a litre, anyone who sees 4 exhausts ona golf is going to think we all drive like that. Enjoy the new cult you have joined, in this world right now, that will die out soon anyway,
  11. Best mpg for a journey, way back from alton towers, yes the roadworks at 60mph helped with mpg, total journey was around 150 miles. Used sat nav for one of the only times I have ever used it, my wire isn't working for Android auto to be used, so ordered another. Also got a reminder brake fluid needs changing.
  12. This subcscription model is apparantly the future. Won't just be BMW doing this, with electric cars having over the air updates, I have no doubt you will be able to pay extra for software upgrades (better nav) or just to be able to turn things on, such as cooled seats in summer. Although personally surely it would cost manufacturers more to put heated and cooled seats in every car to be able to offer this?
  13. Funnily enough I have the same, although I have the slider so the airflow can move, its not all connected so the slats no longer move up and down to aid airflow. I've told my daughter to suck it up and she shouldn't of broken my car by kicking it.
  14. @Booth11 i still havent got to grips with atom-mac, tried once or twice, just don't seem to be able to get it right, think I had it dilluted too much the second time as didn't do much. What ratio you using. In other news, glass was cleaned this morning before work, too many bugs, car needs cleaning again due to bugs all over the front, but too hot to do it.
  15. gazza5

    Petrol Price

    Yep tesco seems to have shaved a tiny bit off, I found one tesco garage at 195.9 yesterday for momentum, one nearest me has reduced it by 1p to 199.9. Maybe 200.9 was a barrier most were not prepared to go above.
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