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  1. The GTI is usually more sporty looking than the R so I don’t hold out much hope that the R is going to be anything special. Generally I didn’t like the interior. The tartan on the mk 7 looked better to me. This new stuff looks like something my granny might have a skirt made out of. The steering wheel wasn’t very exciting and why no electric boot as in the new BMW 1 series. Ive seen pictures of the new Audi A3 and to be honest prefer it to the new golf. Not seen the inside but I am sure it will be better than this. They should have looked at the MB A class for how to do stylish fixed head rest seats. although I wouldn’t want to sit in the back as they do tend to feel a bit claustrophobic when your behind them. The rear end looks like a rework of the Vw Tiguan light clusters and I don’t like the similarity.
  2. Doesn’t just pulling the DSG lever into ‘S’ mode do the same thing and improve throttle response. ?
  3. I read about this problem before purchasing my clubsport discs so purchased the genuine VW pads. No problems like you’ve described with the OEM setup.
  4. I had a small leak which was picked up on a health check. Main dealer diagnosed the thermostat so as i had an extended warranty i put in a claim and they authorised the replacement. A week after replacement i was losing coolant worse than ever. They took car back in and said now its the water pump. Don't know if it was misdiagnosed or the strip down caused the water pump to fail as well. Glad i wasn't paying.
  5. Good luck with your claim. I tried to claim off the council once and got no where. They have a department that deal with the claims and know how to wriggle out of responsibility. In essence if the council have not been informed of a pot hole prior to someone damaging their car or did not see it on their own road inspections then they don’t have to pay out if you hit it as they claim they can’t be expected to fix pot holes they knew nothing about. I did ask for evidence that they had inspected the road where I had Hit the pot hole which was provided but unless I took them to court I wasn’t getting any money out of them. it was a waste of my time trying.
  6. I'd prefer no tint. I've noticed a darkness to my rear dashcam image that must be the rear window having the standard 65% tint.?
  7. delboy01

    Result !

    I suggest you email Greta Thunberg for advice. 😊
  8. I have now received the mats. unfortunately they were not as luxurious as I was expecting considering how much they cost. i raised my concerns with the supplier who basically said these were their top of the range. i did some digging and found another forum where someone else had come to the conclusion that carmats2u don’t actually make the mats but get them from a company called https://www.carmats4u.com who are manufacturers and have a more extensive range of designs and options. The quality of the latest mats are the equal of what I had before approx 2 years ago but were about £60 more expensive. The pictures on the website of carmats2u show mats that I think were available two years ago but are no longer available and the current top of the range are actually very similar or the same as the mid range mats from two years ago. Anyway I wasn’t happy and got a partial refund as I felt I didn’t receive what I was expecting. So if you want to get some of these mats the top of the range from https://www.carmats4u.com is where you want to go as they actually seem to make them and sell them considerably cheaper than carmats2u who it has been said in another forum are acting as some kind of middle man.
  9. I thought I had my water pump and thermostat housing replaced on the 8th of January this year. since then I have had two instances of the check coolant warning lights on the dashboard. Ive now looked at the paperwork I was given after the repair and it only says ‘Carried out thermostat housing repair,. I am wondering if I’ve not had the pump replaced or there was air in the system or it’s failed again. The repairs were done on the extended warranty as mine is a 2014 model so I didn’t ask exactly what parts were changed. I’ve topped it up again and am driving around with a bottle of water in the car just in case. The second instance the level in the bottle was way below minimum to the point where the pink water was hardly visible.
  10. Not sure I agree that VW are cast me downs from Audi. I would have thought VW parts are designed to a different price point that’s the difference. As VW is the bigger brand selling at least a million more units a year I think the VW influence would be the more dominant and then they upscale certain parts to match the quality and price point expected of an Audi product. The new MK 8 golf is out before the new Audi A3 so I would have thought Audi will be getting the hand me downs from VW plus some upscaled parts to keep the Audi owners happy. A basic Golf appears to be £3000 more expensive than a basic focus before any discounts taken into account. I think that price difference attracts a different sort of customer for each brand. golf
  11. The new gauge can also display oil temperature on the R. I know the car can already show this but having a separate gauge showing it allows the cars gauge to show something else. There is a setting that needs to be set to show oil temp as it doesn’t show it by default. The oil temp shown by the gauge is generally higher than the cars main display but I’ve been assured that it is the accurate reading and that VW manipulate the factory oil temp readings.! Funny enough the MPH reading was lower than the digital MPH on the car but there is a setting that allows you to adjust that up or down to bring that display in line with what the car is displaying. P3 allow this to compensate for different wheel and tyre sizes that can show variations in MPH. Anyway so far I like it. I got in the car this morning and the outside temp was -1 degrees so very cold. Noticed the P3 gauge registered the oil temp as 6 degrees as soon as the car was switched on. I assume this to be correct as if it was much colder the engine probably wouldn’t have turned over. So far I am happy with my purchase not fussed about 0 to 60 as I don’t drive like that.
  12. I had my water pump and thermostat replaced a few weeks ago due to a leak that I hadn’t noticed but it was picked up on a health check at my local main dealer. The warranty company approved the repair but refused to cover the cost of replacing the tank that was a dark colour which the dealer thought might indicate it was leaking from the bag. As a precaution they advised replace the tank and flush the system. I didn’t realise there is a special kit for flushing the system with some chemical etc. The flush kit cost £80 and with the labour and Vat etc I think cost me around £400 all in. The new tank had the bag in and I discussed it with the dealer who said it couldn’t be removed but even if it could they wouldn’t do it so I decided to leave it well alone. I’ve probably got Five years before I need to worry if it’s burst.
  13. I am no mechanic but i once had a car that did a similar thing and it turned out the clutch cable had snapped. Either that or the clutch is toast.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/pg/EM-Tuning-1151784784860017/posts Ive not used this company but they seem to be doing some interesting things.
  15. £1300 there’s money to be made in this detailing craze.!
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