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  1. I think I'd be cleaning up the affected area (if not already done) with brake cleaner and going for a drive and reinspecting. It may have been a one off oil spillage that has left the residue in which case a cheap fix. If the oil doesn't smell like gearbox oil, does it smell like your engine oil BTW?
  2. Just get 2 of each colour. And buy a fence to sit on whilst looking at them, lol.
  3. Oi! Don't you wander in on this B14 thread mithering about B16's! Find a B16 thread to ask, LOL. 😂😂
  4. Obviously a bumper off job, how did you fix the mesh to the back of the bumper please?
  5. Yes, would be interested in any B14 deal for my 7.5R..
  6. Yes, I agree, slicks can raise issues, but tbh I have used standard cars with road tyres and done bearings, discs and pads very quickly (a morning at Oulton did a set of had pads and discs on my new STI8. Pads were gone, discs were cracked to death. I guess the solution is to keep sessions fairly short, despite the temptation to do 'just one more lap' and fry everything. At the end of the day, you are asking a standard (ish) car to deal with stuff way beyond it's design parameters. Also, the circuit makes a huge difference - Oulton canes brakes as there are several big stops -Shell oils hairpin, Island chicane, Knickerbrook and Lodge, whilst Brands Indy is easier on brakes, there's only Druids that's a hard stop. Another issue is with modern cars is that if you try and left foot brake after a hard braking event to get rid of pad knockoff due to wheel bearings flexing, the damn ECU cuts the power! As far as I understand it, it depends on the trackday organisers if you can run slicks, so not a cut and dried rule.
  7. Er, you don’t need a roll cage to bang some slicks on! if you are putting different rims on for the track day, just put slicks on those rims. Car will be on a different planet of fun! there is a reason race teams put slicks on. It’s because they are better...
  8. For track day use, surely its best to fit a set of proper slicks rather than compromise. I tracked a Mini challenge car last year and went from full Dunlop slicks that were 2 years old to new Yokos as I was competing in the HSCC Tin Top Challenge. Immediately was 3 secs a lap slower and they were wrecked after 1 day. The blocks overheat and the whole car floats on the wobbly tread as a result. The slicks last a lot longer, give more consistent handling and braking. They are, however, pants in the wet.
  9. As most R owners are wealthy, generally they just sell the car and buy a new one when they have such a major issue! This approach also removes the need for attending to other tedious details such as filling the screenwasher reservoir and checking tyre pressures. It's quite bad enough to have to put petrol in, very inconvenient!
  10. I have just replaced my 235/35/19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4's with new ones. Fronts were down to just under 3mm, backs (which had been rotated with fronts some time ago) were +- 4mm. Not worth the hassle of waiting for another 1,000 miles for the backs to wear down, so just swapped the lot at once. i only seem to get about 11,000 miles out of a set, but then I do feel I am driving the car in keeping with its potential.
  11. I have had loads of PS4s’s on various cars. The best ‘normal’ road tyre available for all weathers. This set feels like all the others I have had if that helps, lol Edited to add: grippy, predictable, quiet, durable. Had on various Golf GTI's etc - Conti's, Bridgestones, lesser Michelins, my son has 18" Dunlops on his leased 7.5r and they are noisy, and wearing fast. No contest really. Michelin Cups would be great, but impractical for a road car IMO. TBH, I can't understand why people put Goodyears etc on when they are pretty much the same price!
  12. Had my set of Michelin Pilot 4s's fitted by Kwik Fit today. The guy who did the job took a lot of care, complimented me on how nice it was to work on clean wheels for once and amazingly left thhe wheels looking as clean as they went in - no dollops of tyre gloop and no grubby fingermarks. I have to say I was impressed! Well done Kwik Fit!
  13. Just ordered 4 PS4s' from Thick Fit @£155 each all in. TBH can't be bothered spending hours more trawling the net to save a few (literally) quid. At least with Thick I'll have some sort of redress if they scratch my Prets. They will know I will be reviewing them, Trip Advisor stylee!
  14. Sounds like 35mm then which is lowest setting. Does it crash out with being so low?
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