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  1. Cheers Mike. By the way, looking at your username, is, er, it, really green? If so have you seen a Dr about it?
  2. Not being a costco member, how do you know when the deals are on. Can't wait to offload the nasty (albeit 6mm tread) on my Cayman for some PS4's
  3. In the case of Michelins, to be fair, they do last longer, but yes, penny pincing and how many people notice anyway. Nobody is NOT going to buy them 'cos they are 1mm down on tread. When they are new, the tread looks like its going to last forever anyway!
  4. They are damn cheap compared to a decent MTB tyre. Just paid £65 echa for a 27.5" x 2.5" tyre. There's bugger all rubber in one of those and as far as I know, wouldn't be much cop at 150MPH! And they have the audacity to rave about the tractioon with a mtb tyre. Haha, controlling about 1/10th of a bhp from my legs. Big deal!
  5. I have had loads of PS4s’s on various cars. The best ‘normal’ road tyre available for all weathers. This set feels like all the others I have had if that helps, lol Edited to add: grippy, predictable, quiet, durable. Had on various Golf GTI's etc - Conti's, Bridgestones, lesser Michelins, my son has 18" Dunlops on his leased 7.5r and they are noisy, and wearing fast. No contest really. Michelin Cups would be great, but impractical for a road car IMO. TBH, I can't understand why people put Goodyears etc on when they are pretty much the same price!
  6. Had my set of Michelin Pilot 4s's fitted by Kwik Fit today. The guy who did the job took a lot of care, complimented me on how nice it was to work on clean wheels for once and amazingly left thhe wheels looking as clean as they went in - no dollops of tyre gloop and no grubby fingermarks. I have to say I was impressed! Well done Kwik Fit!
  7. Just ordered 4 PS4s' from Thick Fit @£155 each all in. TBH can't be bothered spending hours more trawling the net to save a few (literally) quid. At least with Thick I'll have some sort of redress if they scratch my Prets. They will know I will be reviewing them, Trip Advisor stylee!
  8. Thanks, I’ll report back, need to get 2 fairly quickly, the rears have about 3.5mm on, so might get all 4 done at once if price is ok.
  9. Where is the cheapest place to get 235/35/19 Michelin PS4 S's from these days? Thick Fit used to have 10% off, but now showing £155 each.
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