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  1. Being devil’s advocate I don’t think any major manufacturer would pick up a 7K repair bill unless the warranty situation dictated that was there obligation. The call handlers at customer services have a script and can’t make decisions obligating the company to major expense no matter how much they may sympathise with the situation. Heres a link to a company I stored the details of in case I ever needed their services. Might be able to help you out. https://www.staautogearbox.co.uk/about-sta-remanufacturing-rebuilding-automatic-transmissions
  2. As they say ‘It’s got the sort of face only a mother could love’ 😂
  3. Surely not the finished article. Black usually looks smart but not in this instance.
  4. The brakes. Colour and logo looks a bit DIY. ?
  5. Saw this picture online. If this is the new R rear end then I am not feeling it at the moment. ?
  6. Can’t get over the look of this washer cap every time I used it I would be thinking of something else.😂 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aidapt-Unisex-Portable-Urinal-Eligible/dp/B015FOPNXO?pf_rd_r=4EYKRV39PBND0QNQ4QZN&pf_rd_p=15b60bc4-354f-4e4b-9ad1-7f12f925a65d&pd_rd_r=db31ea4e-3069-45e7-836d-e1643559ab45&pd_rd_w=hSMzF&pd_rd_wg=oMLOT&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_d
  7. delboy01


    Thanks for the info. it’s a useful little socket as I have a usb LED in there so I can see my Pick N mix in the dark. 👍
  8. delboy01


    Ive noticed on my 2014 car I have a USB port in the armrest storage area. I don’t seem to see this on later cars. Was this an early model option.
  9. delboy01


    Also you could get your ideal spec but forgo the leather and have that added via a Re-trim which would be better quality than the VW offering. I suspect the vw leather would be very saggy by now on a used Mk7.
  10. Wow buying a car without seeing it, test driving first. I would only do that on a brand new car. I suppose as it’s a main dealer you’ve got 30 days to reject the car if your not happy. ?
  11. He already mentioned these as being pricey. I've got them and to be honest on the road can't tell any difference between these and the original ones. Only advantage on road is they look better and don't rust so badly.
  12. http://www.rac-london.co.uk/vw-independent-garage-london
  13. I went through a stage where I was getting back ache after being behind the wheel for long periods. I found that back supports that included something that you also sat on were most effective. I thought the angle of the seats were causing my problems as the height adjustment just tilts the back not the front of the part you sit on.
  14. Yes it was. There's speculation that its a VW part for other markets. I wouldn't be surprised looking at how its constructed.
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