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  1. Good result. That 4th wheel would never have matched the colour of the new ones. Enjoy your new wheels as I’ve now lost count of the amount of referbs I’ve had done on mine as the slightest touch on a curb will mark them. i just budget for a couple of reverbs per year. A trained eye can tell they have been referbed but as long as they look good I don’t worry about it any more. Accidents happen.
  2. I can’t see how leaving your pride and joy with car park damage for a few years in the expectation that you will get it all fixed down the line is going to add anything to your pleasure in owning the car. I would have to get it fixed ASAP if they were bugging me as I wouldn’t be happy with the car otherwise.
  3. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve had my wheels referbed. Ive got two to do at the moment but not letting it bother me as I know it will probably happen again. I was looking into wing mirror mounted 360 degree camera system to avoid the parking issue but they aren’t cheap so may just accept its one of the pitfalls of having nice wheels.
  4. https://www.actoncoachworks.co.uk/ This company did my front end respray in lapiz. They are on the official VW repairers list and can get the match correct for the car. They are not the cheapest but are good.
  5. The air filter was replaced as well. I wouldn’t be happy to leave the air filter in as long as you’ve suggested. Either way I am happy to have these items replaced every 2 years.
  6. It’s part of the fixed price major service. If spark plugs is what they are advertising then by rights they have to do them. I suppose they need a few differences between a major and minor service to justify the £349. i don’t know if all main dealers offer the fixed price service but I suspect vw themselves have arranged the terms of this service option so the dealers probably have to follow the terms of the offer regardless of what may have been previously stated as the service particulars for a Specific model. one thing I noticed is that they only offer semi synthetic oil even for the R and if you want the higher grade fully synthetic oil it’s an extra £29 from my particular dealer. The fixed price service not including fully synthetic oil as standard.
  7. Took the car in for major service this week. mileage 31000 year 2014. Spark plugs replaced without question by main dealer.
  8. If you have Bluetooth then run Spotify on phone streamed to car via Bluetooth.
  9. I know the road that accident happened on. It’s where all the lambos are repaired in London. Had my vw repaired there as they also do all the vw brands. They won’t have far to take the wreckage.
  10. Why buy an exhaust that you don’t know will fit your car. Then to compound things have to potentially change bumper. Cant see how buying a bumper at a discount that may not fit car and then having to buy a bumper and have that sprayed to match car makes sense or saves any money. Suppose it depends where the parts are coming from. ???
  11. I would suggest you consider having the wings blended. As you look down on the newly painted bonnet you may notice the colour difference between it and the adjacent wings. I certainly did especially under artificial light and ended up having them done as well. I suppose it depends how fussy you are and what the bodyshop recommends.
  12. My 2014 car doesn’t have any such issues with paint work. However as I found out subsequently with my used car previous owners May have had accident damage repaired where the paintwork is not done to a high standard. Look for signs of accident damage as if you try to claim from VW that’s the first thing they will do. An approved used doesn’t mean it’s not been in an accident as I found With my own car.
  13. Sounds like a respray seeing as you pulled some of it off and had it in your hands.
  14. Maybe it’s paint protection film.
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