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  1. I am sure it’s been said on here that the tips are a highly polished stainless steel. Not sure if actual chrome would last long with all the acidic soot that probably comes out of the exhaust.
  2. I only purchased mine so I could have a permanent oil temperature reading as I use the cars built in display for the digital MPH readout and didn’t want to have to switch Displays when the car warmed up. Not interested in much else it can do but I understand it can read/clear error codes but not tried this feature myself.
  3. Worth mentioning if it’s the latest model/year. Mine is set so the display turns off when the engines is not running. So if the stop/start kicks in the display goes off then comes back on when the engine restarts.
  4. Pretty sure the water pump/thermostat housing leak issue is a bigger problem and nothing has been done to address that so don’t think much will happen in this case. Even if I was prepared to take vw to task about this who’s prepared to park their wheels for months if not years while vw looked into it. VW may want to see the wheels and most people usually have them repaired before any vw investigation could ever take place.
  5. Looks like you've replaced your temperature controls with a touch screen version. Looks ok but probably Not as easy to use as the manual dials.?
  6. The light weight design clearly makes them fragile. I doubt they would be considered unsafe unless there was An accident where a cracked pret played a part. There’s probably Loads of people driving around with damaged prets none the wiser. The first time I had Mine refurbished two were buckled on the inside and I hadn’t noticed.
  7. I assume the audi module did not work in the golf as audi allows for temperature display which the golf version doesn’t. ?
  8. Had this oem system fitted to my car in the summer. It works great but is on a 7.0 rather than 7.5. Maybe you can ask my retrofit installer at cartechnics_uk via Facebook if he has done this retrofit on a 7.5.
  9. delboy01

    Stop start

    That’s correct I don’t have obdeleven its standard. Never touched stop/start but I do have ghost 2 and I did see a post a while ago where someone was querying if this could be causing a problem but I don't see how as the car knows it needs to restart but is asking me to do it manually rather than when pressing the accelerator.
  10. delboy01

    Stop start

    While talking about stop start has anyone had the issue where the car doesn’t restart and a message appears in the instrument binnacle telling you to start car manually. This usually happens when waiting at a red light which has turned to green and I am about to set off. It usually takes me so long to sort myself out that the lights have gone back to red and my face takes on a similar colour.😡
  11. it’s a shame Jeremy Kyles been taken off air sounds like this would have been right up his street. 😀
  12. Due to an issue I am having with performance monitor on my retrofitted MIB2 I had my local VW dealer check if there were any updates available for the engine control software. My 2014 R has now been updated to engine control software 005. I was told this is the latest. It hasn’t fixed my original issue but the car is certainly smoother changing gears and there appears to be less lag when you put your foot down. I’ve also noticed race mode can be used more around town as it appears less jerky. I don’t begrudge the £190 it cost me as I consider it a relatively cheap OEM tune which doesn’t invalidate my warranty.
  13. Not sure I would go down this road. The standard chrome look tips go over the bare metal tips of the actual exhaust. Yours don’t look like they would do this. Will they not discolour over time due to heat and soot. Also I wouldn’t want the welding showing. Lets see what they look like when there on.
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