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  1. I have used Millers Nanotech 5 40 for ages. You can only go on the sales blurb to a large extent, but it is a fully synthetic oil and not a part synthetic like most. It's not that much more expensive than 'normal' stuff and as I change my oil every 5,000 miles max anyway, it gives me a bit of peace of mind. I guess it's like buying free range food, 'supposed' to be better, but most people feel 'happier' eating whats better for you... if you see what i mean.
  2. Andygo


    Just shows the power of positive thinking, everybody take heed from a great example! Keep it up Camel.
  3. Here we go, pads swapped. Not a volt in sight. Trickier than I thought as my head needed to be where my assistant and camera was from time to time. Video here:
  4. Prolly not even going to use the wire hack, have to buy another car battery, lol. Anyway, I’ll video it, should be a bit of entertainment. if it works....!
  5. Lol, Is it. This is about my tenth Golf GTI, in fact: 2 x Mk1 Gti's metallic green mk2 16v red 16v red 8v Corrado 16v silver mk5 edition 30 red mk6 current type R Out of all those I had a vagcom in use for about 1hour, lol. I was quite a serious VAG owner, hardly ever smiled.
  6. I have a reshelled a 16v golf when they were current, built various MK2 Escort rally cars from bare shells, and rebuilt various single seater race cars from chassis stripdowns after powder coating etc so I'm not afraid of a bit of an old school challenge. And I'm not tight, just spent getting on for £3k this week on Bilsteins, clubsport discs, 2 sets ds2500 pads, braided lines etc. Prolly going to spring for another £850 or so on some michelin Cup 2's next week. I just object to paying out money for something I will use once in a while when I can do it manually. Part of the reason I sold my VCDS a few years ago.
  7. £104 Euros. I can get one next day from Amazon, but it's £120 inc delivery for Prime... I know it can do other stuff, but its lot of dough to swap pads! Mind you, I had a set changed and was charged £60 plus VAT... I'm such a cheapskate!
  8. Where did you get your ios compat obdEleven please?
  9. Yes, I realise that and thanks, of course!
  10. That's still going to be about £80 for something I can do for free though. I am just trying to confirm that it can be done without electronic 'help'!
  11. Thanks, I know the OBD11 tool can sort it, but I quite like an 'old school' approach. I don't think the OBD 11 works on an iphone, only Android - could be wrong on that though.
  12. I want to swap my rear pads without forking out for a VCDS unit. I had one in the past, but flogged it when I bought a Porsche. Anyway, I have seen a couple of videos online that show how it can be done by removing the parking brake motor. Looks pretty straightforward, but has anyone done it here? Don't want to spend an hours labour charge for a job I can prolly do myself in 30 mins!
  13. Had the Bilstein B16's fitted today, together with ds2500 pads and braided lines. The B16 kit is awesome, even on a mid range setting. Loads of traction, hardly any roll or dive. Car feels absolutely planted, so much safer. Got rid of the standard underdamped feeling at the front. Soaks up minor road imperfections almost ignoring them. Very impressed and everything I had hoped for. Pads not quited bedded in, but after a sluggish first stop when they are cold, subsequent presses of the pedal have lots of feel and bite. All in all, money (a lot!) well spent. Going to firm up the back damping first to help with front traction. Generally best, in my experience, with a front wheel drive based car to keep the front a bit soft to allow the rear end to control roll more. Hence why people want to fit a tougher rear roll bar.
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