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  1. I try and park slightly diagonally within a marked space. It makes the average muppet think their space is too narrow and often I return to find nobody has parked in the adjacent spaces. On teh occassions where someone has parked in the next bay, they invariably have parked at the same angle as me. People use your car as the target - even if you are on an end space, they will park their 'normal' distance away from you- eg close!
  2. Played with the noisy suspension leg as I had to clean the inside of my Pret which was still covered in nasty grey CV grease. Turned out to be the spring wasn't seated properly, jiggled it and fixed it myself. I found a report in the car detailing what they had done and the condition of my tyres and brake pads. Apparently my front pads were over 1/2 worn which surprised me almost as much as the £190 they quoted to change them. I had however changed them for brand new ones just 200 miles previously, the originals easily lasting over 20k, hence my surprise. They just can't help bullshitting.
  3. Took my car in to have this rectified. Garage admitted it was their Towcester branches fault when they had fixed my slipping clutch under warranty. went outside to the car with my wife and got in. Turned the wheel to exit the parking space to be greeted with a load rtoaning noise, repeated as we drove round the forecourt. Workshop mananger came out to look, refuted my assertation that it was probably th etop mount and took it into the workshop. Came back after 5 mins with a Eureka moment expression. It's the top mount, they can fail at any time y'know. Yeah, well known for failing on an 18 month car, especially when you have just split the strut from the hub to fix an issue caused by the VW dealers... An apology might have been nice. TW*T
  4. Looking at the photo again, is the rim protector beading on the tyre polished all th eway round? If so, something other than the wheel is bent. Buy a 5mm wheel spacer?
  5. Looks like the wheel may be buckled. Swap the wheel with a front. If its buckled, the front will now shake and the back will be quiet. Alternatively, get the rear wheel on a tyre balancing machine. As it spins up, should be easy to see if its damaged.
  6. About to claim. My 7.5R has done just over 20,000 miles. Was cleaning the wheels and noticed it was covered In grease. Outer cv boot completly split from the cv securing clamp. I’m sure that’s a manufacturing defect or more likely a damage caused when they had it apart when swapping the clutch under warranty...
  7. Very difficult to make progress in Australia, the plod are everywhere and constantly stop people for random checks. Drivers are completely brainwashed, even on deserted motorways which have 60 limits on for mile after uneventful and lonely mile.
  8. Its not signed off yet. It's the black box, big brother thing that so annoys me more I think. It's social engineering, all for your benefit thought process. They are even trying it with food - ooh, you shouldn't eat that, you van't have that size portion blah blah. Can we have a bit more Darwinism instead? They bring in all these data protection and privacy laws then immediately ride rough shod all over them if it suits.
  9. Think elephant racing x 1000 on all roads. Very dangerous IMO and just dumbs down driving even more.
  10. I had some 3m clear wrap that I stuck on my drivers door sill. Same stuff that I used on my Boxster, fitted as standard. Super cheap and you can't see it unless you look closely.
  11. I would say the Michelins are, subjectively, overall, 25% better, based on: Grip, feel, wear, wet weather performance, noise. Only downside is price, but then they work out cheaper per mile due to wear rate.
  12. My new 7.5 had Continentals as standard on 19's. Fronts wore out at about 12k, put PS4s on, cue loads more grip from front, loose at back. Put 2 more PS4s's on. Car regained it's balance, but a a higher level. Also I would say wear is vastly improved having done 10k since then. You get what you pay for - grip, silence and wear rate.
  13. Make sure you get the non vw slave cylinder as well. The standard one is plastic. The LUK one is metal. from memory they are about £20.
  14. Well seeing as there is always residual oil in various galleries and nooks and crannies left in the engine I can't see there being any appreciable difference in volume left. A couple of teaspoons of existing oil remaining isn't going to cause any issue. And do you really think the oil change monkey at VW ever leaves the sump open to drain every last bit of oil? In fact, as the suction pipe actually touches the sump floor, it probably gets out various bits of sludge that would otherwise remain by the traditional method!
  15. I have just bought one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-Manual-Vacuum-Fluid-Extractor/dp/B000RA16CO Google it, should have bought one years ago, saves the aggro of changing oil in the wind with oil all over the driveway etc. Took about 10 mins of drama free time to drain the oil from my race Mini, which is about 2 ins off the deck. Would have talen me longer than that to even get the trolley jack anywhere near! I suspect it's the sort what they use at most garages anyway, so unsure if you actually get a 'new' sump plug anyway? Makes a Golf oil & filter change much easier, so more likely to get done.
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