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  1. delboy01

    Rear seat latch help

  2. delboy01

    What did you do to your R today?

    Removed interior panels from rear tailgate and installed sound deadening pads everywhere. Didnt realise so much wiring was running around the hatch. Has reduced the tyre roar and feeling that a rear window was partially open that I sometimes use to experience. And put it all back together without breaking anything.
  3. delboy01

    Sad story, but am I missing something here?

    I did hear at least one news story say he was illegally riding a moped. However the purpose of the publicity is to get members of the public to come forward with information. If he was portrayed as an out of control tear away then many wouldn’t be concerned that he was murdered. what needs to be remembered is that the sort of people who kill wouldn’t think twice about doing the same to an innocent member of the public so its in everybody’s interest if they are caught.
  4. delboy01

    Bumper repair cost?

    When I purchased my used R I hadn’t noticed the paint mismatch because a previous owner had the front bumper resprayed but the original parking sensors were not resprayed as part of the job so if you knew to look you could see the difference between the parking sensors and the bumper.
  5. delboy01

    Exploding Sunroof

    Probably should be reported below. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-recalls-and-faults/report-a-serious-safety-defect
  6. delboy01

    A 35 Autocar review

    I am sure the R engine is a bit more than a GTI with a larger turbo. I read somewhere it has different pistons, cylinder head and injectors etc. Makes it a different engine in my book.
  7. delboy01

    Petrol station pressure washers

    I would be very surprised if a 1pound minimum spend jet wash allowed any margin to provide filtered water.
  8. I was wanting to free up some boot space so have been looking at solutions to replace my 10inch sub box with something smaller that could go under the boot floor. The dynaudio sub that comes from the factory looked ideal but I knew some people say it doesn’t produce enough proper bass. Anyway I thought I would locate one and give it a try. found one cheap on eBay and purchased. Unfortunately the driver was blown when tested so a lesson learned about buying used speakers on eBay. Anyway I decided to see if I could purchase a new driver that would fit the dynaudio enclosure. I checked the mounting depth and size and to be honest most sub drivers are not made as small as the vw dynaudio dimensions. Anyway I found something that I thought might work with minor modifications to the dynaudio enclosure. https://www.bassjunkies.com/gziw-165x.html. I used a heat gun to apply heat to the dynaudio enclosure just enough to make the plastic hot enough so that when i pushed the speaker into the enclosure the plastic would mould itself to the shape needed to accommodate the larger magnet of the driver I was installing. I applied the heat inside and outside the enclosure carefully. The dynaudio speaker grill no longer can be screwed down but I cut down the moulded screw points and placed the grill over the speaker and secured it with black gaffer tape. There is space underneath the grill to allow the speaker to move freely. I spent about an hour or so after installation adjusting the sub xover point/level and an adjustment called Hawkins bass control which I think is exclusive to old soundstream amps. Anyway the results now that I’ve finished are superb. I don’t miss my 10inch sub at all and I now have a clear boot which makes the car much more family friendly. The sub on the right in one of the pictures is the replacement and considering it’s size it’s amazing. No distortion or bottoming out even at very high levels. The amp driving the sub is an old school soundstream which is clearly keeping very good control of the speaker and has enough built in adjustments to make a 6.5inch sub sound like a 10inch sub.
  9. delboy01

    How old are we all?

    52 looks like the R appeals to a wide cross section of ages.
  10. delboy01

    Approved used after tune

    An approved used cars comes with a mileage verification guarantee.
  11. delboy01

    Approved used after tune

    I was wondering if a car that has had an engine tune of any description could ever be sold at a VW approved retailer as an approved used car. If not then aren’t they worth less than an unmodified engine car. Do VW dealers check for this before putting cars on their forecourt. ? I was surprised that cars on PCP deals are being tuned only to be returned after the lease is up.
  12. delboy01

    Dead pedal cover link required

    They do look good but due to the fact that they are slightly narrower than the original VW black plastic version I’ve never found them as comfortable on a long journey and have contemplated putting the original VW item back on.
  13. delboy01

    Dead pedal cover link required

    Here’s the original design. http://www.superskoda.com/Volkswagen/Golf-VII/VW-Golf-VII-MK7-GTi-designed-footrest-for-RHD-cars-MANUAL-TRANSMISSION
  14. delboy01

    Golf Mk7 Ambient light

    Probably more trouble than it’s worth trying to adapt for the rear doors. The rear doors would ideally need longer led’s. Then you wouldn’t want rear lights that were not the same brightness as the fronts and to achieve that you would probably need door controllers to give you the option to adjust them.
  15. delboy01

    Golf Mk7 Ambient light

    I’ve seen the led strip separate from the door card. http://www.vagbase.com/pair-of-interior-door-strip-led-light-door-trim-strip-light-interior-atmosphere-strip-led-light-for-vw-golf-mk7-golf-r-line.html not sure how to remove it but a dealer could probably advise.