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  1. Splitters appear to be more trouble than there worth.🤔
  2. might as well get the mk8 if you like it. I wouldn’t spend 28k on an old model unless keeping it for a lot longer than two years.
  3. You’ll have done well if you get a newly ordered car in 6 months.
  4. Not sure about the estate but on the hatch the tips were the best part of £100 each from the main dealer.
  5. I’d say to anyone sitting on the fence about upping their car and home security to do so now. I always had an immobiliser and tracker system on the car from day one. The house however was the weak point. A month ago that all changed after falling victim to a break in where they were looking for my keys. The most disturbing aspect was that we were all awake but upstairs and they must have heard movement upstairs but still turned over downstairs looking for the keys. Then my partner thought she heard a noise and we both went downstairs to investigate. Nothing appeared out of place s
  6. It was done as part of complete stereo installation so not sure how much just the soundproofing was. I remember a conversation saying it was cheaper to buy a whole box of the dynamat sound proofing material. You can look up how much a box costs. Then it’s the labour to apply it which will be several hours. I am happy with the results as there’s no rattles from the doors when bass heavy music plays. Also keeps external noise out. The only thing I sometimes miss is the roar from the soundaktor. Mine hasn’t been turned down but after the sound deadening was applied it was almost as if it wasn’t t
  7. http://enigmaaudio.co.uk https://caraudiosecurity.com https://www.uniqueintegrations.co.uk Three places that can do it. I would say priced from most expensive to least expensive depends on who you like the look of and your budget. Uniqueintegrations did mine as they were cheapest.
  8. Tires are the easier thing to change but really you need to have the doors and boot floor dampened for real noise reduction.
  9. I’ve had two water pumps go on mine both times replaced under used car warranty. Neither time was there any steam or even water visible from on top of the engine. I did lose water in the way you described one time and that was due to a damaged hose. Apparently a previous owner had a front end repair done and one of the water hoses was not routed correctly afterwards so was being rubbed by one of the belts until it wore through. A sudden loss of water on the motorway was the eventual result.
  10. What’s the situation as regards insurance are these mods declared.?
  11. The performance monitor won’t work on a 2014 R. Vw changed something on the later 2015 cars ecu which the 2014 cars don’t have. I’ve had this verified by retrofitters that it can’t be made to work. I am in the same boat and had to accept there is no cheap/quick fix.
  12. Where did you get the R logo for the exhaust pipes. How long have they been on and are they durable enough to survive the soot and weather being so exposed.
  13. I’m surprised the Mk8 is noisier at motorway speeds. I thought the aerodynamics would have been improved. Clearly not. Another reason to stick with the mk7 until my budget can stretch to an Audi.
  14. I don’t keep the tag with my keys unless I’m taking the car in for servicing. You just have to use the tags correctly and store it separately from the keys. I don’t use the app because I tend to have my phone in the car with me most times and that would defeat the object of having ghost. When the car goes in for servicing it’s the dealers responsibility to secure the car.
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