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  1. I would say the Michelins are, subjectively, overall, 25% better, based on: Grip, feel, wear, wet weather performance, noise. Only downside is price, but then they work out cheaper per mile due to wear rate.
  2. My new 7.5 had Continentals as standard on 19's. Fronts wore out at about 12k, put PS4s on, cue loads more grip from front, loose at back. Put 2 more PS4s's on. Car regained it's balance, but a a higher level. Also I would say wear is vastly improved having done 10k since then. You get what you pay for - grip, silence and wear rate.
  3. Make sure you get the non vw slave cylinder as well. The standard one is plastic. The LUK one is metal. from memory they are about £20.
  4. Well seeing as there is always residual oil in various galleries and nooks and crannies left in the engine I can't see there being any appreciable difference in volume left. A couple of teaspoons of existing oil remaining isn't going to cause any issue. And do you really think the oil change monkey at VW ever leaves the sump open to drain every last bit of oil? In fact, as the suction pipe actually touches the sump floor, it probably gets out various bits of sludge that would otherwise remain by the traditional method!
  5. I have just bought one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-Manual-Vacuum-Fluid-Extractor/dp/B000RA16CO Google it, should have bought one years ago, saves the aggro of changing oil in the wind with oil all over the driveway etc. Took about 10 mins of drama free time to drain the oil from my race Mini, which is about 2 ins off the deck. Would have talen me longer than that to even get the trolley jack anywhere near! I suspect it's the sort what they use at most garages anyway, so unsure if you actually get a 'new' sump plug anyway? Makes a Golf oil & filter change much easier, so more likely to get done.
  6. I know, but you are dealing with VW here!
  7. Standard behaviour. You’re only a customer, what on earth do you expect- common sense?
  8. I took mine to unit 18 in Milton Keynes for its second service To keep paying massively over the odds for VW servicing in the hope that VW show goodwill in the event of a warranty claim is tantamount to blackmail. The money you save can be used better elsewhere on looking after your R. You have paid for your contracted aftercare when you bought the car, how VW can pretend they are doing you a favour thereafter is a complete smokescreen. Cheeky buggers!
  9. I booked my 7.5r into MK VW to have what I believe is a leaky water pump looked at and replaced. Supporting evidence - coolant on floor, regular topping up,and when serviced, trusted independent mentioned water dripping onto his head from water pump... Arrived as appointed to be told that VW HQ, who manage telephoned appointments, had changed my booking yesterday to VW Towcester. I hadn't been informed or contacted at all. VW Towcester is 20 miles for where I live. I had arranged my work diary to work from home for 2 days, so not at work. MK VW offered to give me a courtesy car and 'hoped to get onto mine in a couple of days'. Quite the most ridiculous scenario. I disn't leave my car and guess I will have to rebook it in! Scary. Previously,I had booked my car into Towcester VW a few week ago for the repair as its 6 miles from where I work. The story there was that it was promised to be completed in a day. Dropped the car off first thing, confirming it would be ready at close of play. I happened to drive past the garage at 12.20 to see that my car hadn't been moved. I rang the garage to ask how work was going on to be told the work was progressing. Bit of a deadly silence when I asked how it was progressing when it was still in the car park. Following some inane lies from service ( eg need to let the drained coolant stand - why, its being binned, WTF) I walked into the madhouse and retrieved my car amidst more bullsh*te from the staff. I hate being lied to! How hard can it be to get my car even looked at, never mind fixed? I'm just completely gobsmacked, but I guess this is small beer from the company that tried to blag dieselgate....
  10. Seeing as the standard ones are pants, how can it get any worse, lol!
  11. Within a couple of days I had removed the assist spring (what on earth would a clutch need an assist spring for) and the restrictor in the hydraulic line to try and allow some feel in the pedal. imho the pressure plate is so weak that it can’t handle any torque. i have never had a clutch issue in 40 years of driving, racing and tarmac rallying- including a couple of slick tyred golf gti’s- until my R. When mine started to slip regularly at 16k I knew it was time for a Helix clutch. Transformed the car. Theres no way a software issue could have got anything like the same positive effect!
  12. Not sure how any coding can influence a purely mechanical system with no electrical connections that I'm aware of. Certainly when depressing the standard clutch, there seemed to be very little resistance compared to a decent clutch. The only thing I can think of is that there is some relationship between engine revs and gearbox/ diff revs. I noticed that when I had the standard clutch engine power seemed to be reduced when setting off enthusiastically, especially with any steering lock applied. Anyway, a bit late for me, I have a Sachs clutch fitted, so no faffing around trying to polish a turd!
  13. What annoys me in car parks is that you will find an end space but the cretins that then come and park next to you use your car as a target and still park close to you as they are used to parking that close. I now park as diagonally as I can in a space making the adjacent space look small in the hope that they will park somewhere else. Doesn't always work as they park next to me, but exactly parallel and equally diagonal. Car parks are horrendous. I once had someone slam their door into me on my way home from the dealership in a brand new car with 15 miles on. Fortunately it didn't dent my car, but the waster that did it was quite abusive when I pointed out his carelessness.
  14. 10 days for my wifes Audi, that was December, looked like the same battery as mine, think there is a FB code on a sticker attached to the battery. Replacements are different.
  15. Well known issue. My wife's A3 had a dead battery recently. Massive back order fo VW/Audi batteries. Took 10 days for a replacement to appear whilst car was laid up in garage. She had an A5 whilst it was in - VW will prolly offer you an Up ashtray edition whilst telling you "Never had a problem before with batteries sir"...
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