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  1. I wouldn't risk it personally. I would rather be fitting new pads and rotors on now and use your holiday to bed them in reasonably gently. Too much heat too soon can warp the discs which you might not notice when they have cooled down, I'd rather swap them than possibly ruin another few laps of the Ring! I say this from experience. Back in the day I used to help develop carbon metallic pads on my rally car for the Mintex Lab. They used to send me large boxes with 50 brake pads in at a time to evaluate. Happy days, free brakes!
  2. My manual 7.5r is without doubt louder and pops and burbels more in race than individual. My individual settings are for race with the reduction in the soundaktor. I will disconnect the soundaktor unit to double check. Was thinking of disabling it anyway, its only a 5 minute job to disconnect the multiplug off the unit.
  3. I rejected a brand new Honda Civic Type R a few years ago. As the sales manager drove it onto the forecourt for me to drive it away I could see the swirl marks on the front of the car from 30 yds away. I said immediately to the salesman who was standing next to me that the car had had paintwork done and I was rejecting it. Oh. no, absolutely not he asserted. We check all our new cars for defects. The car is perfect! We walked up to the car. His face was a picture as I pointed out the grey over spray on the plastic scuttle around the wipers. When i opened the bonnet, there was even more grey primer overspray in evidence on the inner wings and engine and front slam panel. There were swirl marks on the bonnet and both sides of the car. The drivers door window was inoperative as well. I suspect it had fallen off a trailer or the production line. I have no idea why car salesman try and bullsh*t such obvious flaws....
  4. Yes, my bad, I should have referred to Individual mode and not sport.
  5. This is fairly brisk... Our company (Moorgate Motorsport Finance) promo car, 650 BHP. Ceramic brakes. Shedloads of carbon fibre.
  6. If I select race mode on my 7.5 manual the exhaust deepens noticably. When I restart the car, even though race mode is enabled, I have to come out of race mode (to say, sport mode for example) and re select race mode to get the deeper exhaust tone. I have a manual 7.5 R.
  7. What's it like going into reverse? PS, don't ever ever admit to having a Rover. I don't care what model it was, just not very cool. Image is everything on this forum!
  8. Do the clubsport front disc bells suffer the same fate?
  9. You may have a Chinese version of VCDS. Should say 'Glass Bleakage'
  10. I bet you have 'media' selected on the cars infotainment unit. Try selecting radio instead. I often have my iphone playing downloaded radio programmes on bbc iplayer. When I return to the car, if the app is still open (but not actually playing) and Media is still selected on the infotainment, it will resume playing the iplayer content and, I assume, any other media content open on your phone. Seems to work like that on my 7.5r, just checked.
  11. I suspect they may be cheaper from TPS - i will find out on monday if I can.
  12. Lovely. How much is the going rate for them please?
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