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  1. As one chapter ends another one starts! I'll never forget the drive where we lost one of your side skirts somewhere down the Military Canal and of course the Ring trip where I had the displeasure of meeting a real life Ewok. Fun times.
  2. Thanks for the nice comment. The car is on completely standard suspension. The car was not sat on level ground and the Audi Rotors were sitting in the boot at that point (94kg of weight)
  3. The wind changed direction so decided to change my wheels again! Lol. After 4 months of waiting, I finally received my Neuspeed RSe11R's (18 x 8.5, Metallic Gunmetal) from Awesome GTI.
  4. They are Audi Rotor's. It surprised me how well they look on the car.
  5. Temporary wheels fitted thanks to @Stobsie whilst I wait for my order to arrive from AwesomeGTI, which on current performance could be next week or could be in 2 years time.
  6. Am I allowed to sit on the fence? I’m sticking with my Mk7 hearse for the time being. It’s clocked 23k in 5 years and I’m not sure £40k on another car sitting in the garage for the majority of the time would be a sensible move. On the other hand the tech and engineering has moved the Mk8 on so much more and there is an itch which will be scratched at some point. Which every way you look, the golden age of the ICE is now with VW now saying that it will not develop anymore ICE’s.
  7. Not keen on the look of the back end of the Mk8 hearse. It looks like it's had an incident with an ugly tree. It's the way the roof line slopes away more and the increased angle of the boot when compared to the Mk7/7.5
  8. Given the olde girl a maintenance wash today. Definitely needs a proper spring clean.
  9. Looks STUNNING. Definitely say with confidence that Lapiz is an iconic colour.
  10. I have the iABED Engineering aluminium oil pan fitted. Increases oil capacity and has helped with oil temperature. And recently fitted the Alltrack guard to protect the aluminium from the winter salt and brine
  11. Anything wider than a 235 on a 8.5” wide rim will slacken the responsiveness feel of the steering and general handling because of the extra give in the side wall. You’d also note slightly more wear on the edge of the tyres. Part of your decision is which out of handling or comfort gets the priority after rim protection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Worst case scenario is it sounds like a very substandard map has been flashed and now caused significant damage to the engine. If the internals are damaged then your potentially looking at a £10k-£12k bill from VW. Short engine block is in the region of £5800 + Vat and then there’s the labour. And therefore potentially writing the car off.
  13. Hi Camelsac. But it’s not just snow for me. When I was travelling around the M25 before and after Christmas we had some particularly wet days. The water management of these tyres is something else. You never experience the wheel being pushed into the arch from standing water and whilst nearly everyone was keeping well below the speed limit, I felt like I was speeding and overtaking the majority even though ACC was set at 70mph. The worst thing about the tyres is the way they resonate on the milled concrete surface travelling from jct 10 round to jct 8 on the M25. It’s horrible.
  14. My R is on a full set of Michelin Alpin 4’s fitted to my Prets. It’s been phenomenal on the untreated back lanes of Kent this week. They inspired a lot of confidence when it was fresh snow however, my confidence shrank once the snow had been compacted to ice from Wednesday onwards. Full winter setups are not cheap by any means but I’m never going back to all year round tyres ever again for any of my vehicles.
  15. The state of the Bells may be due to the owner using a fallout remover on the wheels/brakes. Fallout remover can tarnish the anodised finish.
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