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  1. If I was to buy one - as much as I love the Akra - £3k is a lot of dollar for it. Time will tell if its worthwhile investment or not.
  2. TBH I think (dependingon price) will probably just stick with mine - extra legroom would be nice - but not a extra £20k nice!
  3. 100% agree, they now have everyone hunting for a r - to then increase the price a bit, and people still sign up. VW know what they are doing! No way was that price a mistake - as VW dealers etc were all doing it at similar rates. Usually they have around 200 cars to get out there at lower rates. Or they had 200 estates when my R estate was ordered back in 2017.
  4. I would still take a c63 over the r tbh - i think the bottom non s version is the better one to have in this country. Although tbh the c43 really is catching my eye at the m oment as capable as the r is, its a bit dull in sound etc. I know you can change it, but stock v stock the c43 sounds tonnes better imho.
  5. Excellant - I must admit your estate is my favourite on here, I'm just waiting now to make my r mine (depending on price), and then commence the odd mod. Have booked a alpine trip for July, don't fancy doing that in the missus 1.2 pug 2008 instead of the R! 😁
  6. Wow lots of R's being ordered. As others have said, its growing on me, but hatchback doesn't work for me, its simply not big enough in the boot for our holidays etc, and i don't like roof boxes (all personal choice). really waiting for the estate to see how that is.
  7. With winter, I find even just getting the pressure washr on the car helps. Mines filthy, but for now will stay that way as simply don't have time (Tax Return season!). Once Feb comes I usually book a holiday, and then start planning my car washing. Even the missus car has only done about 2.5k miles in a year, her carw as last washed at the dealer last mot, so will probably be done this time too, they have there work cut out (I have said don't get it washed by them but she doesn't listen - its free I get told!).
  8. Excited for everyone who has ordered, hatchback no good for me with young kids (missus runs a small car) - so awaiting the estate whenever that arrives, or push the boat out for tiguin r or arteon r - or maybe take a completely different route and leave VW completely - current prices for second hand cars are all over the place.
  9. Agree, although I would have saved money if I bought last year when the quotes were 18,300 and 19300 to buy. Not sure how a car can go up in value by another 1k and be a year older. Hopefully prices will dip down a bit come June 21. @Batch - mods going to stop now you can't extend - or will you continue with a 6 month informal extension / order something else?
  10. You werrent a million miles from me - I haven't used the phirm - but if I get my r (currently leased) - i was planning to have a chat with them about what they can do etc. They have a top notch reputation - and with everyone else tuning there R's currently I feel very left behind - but still weary from many moons ago when needed new gearbox etc on my corsa.
  11. Ouch - how old is yours? Mines a 17 plate.
  12. Thats a bit of a uplift! VW buggered mine up - I was only suppose to be extended to october 20, but for some reason they did it until 7th June 21 (where car will be 4 years old). So far I have had the following: Deposit £1560, monthly 256 (for 23 months) Year 3 was £205 a month. Year 4 stayed at £205 month due to there cock up. I got prices to buy previously but I understand these have shot up now - I got offered 18300 back in April 20 - should of taken it as next quote went up to 19300!. Trouble is these R estates aren't really selling at auction either - lots are going back into the system. At this rate, it will be cheaper for me to hand my car back and buy a different one! Hoe much did they want to buy? PM me if you don't want to put it on here - I'm expecting around the £21k mark - so mine will go back I think come June - which is a shame but plenty of other cars out there (540i a possible replacement for the R).
  13. Yes certainly not as cheap as they were - but others have stated its a different world now - the R has a following, so I don't think VW need to now offer "cheap" deals.
  14. Been seeing your videos on facebook / youtube and wondeing why nothing on here!
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