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  1. According to coast to coast cars the starting price is £39270 R 2.0 Tsi 320 . Already offering 10% off ( £35310 ) No options listed yet though Might just be able to add a few options and keep it under the luxury tax
  2. On the subject of security . With all the new connected tech on the mk8 would it make them track - able without a tracker ? Just a thought.. (Love Keyless on mine}
  3. 2 new abs sensors fitted after getting loads of error messages - no abs , tyre pressure, no front assist, traction ctl, no parking brake. Car is 2015 but took out extended warranty
  4. OP here never got to the bottom of my water retention. I had the pipe changed under warranty when it perished but still get water in the hatch I Find as long as I don’t park on my sloping drive nose down it rarely happens Just had to live with it
  5. Martdy

    S3 Launched

    I think I know where my moneys going.. https://www.evo.co.uk/audi/s3/202984/audi-s3-sportback-and-saloon-revealed-pictures https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-audi-s3-sportback-and-saloon-arrive-306bhp
  6. Auto express testing at the ring https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/golf/103622/new-2020-volkswagen-golf-r-pictures
  7. Same cover as Rebeccas is now £367 Did it last week as car was 5 years old and the factory 5 year warranty I had ran out
  8. NS Mirror glass replaced on final day of 5 year factory extended warranty Luckily noticed it moving around when washing the car before it flew off !
  9. Swansea Sinclair’s Did take a bit of persistence but once I talked to the right person all was good
  10. New DSG gear knob (split in half) Water drain pipe in hatch replaced
  11. Finally got mine done at the dealer while it was in for a bit of warranty work. I was loaned an UP! Gti - fun ,fairly quick but noisy . Took a day longer as they were sent the wrong seal kit (or so they said) so the UP got a bit more of a thrashing. At 20k not too bad but definitely needed doing. The service desk guy was for once more of an enthusiast and chatting with him as he showed me the pictures he actually stated he couldn't understand why it isn't standard practice to clean the pump . The best bit came when he handed me the keys - I said where's the bill . No charge Sir , a gesture of goodwill for not getting it all done the same day. Top service all round .
  12. Finally talked to someone at my dealers who new about the pump gauze/filter clean. I was so shocked I had to make sure he was talking about a mk7. It's going in for warranty replacement of gear knob and the hatch drain pipe so they'll do the Haldex at the same time - properly.! Even getting a loan car. Perseverance pays off in the end .😊
  13. Just had major (4 year) service at local VW I also asked them what version of Haldex service they do . Service guy actually went and talked to the tech , came back and said just oil sir we don't touch the pump. My reply was - that's not a service then is it - I'll take it elsewhere for that . Any one recommend a decent Indy near Swansea
  14. My neighbour had a Renault scenic🤮 with a pano roof which did a similar self destruct. The dealer quoted a substantial amount. I suggested he claimed on the windscreen insurance - its glass after all. He got it replaced by auto glass and only had to pay excess of £75
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