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  1. If you buy a car from a trader/garage then they have to fix stuff under the sale of goods act. Google it.
  2. I live in MK and I know of 2 R's that were pinched in the last 6 weeks or so, one being my sons. Nothing on those maps.
  3. When you go online, it must know the car details as once you pop the reg no in up pops the car. I'm not that bothered as I have a hankering to go back to a Porsche.
  4. My warranty expired on 19th April. Just checked the cost for extended warranty on my 2017 R, 31,000 miles, less than 15k miles pa. Cost £288 pa, £100 excess. I'm leaving taking it out until I start using the car again.
  5. It's just a very weak clutch to ensure that the standard pedal is super light. It was lighter than my wife's standard and new Audi A3 TDi POS.
  6. Nope. I think they liked the idea of having a free clutch to sell
  7. My clutch failed after 16k and just over a year old. 'Apparently' the clutch slave cylinder was leaking fluid onto the clutch, making it slip. I suggested they keep the new standard replacement and fit the Helix clutch I had purchased in. At least I saved the labour cost!
  8. Just bite the bullet and get an uprated clutch. It will transform your car, trust me!
  9. There are ‘adequate punishments’. Just not legal in soft UK.😱
  10. Update: Police spoke to my son yesterday. They have arrested and charged the leader of the car theft gang here in MK. He is in court in June. His method was to steal a car, leave it parked up for a week and if it wasn't recovered, move it to his workshop and dismantle and sell the parts. He slipped up a bit as he had a large amount of personal effects from the stolen cars and so linked him to numerous thefts. Can't wait to see what punishment he gets. If his hands are still attached to his wrists after judgement, he has got off far too lightly.
  11. ha, it's bad enough trying to haggle with the garage when the car is in its normal warranty. You would think the 'service advisors' are paying for the repairs out of their own pocket!
  12. I'm trying to see if I can take out the warranty, say in 6 weeks or so after lockdown is hopefully over. No point in taking it out now, paying for a warranty when not using the car.
  13. My 7.5r is shortly coming up to 3 years old. I'm probably going to take out the VW extended warranty, but can you take it out after the anniversary? There doesn't seem any point in taking it out whilst lockdown is in place as I'm not using the car.
  14. I guess the best advice is to keep an eye on the water level. Best checked when car is cold- eg first thing in the morning and parked on same place. Re the smelly oil, when did it last have an oil change? Old oil can get a bit pongy? Maybe an oil change would help.
  15. Not as far as I'm aware. Plod wanted the car for forensics so said they were responsible for storage in the meantime. Then the insurance co moved it from there at their cost. Well apart from the large insurance excess he has had to pay.
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