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  1. I am. From the time when ads still made some sort of sense!
  2. Computers are only as clever/stupid as the people programming the software or firmware on them. Judging by the stupidy of the firmware on various tech devices I own, your comment is effectively true though!
  3. This project would have made a brilliant TV program. I'm totally fascinated by it and can't wait to see how it turns out.
  4. DVLA data shows year of manufacture 1990, first reg 2004, first reg with DVLA 2014, and engine size 1781cc. All a bit odd.
  5. No, but I don't suppose he drives on every road in every country of the world every day, which is what posting it on the Internet is equivalent to. Car cloning is a genuine thing and minimising the risk makes sense to me, but if the owner was consulted and is happy to publish the reg details that's fine.
  6. Lovely car but I don't think he will thank you for posting his reg number.
  7. That can't be the case unless you have got DCC. The suspension doesn't change between the various modes without DCC.
  8. Who was it that said the 8R was ugly? Oh yes, that was me! On seeing those pics Bec, I have to eat humble pie and admit that looks pretty damn good. 👍
  9. If only you could get completely flat plates that were easy to keep clean........... oh hang on, the penny's just dropped, that's why you want the 4d ones - extra hours spent detailing around each letter with a tiny brush 😀
  10. I'll step up and say what everyone else is thinking - don't do it! If you want a GTI get a GTI, if you want, or economics dictate, a TDI get a TDI, but trying to make a TDI look like a GTI is not a good look.
  11. You might regret asking! I switched from my Mk7 R to my current A3 2.0TFSI Quattro Black Edition 3 years ago as I really didn't need 300bhp often enough. It's been a great car and if an equivalent was available new again I'd probably get another one. When I checked out the new A3 it was a disappointment though and the interior felt a backward step compared to mine. They've removed the MMi wheel system and gone touchscreen only which I don't like and the quality seemed to have taken a bit of a hit too. Also they don't do a petrol engine anywhere between 150 and 300 bhp at the mome
  12. I would normally be changing in March this year and have been seriously looking at the options. I was booked in for a test drive in a 128ti on the Thursday of the week that lockdown 3 started............. So I still don't know what's next yet but It won't be an 8R though, you'll be surprised to learn!
  13. I've also heard rumours of a LWB model for extra Cleggroom. Sorry, I'll get my coat.😃
  14. Why is anyone encouraging VW and ordering the 8R?!! It's ugly, with a stupid interface, cartoonesque digital dash and wierd patterned seats. Then despite being outrageously expensive, is only available in 3 colours "no colour at all", "impossible to keep clean" or "not another Lapiz Golf R" ?! Stop it people, lockdown fever is no excuse for this madness!! The way VW is going the facelift 8 will cost a million pounds, heating will be controlled only by the thought process of anyone in the car, it will look like Nora Batty and be available only in hearing aid beige.
  15. Slightly off topic and not specific to VW, but how on earth can they begin to justify £755 just for metallic?! It's not like the car is unpainted without that option, so they are effectively charging £755 extra for clicking a button on the paint shop computer. If it actually costs them more than an extra £50 I'd be surprised. I've had metallic on all of my cars and it boils my **** every time!
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