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  1. Talking of pictures, here are a couple of lovely beading shots from 2 cars that certainly. Never get detailed! Bobs gets the once over at the local hand wash maybe twice a year and mine gets treated to a jet wash every once in a while 🤣
  2. Thanks again for the passenger ride, always good to go around with someone that really knows the track! Ohlins felt great and the car was really planted and purposeful, but I'm sure with a few more outings and tweaking the setup you will get it even better 👍 Shame from lunchtime it became a bit of a washout and understandably some of the older cars started to leave, some lovely old cars there and erm some interesting new ones shall we say... Unfortunately won't be able to make 3rd September but have another good day out and hope you get a few more Rs to attend. It really is go
  3. Car looks great @BobbyT especially like the wheels and ride height 😎 and I'm a fussy bugger much like I suspect you are 🤣
  4. Yeah good turn out and a few other Rs not with us too. Sorry didn't get much time to chat as took an age to get on the track unfortunately! Thanks for the passenger ride Ian Thanks for bringing your immaculate car Damian, looks superb and took me about half an hour just to read the list of mods! Bobby, join the queue for the seats! 🤣
  5. Will be at same meeting place as last time in the morning If anyone wants to tag along (Morrisons) 07.45
  6. Pretty much nailed on to be wet, at least we will have no trouble getting of the grass 🤣 I meant to say I like your idea of oem+ look 😎
  7. Got tickets but different to ones Andy posted a pic of, no mention of VWRoc either...
  8. It doesn't! Someone started talking about acc not a/c
  9. Haha no worries but it's definitely a DIY job if you fancy giving it a go 👍
  10. https://www.ezmods.co/product-page/ezm-replacement-front-brake-caliper-decals-x-2-for-vw-golf-mk7-mk7-5-r
  11. If they are paying then might as well get a new pump for piece of mind 👍
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