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  1. Ignition1

    No Golf R on VW Website

    On the plus side, for those with Rs at the moment - it might make them more valuable! The best of its lifetime being the pre-WLTP 7.5 R with the 310PS engine. For those in the know, that's the one to get 2nd hand in future. Especially if the MK8 turns out to be a hybrid hot hatch.
  2. Ignition1

    No Golf R on VW Website

    Hi all - not sure if I am being thick, or not observant. But I can't see the Golf R in the VW configurator in the UK site?! I also couldn't see the S3 in the Audi site either. Only the GTI Performance could be configured. Could this be due to the delays / WLTP things? Also, apologies if this was covered in a different thread already!
  3. Ignition1

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    Try a Timpsons for a start. But definitely make sure anyone you use doesn't have your home address. If a locksmith asks what car it is, tell them it's for a 2011 Kia Rio. That'll put anyone off. Wouldn't bother buying parts or blanks for it yet. Just get it cut, test it out - and then get your toolbox out and get the new blade inside the fob. Or, the quick but expensive option, spend the £250 for a new key from the dealer.
  4. Ignition1

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    Interesting on the GTI. To be fair I got all my stats from Parkers.co.uk so it may / may not be 100% correct. But agree - 94kg isn't much for 4 Motion, but then again, it is like having a heavy person in your car. I wonder if you throw a 94kg weight over the front wheels of a GTI PP it might give you better off-the-line FWD traction I checked the Audi S3 site and it says unladen is 1,490kg which is 5kg lighter than the R. Maybe Parkers is wrong
  5. So it's at the port waiting to be sent to the UK? What have VW said over Live Chat? Otherwise I'd fire an angry e-mail off to VW and see what they say. If you can't find the e-mail address, I have one I used a while ago that I got a response from Customer Services.
  6. Ignition1

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    First I've heard of that - bit worrying. But, personally, I'd be a very hesitant about posting my pride and joy's key to someone via eBay. If they can repair keys, they can clone keys. And when you purchase on eBay, the seller gets your address (even if you're not getting anything delivered to you). Just seems too much risk - again, personal opinion on that! I'd go to VW and stomach the bill (after some complaining) - hopefully you might score a discount on a new key. Good luck!
  7. Ignition1

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    Ha - yeah I was shocked by that. I'd expect 9 MPG from a Mustang 5.0 V8, but not a 2.0 Turbo hatchback. I was also looking into RS3s, from I gather they're not that far off the R - maybe 5MPG less on average from what I read in forums. But that's the difference of seeing 28 average in an R, or 23 in an RS3! But I think it's worth it for the extra cyl + sound. I think both the DSG and 4Motion bits are heavy. In fact, a bit of research below. It looks like the VAG DSG unit weighs 22KG. I assume 4Motion adds the 119KG over the FWD GTI. Or the R, for some reason, is just plain fat. GTI 226HP (5DR, manual) - 1,289KG GTI 226HP (5DR, DSG) - 1,311KG Cupra R 300HP (5DR, manual) - 1,320KG Cupra R 300HP (5DR, DSG) - 1,346KG Golf R 300HP (5DR, manual) - 1,408KG Golf R 300HP (5DR, DSG) - 1,430KG Interestingly - the only direct comparison is the Audi S3 to the R (both 4WD). The Audi is even fatter (up to 35KG heavier!) - probably all the "premium" materials they have inside Audi S3 300HP (5DR, manual) - 1,430KG Audi S3 300HP (5dr, DSG) - 1,465KG I assume the manual GTI - at 1,289 - will be the most economical (and maybe better handling?) of all the VW hot hatches. It would have a 141KG advantage (almost 2 grown men thrown out) over the R. And looking further down - it would have 176KG advantage over the S3 S-Tronic!!! That's two heavy blokes kicked out the car. If I did a simply calc - you get 0.18HP per 1KG in the GTI 5DR manual vs. 0.20HP per 1KG in the heaviest S3. Not much in it. On a track, I think I'd want the GTI for chucking around corners quickly!!
  8. Ignition1

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    Possibly - the R has a relatively heavy kerb weight, despite how nimble it feels when driving it. On Day 2 of R ownership, I drove from my home to a local office in crawling traffic the whole way. I think I got up to 15mph for maybe 2 seconds in the whole 20 minute trip (that's London for you). I saw an average of 9 MPG. That was a shock! Though the R only had like 40 miles on it I think.
  9. Ignition1

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    My MPG varies a lot. - Cold weather, stop-start traffic and slow speeds generally - sometimes I see 16 MPG on the driver display - Warm weather, clear motorway and savvy eco driving (i.e. looking ahead, let engine braking do its thing) - I get 40 MPG on display. On average it's around 28. Motorway speed also affects it. For me - for every 10 mph above 60 - I lose 5 MPG. So like - 60mph = 38ish, 70mph = 35, 80mph = 30. And so on - though, put it this way, I've only seen 20MPG using that calculation on a few occasions...
  10. Spooky - I just ordered a set of Bosch Aerotwins from Amazon and then saw this on the forum. Getting them tomorrow. Current wiper blades are pants.
  11. Ignition1


    I'm looking forward to snow this year. Last year was a laugh. Nobody on the roads, so I took my R out last year (as I posted about previously) and it was very tail-happy. Other than that - I've never felt the rear get excited. I had a tad of understeer once, but that was because I lifted off throttle and was increasing steering wheel lock at the same time (big no-no). If anyone is wondering where I managed to do this on a public road - if you in the South (Orpington area) - there is a fairly short and quite wide, one way winding road, silky smooth - and it has a width restriction at the start (but not the end) so there are never any cars getting in the way. I swear it's designed for people to have a mini blast. Will try find it on G-Maps.
  12. Ignition1

    2nd Service cost = £399!

    My climate control is on Auto all the time as well. Sometimes I notice a slight change in power when switching off AC - or when at standstill, if you switch AC off, you get a drop in revs...but usually that's only when the car is misty or the AC is actually fully on (e.g. when it's hot outside). Most of the time it just keeps the windows clear. I had a feeling it was good to dodge the recharge...felt like a panic-buy / icing-on-an-expensive-service-cake for VW.
  13. What did they change there? Makes me think about buying out of my lease and keeping my MK7 for longer. I have a horrible feeling the MK8 R will be a car full of compromise.
  14. Ignition1

    2nd Service cost = £399!

    I think the air-con recharge is about £50 - probably why yours is £399 and not £349. Has anyone actually done an air-con recharge since ownership?? I've had VW tell me three times to do it - once in person, once on my service report and again over e-mail.
  15. Ignition1

    Googbye GolfRers

    Thanks both - good to know. Puts my mind at rest a bit. 3 out of 4 wheels have kerb damage (or kerb "rash" - I like it). And no surprises here - 90% of the damage on the left-side wheels. The only wheel that concerns me is the front left which actually chipped a bit when I turned onto a kerb at the wrong angle at a reasonably low speed, but faster than parking speed. Will try get a photo on here one day. But sounds like - based on OP's experience - as long as I keep within my mileage there shouldn't be much cost.