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  1. I have just sold my 7.5 R and swapped it for this. Same colour as the new mk 8, but thats about it, lol.
  2. I have just seen an invoice for a new Bentley Bentayga. Road Tax is £2,135. Now THATS what I would say is extortionate!
  3. When I say I had a guy come out to swap my screen, he was a local independant rather than an Autoglass (Kwik Fit) style of bloke.
  4. I had autoglass swap my screen. When it unfortunately needed another I had a guy that came to my house - a propoer tradesman. he removed the damaged screen and showed me the damage below. The screen pillar trim was scored and cut in several places and where he had broken a couple of clips on rear mirror shroud, he had bodged it up with screen adhesive. How do I know it was Autoglass? Because I had owned the car from new. Just watch out - there are some animals out there!
  5. £20 for a new screw? Thats mental. Look online, they wont be anything special, you will prolly get about 10 for 50p, lol.
  6. I have some brand new and unused Pagid discs and genuine VW front pads for sale. They are a piece of cake to fit, I would think around 1 hour to fit. It's so easy to swap, they let VW garages do it!
  7. Cheers Mike. By the way, looking at your username, is, er, it, really green? If so have you seen a Dr about it?
  8. Not being a costco member, how do you know when the deals are on. Can't wait to offload the nasty (albeit 6mm tread) on my Cayman for some PS4's
  9. In the case of Michelins, to be fair, they do last longer, but yes, penny pincing and how many people notice anyway. Nobody is NOT going to buy them 'cos they are 1mm down on tread. When they are new, the tread looks like its going to last forever anyway!
  10. They are damn cheap compared to a decent MTB tyre. Just paid £65 echa for a 27.5" x 2.5" tyre. There's bugger all rubber in one of those and as far as I know, wouldn't be much cop at 150MPH! And they have the audacity to rave about the tractioon with a mtb tyre. Haha, controlling about 1/10th of a bhp from my legs. Big deal!
  11. Had a Boxtser before the R, but much as I loved the R, I just hate 4 door cars which is all you can get with VW nowadays. Shame really, as a 3 door golf looks lovely. Bu weighing up for potential for big bills with the golf sneaking up to 35k miles (electronics, water pump) i thought I would swap whilst the p/x price was at a very attractive level. Once it nudged up to 40k plus, and with the 8 looming, I could have taken a big hit!
  12. I part exe'd for a 20,000 mile old Cayman S PDK. cost £4k to swap. Got £21,500 for the R. Paid £27,995 for it in August 2017. It was a pre reg with 20 miles on the clock. Not bad depreciation..
  13. The time has come when I no longer own a Golf R. It's been sold and I'm moving on to something a bit different. I'll miss the wealth of knowledge and help on the forum and the banter. It's been great. I have however a bundle of stuff for sale in the classifieds, most of it brand new, bought as spares for a recent track foray, but not used. It's nice having spare consumables in 'stock' rather than scratting round when you discover you need them urgently! Ciao for now everyone!
  14. I have just had a weird issue with my electrics as well. My 7.5r had a good run at the weekend (3.5 hrs round trip. Went 5 miles up the road and was waiting for my wife in a car park, listening to the radio with ignition on for a couple of mins when i saw a dash notification saying " Battery low, please turn off infotainment"/ Turned the infotainement off, tried to startt e engine, but battery appeared flat. tried a couple of times same result. Phoned Internatonal Rescue (my son and his jump start pack). Wife appeared a 5 mins later, tried the car, started
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