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  1. Slightly off topic and not specific to VW, but how on earth can they begin to justify £755 just for metallic?! It's not like the car is unpainted without that option, so they are effectively charging £755 extra for clicking a button on the paint shop computer. If it actually costs them more than an extra £50 I'd be surprised. I've had metallic on all of my cars and it boils my **** every time!
  2. GeoffT

    Lockdown 2.0

    I'm sorry but the rules are only ambiguous to those that are trying to make them so as an excuse to not obey them. There are plenty of things in life way more complicated than the Covid rules and people can understand them. There may well be "edge cases" of adjacent streets having different rules but that is only a problem if you don't know which street you live in. Most people do. People need to man up and take personal responsibility instead of blaming the rules and/or the government.
  3. GeoffT

    Lockdown 2.0

    People are quite happy to blame the various governments for the current situation, but the fact is if everyone had obeyed the rules and guidelines the virus would have disappeared by now. No transmission equals no virus within weeks. Transmission only happens because someone was careless with washing their hands etc or (more likely) just didnt think the rules applied to them. We are only in this second lockdown because people broke the rules.
  4. Single: Alice Cooper - Elected Album: One of those "Top of the Pops" cover albums. Can't remember any of the tracks but it had a young lady in a bikini playing cricket on the cover. Think she went on to play for England so it wasn't purely gratuitous at all 😉
  5. I don't have an R anymore and so rarely check this forum, but this thread has now got me totally hooked! What an incredible project and a mind boggling amount of work, not to mention skill level required to do this. I am in total awe, and really look forward to watching it progress. If I had a hat I would take it off to you! 👏
  6. "What's more impotant?" Spelling. I thought this was a thread about Viagra.
  7. Need a little help with the blank button modification on my mk7 golf, ive bought the module that already has the 3 buttons but ive swapped the cover emblem to something more my style 😆.


    My plan is to make it a on/off button that once its pressed it will change colour similar to the oem buttons.


    Email me if you can:

    [email protected]

    Cheers James

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    2. GeoffT


      Hi. I no longer have my Golf and I can't remember too many details about this mod, but I'm pretty sure all buttons are only momentary actions, so you can't convert one to on/off unless you get it to toggle a separate relay or something like that. As I only used mine for a garage door opener the momentary action was all I needed.

    3. MK7GT15


      Sorry to keep bugging you about it i have a load of questions lol. So the momentary button will only go off once the ignition is turned off or when you press the button another time?


      Essentially i could just move the middle section to the top and have a momentary switch, would that mean the pin output for would now be at pin 9 and 10?


      Did your momentary switch change colour like the others buttons?


      Again sorry for bombarding you with questions 😂


    4. GeoffT


      A momentary button is exactly that. You press it, it makes contact, you release it, it breaks contact. Like a doorbell. All the switches are like that. I've posted everything I know about this already and as I said no longer have the car, so I can't answer any questions I'm afraid.

  8. I sold my R to WBAC a couple of years back and had a similar experience to the poster above. I got £800 more than px price and a very easy transaction. Only knocked me down £150 from the online quote. Had no finance on it though so don't know how that works.
  9. Your original quote said roof insulation, which is what I was referring to. Flashing is something entirely different. I can see that self-adhesive bitumen style flashing would help reduce vibration and sound transmission. As you say it's a bit like a cheaper version of dynamat etc
  10. Roof insulation is for thermal insulation not sound insulation, so would make precious little difference. For sound insulation you need something with mass and resilience. Wickes do sell a sound insulation product but it's much more expensive than the normal loft stuff.
  11. Does that mean your house has moved during the day? 😀
  12. It's even easier off glass or metal, but I wouldn't choose my seat covering on that basis! :-)
  13. Leather seats are the conservatories of the car world, too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and only bought because it's deemed a status symbol.
  14. There seems to be a very strange sort of logic to all this. You think you have been caught speeding on your bike. Before you even know for sure, you immediately plan to sell, not the bike you were speeding on, but your new R. Then, when it turns out you have got away with it you still try to sell the R, and leave the decision on whether or not you keep it, down to if someone wants to buy it or not? Do you not like the R? If you do it seems a very strange set of decisions.
  15. Totally disagree. That attitude is just an excuse for people who want to act irresponsibly and with no respect for others IMO. One day being angry and aggressive, fighting everything that comes near you, compared to 100 years living quitely in harmony within a close knit (see what I did there?!) group of friends is a no brainer the other way to me!
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