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  1. 😒 Looks like I'll be doing superficial mods for the next 2 and a bit years
  2. Photo taken on Samsung Galaxy S20+ A cave in Kefalonia, Greece. Sometimes I think the camera makes pictures look surreal!
  3. Can someone explain "spacers" to me please? Is it that they alter the stance to improve handling? Would adding them affect warranty?
  4. I think ezmods have the gloss version and categorised by mk no.
  5. First detail and paint protection! Info on the recommended detailers thread.
  6. Over the moon! Especially after the initial headache of the rattles 😄
  7. Amazing detailing and paint protection carried out by Luke, a tech from iValet UK today. Very pleased with the results and knowledge. Mobile service operating across the country. https://www.ivaletuk.com/ Mob : 07762081919 I went for the Crystal Serum with an Exo coating. Some areas needed polishing from a previous bad attempt. He even did my tail pipes!
  8. razzle

    New Member?

    Great colour! Welcome.
  9. razzle

    New R owner

    Looks lovely! I read about 200 pages of the forum before I got mine! Enjoy.
  10. Ah ok thanks. Does a reply count as a post or does it have to be new threads?
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