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  1. Rather than waste time and money on the solution your proposing why not look into the wireless car play options that are available now. Then you could plug the wireless dongle into the USB port that works and hopefully forget about it and your phone should wirelessly connect to it when in the car.
  2. The copies appear to come from China but I couldn’t comment on the fitment but seems fairly popular as most places seem out of stock. https://www.xenonbulbs.co.uk/Lamps/Golf-Mk7/gtd-gti-r-spoiler-vk201
  3. That’s aftermarket. The supporting section in the middle is a lot thinner on the real deal.
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/E-Cloth-10632-e-cloth-Cleaning-Dusting/dp/B00DKEWYAW/ref=asc_df_B00DKEWYAW/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=226559429649&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11316957113230687826&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9041126&hvtargid=pla-310826740520&psc=1
  5. If that’s the extent of your problems that’s easily resolved. People are always selling those covers used as they seem to prefer black. I doubt there painted as I’ve had mine off and they we’re silver on the inside to.
  6. The standards required to gain manufacturer bodyshop approval is usually higher than the requirements an insurance company would require. The fact they’ve told you your car needs to go a German care specialist says it all.
  7. Thats why if possible you should use a vw approved bodyshop. They have to follow vw’s repair process which would have included calibrating the radar etc.
  8. I’d be surprised if there was actually any chrome on these cars as it’s all plastic with fake chrome finishes.🤔
  9. If you plan on using the official vw extended warranty later on it might bump the premium up if the car is not fully vw maintained. I’m pretty sure it’s a factor in whatever algorithm they use to issue a quote once you enter your registration.
  10. Yes, with a brand new one. I don't think the place that did the work would want to get involved in making a second hand tailgate work.
  11. Yes genuine. The replica's don't look right.
  12. A couple of weeks ago I was the victim of someone opening a car door against my drivers door. The resulting dent was not something I could ignore so it was straight off to the body shop. I'd been contemplating having a new rear spoiler for a while and made do with the R performance pack spoiler for a while but it wasn't quite what I ultimately wanted. So while the car was in I decided I might as well bite the bullet. I'm very happy with the job done by the body shop and think it finishes the rear very nicely.
  13. Sounds like you need to talk to a specialist car audio shop. These cars are not cheap to retrofit good sounds that's why dynaudio from the factory is a popular option. The MIB units are an integral part of the cars user interface. I'm not sure how well alpine have replicated the cars control functions into their unit. Also the coding of the car is all part of the MIB unit i think and you could have issues if Alpine haven't got it right or up to date with how VW do things. Unless your using external amps you can't use a dsp with MIB. The unclean
  14. If you really want CarPlay MIB2 is the way to go. Unfortunately the vw head units alter the frequency response of the sound as you adjust the volume, bass, treble etc so you’ll probably need a dsp to give you some control over the frequency response if you also want to add an amp. The simplest and cheapest option is probably one of the prepackaged solutions like the audison system. https://studioincar.co.uk/products/audison-prima-apsp-g7-complete-package-golf-mk7 might be worth trying to find somewhere you can get a system demo to see if it works for you.
  15. I looked into this option but decided to stick with the oem head unit in the end. Just changing the head unit alone will not give you a great sound stage. The speakers and amp are weak items in the standard setup. I think you will be left high and dry with the alpine head unit if you have problems later as not many people are using it so support on here or forums generally will be limited. There are other ways people have improved the sound and your probably better off going down those paths.
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