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  1. I would suggest you consider having the wings blended. As you look down on the newly painted bonnet you may notice the colour difference between it and the adjacent wings. I certainly did especially under artificial light and ended up having them done as well. I suppose it depends how fussy you are and what the bodyshop recommends.
  2. My 2014 car doesn’t have any such issues with paint work. However as I found out subsequently with my used car previous owners May have had accident damage repaired where the paintwork is not done to a high standard. Look for signs of accident damage as if you try to claim from VW that’s the first thing they will do. An approved used doesn’t mean it’s not been in an accident as I found With my own car.
  3. Sounds like a respray seeing as you pulled some of it off and had it in your hands.
  4. Maybe it’s paint protection film.
  5. I don’t usually wait around for it to totally melt any frost. As soon as your ready just put the wiper blades on and everything is wiped away.
  6. I had a situation where the other side admitted it was their fault. Their insurance paid to have my car fixed then refused to pay for the hire car. The credit hire car was provided by a national hire company who subsequently filed a claim in the county court for the cost of the credit hire car. This accident happened in 2017 and was only resolved 3 weeks ago when the other side agreed a settlement 5 days before we were all due in court.
  7. Hope you dont have issues claiming back the cost of the credit hire car. If the cost of the car hire is more than the repairs some companies have a problem with the claim.
  8. https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/news/motoring-news/mandatory-speed-limiters/ If this ever happens we all might as well get self driving cars. I also think demand for older performance cars would probably rise if they didn’t force the data loggers on those as well. Enjoy your cars while it lasts.
  9. https://www.poundshop.com/green-shield-leather-surface-wipes-70-pack.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiAiJPkBRAuEiwAEDXZZQDIJrC3wD4J73g6HDF_mIugv8dT42G264v4_3qt7guI-0vmxx1h0xoC_hMQAvD_BwE never had any issues using these. wipe the wheel, let it dry naturally. job done.
  10. I have a MKV golf and it has the same problem. I was hoping i didn't have to worry about this issue with my MKVII. I never did get it fixed on the MKV as they wanted to take the dash out and it wasn't worth it to me for the labour cost involved. The odd thing is that sometimes it works for weeks on end then just stops all of a sudden. Hopefully the parts are more accessible on the MKVII.
  11. definitely shouldn’t be hanging down like that. Seen that type of connection in the engine bay but not where yours is. i would open bonnet and try to trace it back to source.
  12. If it’s the battery I would have thought it’s been sitting around for months at some point in its life which has most likely damaged the battery.
  13. If this isn’t sold in the UK by the time you’ve paid carriage, import duty and VAT there’s probably no savings made.
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