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  1. Does that mean your house has moved during the day? 😀
  2. It's even easier off glass or metal, but I wouldn't choose my seat covering on that basis! :-)
  3. Leather seats are the conservatories of the car world, too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and only bought because it's deemed a status symbol.
  4. There seems to be a very strange sort of logic to all this. You think you have been caught speeding on your bike. Before you even know for sure, you immediately plan to sell, not the bike you were speeding on, but your new R. Then, when it turns out you have got away with it you still try to sell the R, and leave the decision on whether or not you keep it, down to if someone wants to buy it or not? Do you not like the R? If you do it seems a very strange set of decisions.
  5. Totally disagree. That attitude is just an excuse for people who want to act irresponsibly and with no respect for others IMO. One day being angry and aggressive, fighting everything that comes near you, compared to 100 years living quitely in harmony within a close knit (see what I did there?!) group of friends is a no brainer the other way to me!
  6. GeoffT

    Top Gear

    Having just read Richard Hammond's autobiography, I would say they are friends off screen. Not "spending every spare moment with each other" friends, but definitely friends. The new TG boys seem more like they are on a forced team bonding day out and the banter between them, especially in the studio, is very wooden. It is watchable now, but still feels like a pale imitation to me.
  7. That is disgraceful. We have always been told ANPR is primarily for crime prevention, but it's clearly only set up for money raising from motorists. Good on you for making official complaints about this and good luck with it all.
  8. GeoffT

    Dodgy suspicious

    That's quite good parking by SWMBO's standard.😀
  9. That's what I'd heard too and I nearly didn't bother going ahead with the valuation. It was actually my Audi salesman who said he'd personally used WBAC and found them good. As I had the back up of their PX price anyway, I figured it was worth a 20 minute drive just to see what they offered. I am still surprised I got more for it than even the supplying VW dealer would have given me for it against another R, and doubly surprised that the price had gone up £600 from January to March.
  10. My R has gone. It's been a great car, but I fancied a change and although I looked at, and had test drives in, the 300bhp plus options (BMW M140i, S3, R7.5), in the end I put my sensible head on and dropped down a power division or two. So I'm collecting my Audi A3 Sportback Black Edition 2.0TFSI Quattro in Daytona Grey on Friday. The best I could squeeze out of Audi for part ex on my R was £19,750. VW had offered me £20,000 against another R, so I was pleasantly surprised to get £20,430 net from WBAC following a valuation today. My R was a 65 plate 5 door DSG in reflex with tech pack and 14,500 miles on the clock. The online WBAC valuation was £20,700, which weirdly was up £600 from January when I first got a quote. I was docked £50 because I'd put 14,000 online instead of 14,500 and £150 for a smart repair to two incredibly small stone chips on the front bumper, then just over £100 in fees including instant bank transfer. After reading a few reviews of WBAC I was expecting a lot worse but it was a nice easy way to save £700.
  11. In a stream of total and complete b*ll*cks that sentence really does stand out as a highlight (or maybe more accurately lowlight). The DVLA does NOT own anyone's car. The wording on the V5 merely highlights that just by being the registered keeper does not necessarily make you the legal owner. IE a lease company might legally own a car but the lessee is the registered keeper and therefore responsible for any traffic offences committed in it etc. It is the work of a total conspiracy theorist to spin that as the DVLA owning everyone's car. Sorry to stir this up again but I couldn't allow such nonsense to go unchallenged.
  12. Looks amazing for it's age. We had a Fabia vRS back in the day. Cracking little car. Just over 11k new IIRC. Incredible value for money.
  13. This thread is more ammo to my argument to SHMBO that it is sensible to change your car every 3 years!
  14. 30kg is 4.7 stone not 9.5. Edit Sorry just re-read your post and realised you meant the 60kg is 9.5 stone, not the 30kg.
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