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  1. I Have a quote of £205 to extend my R estate (June 2017 deals). To buy the quote was £23250 - seemed quite steep tbh a near 2 year old car with 19k miles.
  2. Got a rinse done today, then it rained, then went out. Dirt before along with exhausts After obviously need to do exhausts properly Need to do proper decontamination etc, Car has zero protection at the moment. Might have to do it in stages, wheels one night, bodywork another night, wax next night etc
  3. I'm not sure about the R plus - I mean the name sounds a bit crap doesn't it, going to get pretty boring saying I drive a golf r plus (I would be one of the sad people to say "a golf plus what?!), you said you drive a golf r plus, so whats the other car? Sorry my sense of humour.
  4. Sounds like the creaking doors I have, given up. now just live with it, its the worse thing about my r is the creeks etc. Never had it on any other car, and I have had some crap cars. Mate of mine wanted a gti, drove mine, said couldn't live with that, bought a Honda civic type r instead.
  5. Cars are all looking good by the way!
  6. Quite a few of you don't have the GB and the euro stars on your number plates? Any reason why not? I always ask for plates with the EU thing on for going abroad, as theres no way I want one of the rubbish GB stickers on the arse of my hearse. I guess numebr plate thing may change at some point with whats going on at the moment.
  7. I did read somewhere they hoped to have the performance models out quicker this time round. If that happens remains to be seen as they are only just delivering WLTP golfs.
  8. all putting my car to shame - my exhaust tips are so corroded despite trying to take care of them I'm glad its a lease! No pictures of mine, but I managed to clean the wheels this weekend, have more bilberry juice on order, so the summer detail will hopefully start at the weekend.
  9. Tbh have u seen a non r line regular golf mk7 or mk7.5? Regular golf to me looks pants and that's putting it nicely!
  10. https://uk.motor1.com/news/313683/vw-golf-8-gti-r-2020/amp/ Says different. Too many rumours no concrete facts at the minute
  11. agreed - the r is a very powerful car for the roads, tbh I had more fun in my 1.4 rover, just because it was slow, to get the same feeling in the R you need to be doing double if not triple the speed! M25 over 70 tbh not worth the risk, I would be livid with my self for getting points on the motorway. Autobahn driving, yeah hit 140 ish, but tbh wasn't use to that sort of speed so just sat at 100 ish really, the novalty does wear off after a while, when you see the petrol needle plummeting!
  12. I decided as it was too windy to not clean mine, although looking at the weather for the next few weekends doesn't look like its going to get a wash any time soon! Badly needs one.
  13. tbh you need two cars next to each other to get a full sense of what has changed. Tbh I don't think there will be much difference, I'm not a huge lover of the DSG fart, would prefer a pop rather than a thud. Be interesting to see what the sound like both with 10k miles on (both run in etc)
  14. perhaps I better fill up quick, before they raise it, where I am still 5p diff (was this morning!)
  15. And the R boss has said the new T-Roc R is a better drivers car than the golf r! I think I will be leaving the R brand based on the looks of the next golf, I know we don't know completely what it looks like, but I don't use the R performance 80% of the time anyway so its wasted on me anyway!
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