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  1. That's promising! Definitely one to look at. It seems they can only do the 320i (184hp) with xDrive at the moment. I'd be fine with an AWD 330i (258hp) but not yet it seems. Why BMW thought putting AWD on the lower power car made sense, I'm not sure but I suspect because AWD means higher emissions and lower MPG so they could pass WLPT with 184hp easily I guess but need time for higher power units.
  2. I'm with you on the 340i - ditto I know the packs as well. Though I'm loving the saloon in a dark grey.
  3. I've been seeing more and more A35s on the road recently. I was thinking about this. Mercedes have very deftly tapped into the Golf R market: - it's competitively priced - packed with impressive kit - has the same power and 4WD - timing of A35 release was perfect as many Golf R + S3 owners are reaching the end of a lease or not looking to get into face-lift version due to it being same-old, or too close to the MK8. - It has the same practicality as an R, if not a bit less. - It sounds like an R - It's as fast an R - And according to a PistonHeads test - they're pretty much the same on a twisty road bar the brakes on the Merc fade quicker. But doubt that affects the 99% of most driving we do daily...
  4. I am in exactly the same situation. My R is coming up to the end of it's PCP in November 2020, so naturally thinking now - do I chop it in and get a new car - or keep it. Because it's my daily - there are other factors I need to weigh up unfortunately, like if I have another child in the next few years my R hatch be spacious enough for all the crap I need to lug around... Some options I looked at were the new BMW 340i xDrive - no longer a 3.0 straight 6 it's had the carbon downsize treatment to a (powerful) 2.0 unit - plus has extra space, and I love the look of it. A controversial option is the new S4 - "S" really because it's a TDI now. It has power, 4WD and practical...but couldn't forgive myself driving a diesel S4, or maybe I'd get over it. I don't know. But outside of those two cars, there is nothing I want. Sure there's plenty of cars that remove some grumbles at home - like a Q5, or an XC60. But kill me now, because they bore the life out of me. So I think I'll end up keeping the R, buying it out and enjoying some time of no more PCP payments! And just wait till I have no choice but get rid of it. Question for @TP27 - did you negotiate with VWFS to get the balloon payment down or were they quite rigid about it?
  5. So I've noticed an issue with my key fob recently. Sometimes, and it is intermittent, it will unlock the car despite me pressing the lock button. It's as-if the hardware is faulty and it's long-pressing the unlock button resulting in all the windows coming down as well. When I override it by pressing the lock button, it then unlocks again! Eventually it stops playing up and it locks, and remains locked. Once it did it when I walked past my car and unlocked my front door (didn't touch the car's keyfob) and it unlocked the car as well! I can't replicate it but will try get a video of it happening and take it to VW. Hopefully replacing fault keyfobs is covered under warranty...
  6. I'm certain I've heard it, but if you want to be sure - take it to a VW garage and show them.
  7. Ignition1


    I also prefer the look of Cadiz - prefer big spokes over clustered / busy wheels. But hate they are diamond cut and expensive to refurb. I need all 4 of mine done.
  8. I paid £70 for the brake fluid change at my VW main dealer, because I didn't research other places before I agreed and paid for it. So £45, in my view, is good!
  9. I have the same sound in my MK7, on full-lock it does this.
  10. From what I have gathered: The MK7 rumbles on overrun and farts with DSG. The estate version twin tips are welded together (e.g. one tip on either side is "fake") The MK7.5 pre-OPF rumbles, pops and bangs on overrun and also farts with DSG. The estate version has "real" tips - i.e. all 4 tips are routed through. Someone can correct me on this: The MK7.5 with OPF rumbles on overrun but doesn't pop and bang, and has a quiet fart with DSG. Same estate setup as the 7.5 pre-OPF. Noise also depends if you go Akra exhaust or not. Valves open depending on RPM and gear you are in if you are in Race or DSG-S.
  11. Had my windscreen and side window replaced by Autoglass since ownership, Windscreen is fine. I think from the repair job on the passenger side rear window (which was smashed in from a break-in) it may not be a perfect fit. I find water on the inner door sills. My MOT is due soon so going to get it done at VW Watford...might ask them to check the seals around the door.
  12. I'd also say jump into a V8 while you can - it won't be many years before the only V8s you get are in supercars. The MK8 R I've read is the same 2.0 Turbo petrol though also being a "mild hybrid" - as I guessed before . Not sure if they'll do a MK8 R Plus that has more power or the R420 with the RS3's V5, doubt the latter will ever happen. A possible option is the E63s 4Matic - V8 grunt with 4WD. Not exactly a B-road killer but you'd be the king of the motorway, and pretty much any straight road. Fairly sure they depreciate off a cliff from new so there might be some relatively cheap ones knocking about. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201902104790361?make=MERCEDES-BENZ&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&postcode=wd187qd&model=E CLASS&radius=1500&price-from=500&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=price-asc&aggregatedTrim=E63 V8 BiTurbo&page=1 That one is the same price a full-spec R!
  13. In the space of a year, mine had: - Been broken into + work bag and 2nd set of car keys stolen from the back. - Windscreen cracked due to a passing grit-lorry - Bonnet chips galore - Slight ding on both driver and passenger sides from careless people opening their doors on it. And not necessarily bad luck: - All 4 Cadiz kerbed (1 by me, 3 by the mrs) - Mrs also decided to nudge a bin with the front of my car - so it has black scar on the side near the side vents. My plan is probably to keep the car, though not sure yet. If I do keep it then I'll get a full detail + Cadiz refurb (or new ones) + repairs as needed. Basically to bring it back to new again.
  14. I think it's that as well - the radar alignment tolerance I imagine is very low. My ACC error'd once but due to heavy snow.
  15. No reason you should stop launching in the rain. That's one of the plus points of an R - traction off the line in any condition (within reason obviously). I've slammed the throttle in wet conditions many times. Nothing in the manual or warranty terms that says you shouldn't do that - only that launching puts stress on the components (wet or dry). Switch your tyres out if you can as well.
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