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  1. Yes, but it's a fair point, one would expect at least a tiny bit of knowing what's what on a car, its part of being a driver to understand the basics, surely. I just showed my wife the post and she just said wheel balance weights and laughed..
  2. Not sure exactly what I was expecting, given the thread title, lol.
  3. Mines a 3 door, so no opening back windows.
  4. The fact it's uncomfortable to drive over 50mph with the window down due to buffeting.
  5. Cost cutting, holes are expensive.
  6. A million percent it’s not the tyres. VW as usual being thick, especially as you have swapped the tyres. if it drives fine with Tc off then it can’t be the tyres can it?
  7. I bet Kwik Fit have knocked an abs sensor off slightly. Its the ABS sensors that sense variations in wheel rotation for the traction control as well as braking - all the same stuff when you think about it. I would think it unlikely that the haldex has thrown a hissy at the same time as tyres changed. What happens if you turn the traction control totally off? I think its one press of the switch followed by a longer one.
  8. Sounds like it is possibly a hydraulic cam follower. What did you want to be considered for?
  9. Prior to my new R I had only had to replace 1 windscreen in 30 years of driving. I'm on my 3rd screen in my R in 18 months from new and the screen I have in now has a massive star in thats been 'repaired' by Autoglass. After the 1st replacement craked (10 days old) I insisted on a VW screen, but made no difference... I have no idea why I have such a bad experience with the glass, I have hardly any paint stonechips in 20k miles and I'm not a tailgater either.
  10. I hav enever used an OBD11 although I used to have a VagCom a few years ago before they introduced the limited licence version. Wish I had kept it now tbh.
  11. You have to buy an OBD11 and IIRC pay credits every time you use it.
  12. Disconnection is fast, cheap and cheerful and guaranteed to work.
  13. I thought you could disconnect the small spade connector on the battery that senses battery voltage for the start stop. If it thinks battery voltage is low, then the start stop doesn't enable itself. If that lead isn't connected, ECU thinks the start stop voltage is low...
  14. I bet the thread in the top mount was stripped when the springs were fitted by the garage or whoever swapped them. I bet it has been 'just' done up ever since.
  15. Just getting in here before Spurs Mad Dave does. I can only think he is posting on another thread just now.... But yes, they are taking the mickey. Caught on Camera - they are nicked!
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