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  1. Just ordered the kit from my local TPS for £316 inc VAT and being delivered tomorrow. Now that I'm using the car on a fairly regular basis again, I realised that the road salt/brine and aluminium oil sump I have fitted are not going to mix well, so this should provide a decent level of protection to reduce the oxidisation of the aluminium and protect the sump from any unwieldily road debris.
  2. Well. It’s certainly not a relaxed Sunday drive!
  3. The tips are chrome plated not stainless steel. It cost me about £100 to have mine de-chromed (mk7 hearse). Even though I had them powder coated, I still wanted a decent finish and longevity.
  4. I believe Shell have now updated the app and that you can now redeem the vouchers once you've selected the pump number. That was my experience on Sunday, until the app gave an error code and told me I needed to pay at the kiosk.
  5. I don’t really take notice of the prices, just fill up at the local shell garage and the cost is what it is. It’s also about 20 miles to the nearest Tesco for Momentum so that’s not really feasible. Another plus is the Shell Go app and being able to pay for the fuel without needing to touch the pump and a keypad or go into the shop. A full VAT receipt is emailed to you and kept on file. Simples.
  6. Be careful what you wish for! If you’re lucky he might be busy saving up for a PlayStation 5.
  7. I run both my Golfs on summer / winter tyres to ensure that maximum grip is available all the time. It’s less about speed and more about minimising braking distance, as my family’s safety is paramount. I live in Kent and we usually have fairly mild winters. However, winter tyres are designed to work in the lower temperatures (10 degrees C or less IIRC) which is what we generally drop down to from December through to March. Along with those cold damp days, it makes a lot of sense when travelling along country lanes which never see a gritter. Water management on the winter tyres is so much better also. The tyres cut through standing water without any issues whereas you can feel the summer tyres being pushed up when the tyres momentarily aqua plain whilst driving through standing water. As much as we try and avoid standing water, it’s not always possible. Another plus is that fact all the wheels get a full deep clean and refresh of protection every six months or so whilst off the vehicles.
  8. I nominate Stobsie for his balanced, considered views of the world and the World Wide Web. Also pretty handy with most VAG vehicles and superglue when required.
  9. I love how the back end looks with the slightly oval tips and the new style diffuser. It's a yes from me, but a no from my wallet / bank balance. 😄
  10. On our 1.4 GT the 5 year service included: Major Service Plugs Oil Brake fluid Auxiliary Belt (alternator belt) Cam belt Filters TRW are an OEM supplier for the brakes, so they should be like for like replacements. Hope this helps.
  11. When mine went and I took it to VW Motorline, it came back with cable ties. The worst bit is the anxiety of not being able to open the bonnet if needed during that short period of time whilst waiting for your allocated garage time.
  12. VRS in Northampton had a R in for a Dazza build, so I was able to purchase the engine out of that car. For an extra grand you could have a brand new block from VW and piece of mind. The £5,800 was before any trade discount was applied, as its very rare you pay full price. It would be worth making enquiries.
  13. I’ve been down this route. Should only need to pay about £2.5k + VAT for an exchange engine with its history. But it’s finding one which you know is legitimate. I looked at buying a short block from VW which was £5,800 but could be delivered within a week. Thankfully managed to source an exchange engine with history / documentation so that was the route I took and in the end it cost just over £5k including fitting, cleaning injectors, oil, gaskets etc.
  14. Think I paid just over £2k and fitted myself. Brilliant bit of kit.
  15. I have the Tom Wrigley AP Racing 362mm 6 pot big brake kit fitted with DS2500 pads all round. Amazing feel and a lot of confidence. Reduced unsprung weight by 4.5kg per front wheel, 3.5kg on each of the callipers and 1kg on the hub and disc, even though the discs are 22mm bigger in diameter. Absolutely no heat issues as the car could do multiple nonstop laps of the Nurburgring without any worries.
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