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  1. Car looks great @BobbyT especially like the wheels and ride height 😎 and I'm a fussy bugger much like I suspect you are 🤣
  2. Pretty much nailed on to be wet, at least we will have no trouble getting of the grass 🤣 I meant to say I like your idea of oem+ look 😎
  3. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh on Saturday 😎
  4. It doesn't! Someone started talking about acc not a/c
  5. Haha no worries but it's definitely a DIY job if you fancy giving it a go 👍
  6. https://www.ezmods.co/product-page/ezm-replacement-front-brake-caliper-decals-x-2-for-vw-golf-mk7-mk7-5-r
  7. If they are paying then might as well get a new pump for piece of mind 👍
  8. It may hopefully just need priming which can be done with an obd11 device or similar. Happened to me a while back, thought the worst but primed it and engaged clutches and all worked again. Maybe it shuts down if not enough oil getting in, but doesn't throw an error or anything. Best to try before thinking about new pump and big £££. Do you actually get any wheelspin from the front, if launching you should get loads if the Haldex is not working.
  9. I changed my dsg selector and then started to get the same error msg, I'm 99% sure it was just the new mechanism I fitted as I could move the selector more but I was worried the error might come back and not go away so I got a kit and fitted it. Honestly so easy to fit you can probably do it with just the small trim taken off and gaiter raised but if you want more room it's easy to remove the cubby and larger bit of trim with the buttons too. Have a look at first 30 seconds of this, honestly blink and you will miss it! Check which kit you need and then order https://www.akstuning.co.uk/shop/home/1928-genuine-dq250-dsg-parking-brake-fault-fix-5q0713128a.html If you are anywhere near Dartford in Kent, pop round and I will fit it for you, as you can see I've completely removed and replaced my DSG selector and a few other bits.
  10. Probably more to do with actually trying harder to get better mpg than turning off the a/c. I can get close to 40mpg in my stage 2, in race mode and not using acc when I very rarely do a motorway run, and my a/c is never off.
  11. Who is doing the tuning, they should be able to fit the downpipe surely?
  12. There are some things to do on a drive with a jack and axle stands and other things to just pay someone who has the right gear to do, this is the latter imo
  13. As long as you use E5 you will be fine in a standard R as its 97+ Ron
  14. Torque Pro app running on Android with custom pids, connected to OBD2
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