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  1. 😮 I just had my R in at Watford Citygate for a minor service. But I do check my mileage and dashcam after I take it in. Plus my dashcam is some Chinese knock-off I got from Amazon and the terrible menu design reflects that - even if they wanted to delete footage they couldn't
  2. I am a bit conflicted about Halfords. On the one hand they're cheaper than VW. On the other they do have a bad rep. I wonder because of all the Panorama episodes, Fake Britain, Rogue Traders etc etc. they might be a bit more careful now about doing a cack job. One would hope anyways.
  3. My car has been serviced today. Though in a spur of the moment mistake I paid £69 for a brake fluid change. Halfords do it for £40 I found out after. Live and learn I guess.
  4. Ouch. I have mine coming up soon as well, November I think for my MK7 (CO2 based tax). Plus insurance, and first MOT. Expensive month That additional £40k tax is annoying - it's not like that sort of money will get you a "luxurious" car anyways, certainly not brand new. That sort of money for a family car lands you in a Tiguan with low spec. Personally I think £50k is a more realistic threshold, especially if they're targeting "well off" people or fast cars. Or better still, stick to emissions based tax like they used to since that - quite rightly - penalised people buying environmentally unfriendly cars rather than just targeting people who worked hard for their money. So just because someone can afford a Cayenne Hybrid they pay more car tax than someone who gets a cheap diesel. Doesn't make sense. /rant On topic. I'd go R if they can work out the tax for you. You'll appreciate the 4WD in our weather - it's the most usable in normal driving conditions. Especially joining busy roads or on roundabouts. GTIs, naturally, wheel spin and throwing even more power to the front wheels (and also expecting them to steer) = more money replacing your front tyres over time.
  5. I've not driven the 7sp DSG, but the 6sp does have shaky changes in S Manual mode at times. For example slow changes from 1 --> 2, or 2 --> 3. Not sure if that's what you mean by clutch slip. Downshifts are usually quick as you're in S, so it assumes you want a lower gear. I've driven S Manual so much now that driving in D Auto feels horribly slow. I have heard the 7sp though is smoother overall in Auto. Not liking what you said about it dropping to 1st on slow corners - I do rely on my DSG staying in 2nd when in manual mode. My 6sp drops to 1st when coming to a standstill. And it seems keen to get out of 1st as well as I can change to 2nd pretty quickly in traffic.
  6. There was a spate of local chav / bored drunks in Watford bricking car windows for fun. They don't deserve air. Could've been windy overnight @daverogers2001 - or if you're on a busy road, a passing construction lorry that hit a bump or something.
  7. This thread is old! Since then - I believe it's in Forza Horizon 4 (the one set in the UK). Few videos on YouTube of it. Problem with that game is they cut corners on sound. And by cutting corners, I mean straight-line-through-Monaco-Novelle-chicane. The R sounds nothing like it does. And neither do many other cars, from what I gather. Unfortunately - I don't know of any video game that has a realistic representation of this class of car.
  8. I'm going in for a 3rd year as well in the next few days, though I'm on 24k miles! Had all 4 tyres changed earlier this year - sitting on Goodyear F1s. Running well I think. Some things I want to tell them: - I get occasional wheel spin - so want them to clean the haldex filter. - Gear changes in S + Manual are sometimes sluggish or jerky.
  9. Thanks all - very helpful! (it's why I love this forum). I will try and upload a video as well to give an idea of the speed etc. Will look to do this today. I'm hesitant about speaking to insurance because it seems like any call I make to them results in a higher premium, and this definitely will. I'll also avoid informing VW as I do see it becoming a way of wriggling out of a warranty claim. I know a good local garage that I'll ask to take a look. I checked for cracks in the black grill and couldn't feel anything. I am worried about the fan - not that it's different, but who knows if it was damaged at all.
