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  1. Golf R + More importantly, is it better than a clubsport?!?!?! 😂 I'd be happy just with a normal R with some nice wingbacks!
  2. Did my interior this weekend. Also ordered some goodies - Atomac,, touch less (currently using autofoam), and some wheel cleaner Gyeon Q2m iron wheel cleaner. Now just need to get cracking on the wheels, looks like I have laquer peel
  3. gazza5

    Keanos RS3

    Tbh this engine in a A4 estate body would be fine for me. I rate this engine higher than the 2.9 v6 in the RS4 personally). The RS3 is just a bit too small - but I do really love the saloon version the way it looks.
  4. Theres a video by Mischa (cant remember his second name) - but the go from Apex at nurburgring. He highlighted why they will not have the polo gti, and his statement was, ignore the polo buy a 7 / 7.5 gti. Even with mods the polo can't handle the nurburgring. Now of course the polo gti was fine for me driving around like mrs daisy, but when he drove it, I can see the punishemnt the car takes, meaning a golf gti / r in my book would far out live the polo gti (due to the cheaper parts on the polo gti). Lets put a modded golf r next to the modded polo and see w
  5. I have quite a few stonechips now, they have got to the point where I need to do something about them now. It depends how deep the stonechips are. Might be worthwhile if the stonechips bother you to get these looked at before a proper detail. I enjoy waxing my own car, so have stayed clear of ceramic products, however ceramic products are the way to go if you don't want to spend a weekend waxing etc.
  6. Quick scrub for the r today, needs a proper detail tbh, but not today. Before During After Really need to get some wax on it, put on gyeon tyre after this. Need to do a proper detail badly.
  7. Merry Christmas all, heres hoping for a better 2022! Looking forward to seeing what presents various R's will be receiving!
  8. Once we are all in battery cars the modding scene will pretty much die, especially with the subscription model that will come with new cars, want wifi in your car, pay £25 per month etc..
  9. Got all the paperwork through, paying £25 a month, covers my car for the servicing, MOT, and the warranty for 2 years.
  10. Good cars the fiesta, don't have a bad thing to say abut them tbh. We did have one way back in 2009, missus had it till 2014 when she traded it in due to baby.
  11. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/volkswagen-upgrade-golf-infotainment-new-software-and-hardware Looks like a slight blessing for all awaiting the new Golf R mk8. Least tyou will get the new updated chip for the infotainment system. Not sure if it can be fitted to current mk8 cars out in the wild, I would assume it would be quite costly for VW to do.
  12. Watching this thread with excitement as a C43 is on my list as well. Although part of me always says keep the R, but I guess it doesn't help that a mate of mine has had issues with his A class to the point where he wishes he was back in his 10 year old honda he traded in! I think hes just got a friday afternon car tbh. Looking forward to the pics, for me the c43 has a far more exciting engine than the R (which is why I keep thinking of changing).
  13. Just signed up t take advantage of offer at VW, all in service plan (warranty and roadside assistance etc included) £25 a month, which tbh is a bit of a no brainer to me.
  14. Thanks for the video - although the cynic in me is the scottish guy is a distributer of said machine, so of course its wondeful, and at around 500 - 600 per time, no way would I be changing the oil in the gearbox as frequent as the engine oil. I'm no expert in the slightest, but I would think maybe this once every 5 years would possibly be a good shout? I mean VW just changing the oil is every 60k miles? (might be wrong), with me doing about 8 - 10k miles a year, think the 5 year mark would be a good shout (in full drain etc). Or maybe I should just sell my r as its too
  15. Citygate VW - Twickenham (now Seat). Had all my servicing completed there - no issues, including Haldex filter clean (not just oil), did cost me £30 more think it was. Car been serviced and MOT today there, sailed through - for the performance the running costs really are good on the R in my opinion.
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