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  1. Not sure I like this rear end treatment. Maybe it will look ok in the flesh. There is more of a gap between each pair of tips which I don’t think helps.
  2. Noticed this picture of what I assume is the standard Mk8 R exhaust and was thinking the tips look a bit thick. It’s been said the R doesn’t need 4 exhausts and that’s true but if it’s going to have them they should look better integrated. ? The mk 7 looks better in my eyes. Maybe they are covers on the tips to keep them clean in transit.
  3. i thought everyone raved about the 7.5 headlights being so much better than the 7.0. On another forum I’ve seen people having the 7 fitted with 7.5 lights so I am sure you can go the other way but it’s probably not worth the cost.
  4. yes I look forward to seeing your Mk8 when it arrives. I was thinking that with the button less interior there probably won’t be any blank switch positions to add any additional functions. That would stop me tinkering to add say a front camera without a switch that would look out of place.
  5. Best to paint the hubs while their new as I did. Once the rust starts it will come through quicker if it gets a hold.
  6. The fixed price vw £319 pad and disc replacement offer specifically excludes The R, GTI etc. However I have previously negotiated a deal where they did mine at the special VW price plus the difference in cost of the R parts as they do cost more but the work involved is largely the same. Might be worth asking if you prefer the work done at VW.
  7. what’s not easy about the drive.
  8. Seeing all these orders being placed I was tempted so played with the configurator for my ideal spec. Came out at just over £48,000! Out of curiosity did my ideal spec on a new Audi s3. Came out at just over £44,000. Ive not looked into the specific differences between these two similar cars but I think on this basis i would probably get the Audi and maybe throw in one of their special colours which the vw doesn’t have and it would still be cheaper than the vw. What a dilemma 🤔
  9. Isn't January a bad time to try and sell cars after xmas when potential purchasers have less money. Also in the middle of a national lock down. 🤔
  10. I didn’t dilute it just sprayed it on to see how it performed. At full strength it wasn’t great compared to autoglym. I don’t worry about wheel coatings as the wheels get a blast of autoglym aqua wax after a wash just like the rest of the car. I try to keep the process simple and affordable. I believe a dirty car will just be another dirty car no matter how much time and money is spent getting it clean.
  11. Glad someone finds Bilberry wheel cleaner to their liking. I found it as useful as a bottle of ribena at wheel cleaning. 😐
  12. I would say the previous owner never resolved the problem as you are having problems now and he originally posted his question in 2018. It doesn’t appear to be an issue that a forum is going to resolve. Bite the bullet and take it somewhere that knows what there doing with the cars electrics.
  13. it’s the regular Vodafone tracker. But rather than pay for a fully managed tracking service you are paying for a service where at least initially you track the car yourself. There is the usual first time installation and registration fee which would be a few hundred pounds not sure what that is these days then after 12 months the lower fee kicks in. I think the installer offered me this option from the outset.
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