  10. Those 1.4 Abarths!! I have no idea how they've created that kind of sound but it's so over the top that it's actually part of its charm. It's conflicting because you hear it and think "it's a tiny car, what a ridiculous noise" but then "actually that sounds really good". Agree that AMG etc. have turned into an art form. I think I watched on YouTube (CarWow maybe) a tour in a Mercedes factory where they talked about the new 4.0 V8 in the C63 and how Mercedes put a ton of effort into getting the sound right, because they know the biggest selling point on their old car was that glorious 6.3. Anyone remember the Mercedes Mclaren-SLR? To this day - I've never heard a better sounding car. Although the GLC 63 is a close second.
  11. Just want to sense check something with you all! Pretty much an hour ago, my wife had parked on a street nearby our house behind a delivery van (standard Transit-style van). The van backed into my beloved R. I got it on dash cam incl. the number plate and the driver getting out and waving his hands about (not sure why he thought he was in the right - you can even hear him say "I can't see you in my mirrors, they're too small!") It looked like a fairly slow reverse but it was a loud crack and my car did move according to the Mrs. Fortunately I was nearby so she called me and I jogged over to look at any damage. The guy was dismissive of it and he drove off. As soon as I didn't see damage my thoughts of getting his name and insurance dropped down my priority list...my fault there. I couldn't see any damage at all, and his van had this dark grey bumper jutting out - plastic I think. Judging from the height of the bumper against my car, it probably bounced off my number plate. The plate looked fine - perhaps a bit loose but I really couldn't tell if it's always like that. No marks visible on the front. Perhaps I'm just panicking, but I don't know if that sort of knock would break something inside. There are no warning messages in the car - I tested ACC briefly and no warnings. Front parking sensors seem fine. Opened the bonnet and had a very brief look for damage - nothing, bonnet shut fine as well. It's due a service soon. I might ask VW to check for any damaged parts on the front - or would that open a can of worms?
  12. I think there are simply two types of people who like exhaust noise - one group who wants to show off to the public on high streets, and the other who appreciates cars / great engines and sounds. Exhaust noise is an important factor in buying a performance car - evidence points to the thousands of YouTube "sound" videos, and reviews by prominent car reviewers who consider exhaust sound in their overall scoring of a car. The difference between loud exhausts, and nice sounding exhausts is what makes it from a nuisance to something that can be appreciated. Of course, those who see cars as simply A to B machines won't care about exhaust noise...or if the exhausts are even real and not just pretend vents at the back. Those people wouldn't get an R, I'd guess. In my view though - the R is neither loud, nor that nice sounding except on overruns. But I feel like that about any 4-cyl engine - with or without thousands of pounds of upgrades they still sound like s**t. Even the old A45 was considered "the best sounded 4-cyl engine" but was still a raspy wasp. Nothing will replicate a 5, 6 or 8-cyl unless by faking it. - BMW go to lengths of putting speakers in the exhausts - like in the i8. Or play sound through the speakers inside the car (M5). - Audi and the new diesel S4 (what the fu...) have put speakers in the exhausts as well as a soundaktor inside (I believe - need to check sources) Both those examples are tragic, but also necessary because sound is so important for us. Good sound we associate with fast cars and thus acceleration and speed - and we all enjoy that, which might be a reason we want great exhausts and want to show it off!
  13. Off topic, but the new 3-Series looks so much better than the previous version. Saw one in black M-Sport trim (comes with smoked rear lights) - looked brilliant. Also thought ditching the classic BMW DRL rings was a bad idea, but the new style looks far better. They've out-done themselves with it I think. I'll have a 340i xDrive M-Sport please. Edit: Actually just checked and they only do a 330i (250bhp)
  14. Haha - my bad. I was reading about mirrorless cameras at the same time Might as well throw in a question about premium vs. standard fuel as well.
  15. Agree! In fact I've seen other YouTube videos comparing that exact thing - AWD on summers vs. FWD / RWD on winters in snow. As it says at the bottom...VW invited CarsGuide to the "testing" event as guests. So no surprises as to what the article verdict was going to be. Saying that - I drove my R through snow (Dec 2016 I think) on stock Bridgestones and with help from AWD it powered through everything.
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