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  1. Just had major (4 year) service at local VW I also asked them what version of Haldex service they do . Service guy actually went and talked to the tech , came back and said just oil sir we don't touch the pump. My reply was - that's not a service then is it - I'll take it elsewhere for that . Any one recommend a decent Indy near Swansea
  2. My neighbour had a Renault scenic🤮 with a pano roof which did a similar self destruct. The dealer quoted a substantial amount. I suggested he claimed on the windscreen insurance - its glass after all. He got it replaced by auto glass and only had to pay excess of £75
  3. Castrol Edge 5 - 30 5L half price at Tesco https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/search?query=castrol
  4. Martdy

    Cadiz WW

    Dealer. They told me I could go to the body shop (other side of town )as they had the gauge or they would need to keep the car over night and get the gauge brought over. The whole point of my initial visit was to ask them to check alloy. Then do service / mot / tyres fitted and a new alloy all same day. That was very wishful thinking Good luck
  5. Martdy

    Cadiz WW

    I had two replaced under warranty. First was no problem. Second was after "VW have changed their procedures" Had to be checked with a paint depth gauge to check it hadn't been refurbed. Then new wheel.
  6. Just to add a little to the debate (or stoke the fire) https://www.macrumors.com/2018/06/20/apple-car-consortium-digital-car-key/
  7. Just needs half a dozen or so torx head screws loosened and the air box can be lifted enough to replace
  8. Having all four 18's changed from Bridgestone's to Michelin PS4 today so I'll update . 2-3mm left on them but cant wait any longer to get rid , especially this time of year.
  9. Resurrection time . So car is soon due MOT and 3rd service (cant believe its three years old next month) Noticed another wheel had the start of WW . Tyres are original Bridgestones and although have about 4mm I really need to change for Michelins. After my previous positive outcome A plan is hatched,,, Pre emptive visit to dealer . Get them to approve new alloy and price match 4 new PS4's. Get it all done same time as MOT and service . Genius! Idiot more like . Tyres: "Sorry Sir can't match that price ,they cost us more than that" . So you don't price match then . Alloy: " Rules have changed and the body shop need to do a paint depth test to check its not refurbed" But your body shop is over the other side of town. "We can get the gauge sent down for when you bring the car in ,then order the wheel if approved" But you wont do it same day then -- "err no" Had another rant about my service plan should include the Haldex service at 3 years but that's another story. Totally wound up . I just left it at that with car booked in for service MOT and instructions to check alloy. VW service aint what it used to be
  10. Insurance usually covers broken glass - sunroof included ..... just saying and a bit extreme !
  11. Went to get the new wheel fitted today "would you like the car washed as well sir" - NO!! ...thanks Full credit to dealer though- perfect job
  12. Shame he gave up and didn't at least get a tazering Abnoxious little sh8t
  13. Thats what I was expecting. Any other dealers you could try?
  14. Noticed the start of the wiggly worm on one of my Cadiz. No physical damage. Car is 12k and nearly 2 and a half. I’ve always used valet pro blueberry as a pre wash and then Gwash with a mitt. Sealed with poor boys occasionally. So - today off to the dealers . Expecting a bit of a battle I sat down with a coffee as the nice lady took my car round to the warranty manager. Hadn’t even had a first slurp before she called me back over. Here we go .... Sorry sir we don’t keep those wheels in stock so have to order one . I'll call you when it comes in. I nearly spilled my coffee .
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