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  1. Andygo

    Exploding Sunroof

    Another VW rebuttal of responsibility assertion. Who would have thought it! On what grounds are they saying it was hit by something? They are guessing.
  2. Andygo

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    Mine did that - I had them fit a Sachs clutch FOC - just paid for the Sachs bit. Transformed the car into the vehicle it should have been from day one. Obvs a bit heavier than standard, didn't notice it after about 20 miles. In any case, heavier or not, why fit a part that is likely to fail? If it has slipped from new, 100% covered under warranty.
  3. Andygo

    12v battery low warning

    My wifes 17 plate Audi A3 has had flat battery problems. It went in the other day and a new battery is expected to take 10 days to arrive. They have given her a nice A5 to stroke round in. Apparently anything with FB on the battery is at risk, the replacement batteries have a different code. It's a known fault, but as usual they won't do a recall.....
  4. Andygo

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    I'm detecting a smell of coolant from the front of my '17 R after a run. Tiny loss of coolant, nothing on the floor, but I fear its not going to heal up..
  5. Andygo


    Thanks for your response, how very polite. I was being serious actually. Anyway as you are clearly a highly skilled driving genius I'll leave you to sort it out yourself. Can't believe you are even coming on here asking for comments with your attitude.. As you don't know whats occurring, you are not really in a position to decide whose talking rubbish or not, are you? It's childish behaviour that gets these forums a bad name!
  6. Andygo


    The Suzuki probably wasn't trying to put 300bhp onto the deck and steer...
  7. Andygo

    New Clutch Advice

    I have a Helix one in my 2017 R. Utterly transformed the car. I had never previously had a clutch slip in 30 odd years of driving, including tarmac rallying and circuit racing.
  8. Andygo


    Meant to be an improvement, not just in the wet or snow when they are night and day. But then I guess you get into a whole new tyre debate - cheap cross climate ditchfinders will be iffy in the same way as cheap summer tyres!
  9. Andygo


    The cold weather won't be helping. I know its not F1, but nevertheless summer tyres are poor below 9C.
  10. Andygo

    Battery life Golf R

    Cars only 18 months old. Can’t just shove a new battery on as it’s a company leased car. i understand there’s a known issue with them as per my OP.
  11. Andygo

    Battery life Golf R

    My wifes company 2017 A3 battery has died at 16,017 miles. Obvs its a warranty job issue, but the AA bloke who jump-leaded the car said there is a huge backlog at Audi of customers waiting for a new battery. Its the same battery as fitted to VW/Seat cars. If it's a Lex lease car that the battery has failed on, then Lex are plonking people in a hire car for weeks rather than just buying a non Audi battery. Happened to one of my wifes colleagues A3 - was in a hire car for a month. Barmy. It takes Audi over an hour on a diagnostic machine to confirm its dead BTW.
  12. Just been quoted £399 for my 2017 R (manual) 2nd service. That seems ridiculous, telling me its spark plugs, pollen filter, check my coolant level (that's hard to do) , check lights work (shows on my dash if they don't work!) oil change blah blah. That seems a lot of dough, whats normal?
  13. Andygo

    VagCom for £55?

    Looks like Ross Tech want to authenticate the VCDS setup... Its a few years since I payed with my VCDS unit, hopefully someone with ore current info can help!