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  1. It only went in to have a new battery coded to the vehicle. I wasn’t expecting them to touch the infotainment system. Their system indicated this update should be done and apparently they carried it out without any problems.
  2. Anyone know the specifics of this service update. I have a 2014 R with a retrofitted MIB2 and thought it couldn’t be worked on in the normal way by a main dealer but they say they have applied this service update. I was worried before collecting the car that I would lose my app connect function etc but it all seems to work normally.
  3. All of this has prompted me to sign up for an extended warranty on the vw website. £38 pound a month with £250 excess is worth the piece of mind. Mines a 2014 R and so far no problems with it but the figures talked about here to replace components would not be welcome.
  4. It wouldn’t be a mk8 as it’s not been released and no pricing would be available to dealers to take any orders. It will likely cost more than the current model due to all the added tech it will have.
  5. isn’t this just normal wear and tear for an object that lives outside in all sorts of weather conditions. Better to enjoy the car rather than get ocd about it not having a mirror finish all the time.
  6. Had a chat with a VW tech who deals with their digital content and he said the 2020 Passat will have wireless android auto. No more fumbling around to plug in the cable. He didn’t know if the feature would be made available to older MIB units with android auto.
  7. No problems with a Samsung S8. The old interface never dropped out and I used it all the time.
  8. Just seen the new android auto interface in my car and think it looks great. much more modern interface and the sound quality of music played via Spotify seems to have improved as we’ll.
  9. Looks like the real mk8 has finally been captured while out on a photo shoot. I could live with this and am sure the GTI and R will look even better. https://images.app.goo.gl/841T5J9w8GmyBHZ1A
  10. No ones stopping anyone modding the car they happen to be driving but they should be aware of any potential problems like getting served with a bill for 30k to purchase the car for being in breach of your agreement. Happy motoring however your paying for it.😀
  11. I wouldn’t have thought DCC and the shocks has anything to do with if the steering stiffens up as cars without DCC can have the stiffened steering when in the correct driving mode. whats your mileage.
  12. I think not.! https://www.parkers.co.uk/car-finance/advice/modifying-cars-on-pcp/ There’s nothing in a mortgage agreement that says you can’t extend the kitchen etc. Modifications to a house add value. Modifications to a car potentially devalue it.
  13. I think the reality is that most people these days driving 40k cars historically would not be able to afford them and it’s only the advent of pcp deals why they are even in such high value cars.
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