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  1. My car is a 7R 5dr with 23,400 miles. I noticed this glugging noise only recently but it's probably been happening since new. I've been taking my 5 month old "swimming" lessons and often have to give her the bottle in the back seat beforehand - that's when I noticed it. Turned the car off after a 30 minute drive and I could hear it behind me - pretty sure it was coming from the right-side, and so probably the fuel tank. Got me panicked at first as I was checking for leaks. I'll try opening the fuel cap next time and letting the air out then see if it happens still. Other sounds I noticed: - Beeping from the engine after a fast drive. - Ticking from the exhausts (also after a fast drive). - AC-like sound when the car is turned off It does love a chat.
  2. I love the R. I don't get the MPG that others on here get. Max I've seen is a very rare 41mpg but only provided it's steady, flowing traffic at 50mph on a flat gradient. Then again, even when driving fast in S + Manual, I'll rarely get less than 30 but usually because things slow me down like other cars, speed cameras and roundabouts I drive it for work and because of how they pay me, I only get 21p per mile rather than the HMRC max of 45p (I think). My previous project office was a 44 mile round trip - which got me £9.24 per trip. Now 350 miles seems to be my average range on a full tank, and costs abut £80 using Tesco Momentum (based on filling it from half tank being £40). That's 22p per mile. So I was making a 1p a mile LOSS despite my "travel being paid for". Fun drive though - I made the most of that 1p loss.
  3. A video of it will definitely help - e-mail it to VW, post it on PistonHeads and Youtube etc. Hopefully you'll get an answer soon. If you're doing a hard kick down from 5th to 3rd though, don't show the speedo
  4. You may have misunderstood. I meant the MK7.5 Post-WLTP stock exhaust sounds better than the MK7 (and 7.5) Pre-WLTP stock exhaust. At least on videos. Akro is better than both of course! I haven't seen a comparison from Automann on Pre-WLTP Akro vs Post-WLTP Akro though. I think the closest comparison we can get is Automann - as I assume he uses the same camera and microphone equipment generally, given they all sound the same. Using my headphones as well, I'd imagine I get the closest representation of sound. But nothing compares to real life as you say. At least it's not like the Fiat 595 Abarth
  5. What's interesting is the Akropovic version with 310PS was 0.1s slower to 62mph than the post-WLTP 300PS version. Though lots of factors when it's that marginal difference - wind speed, tyres and road surface mainly. Even though the 310PS version had Performance Pack Michelin Cup tyres on! I also think the post-WLTP sounds better and is definitely louder. I didn't like the lack of DSG fart, but now I prefer the softer "pop" - can't describe it other than it sounds more grown-up and less raspy. Reminds me of the Mercedes 2.0L hot hatch gear changes in the CLA / A45, A35 etc. For example compare the MK7 video @1:50 to the Post-WLTP @ 0:50. But if we're talking about the greatest car sound in the world right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzCL8wQ8FLI&t=200s @ 3:20
  6. I love Automann videos - straight to the point (usually), and lots of focus on sound. For those with a MK7 R, here's the equivalent video: Here is his video of the pre-WLTP, Facelift Akrapovic version: And lastly - a speed video with the same Akro / 7.5 pre-WLTP car:
  7. Yeah that fitting in your photo looks a lot better than the one on Amazon. Maybe it was how the photo was taken in the one I saw.
  8. They look surprisingly smart. Seem better on a white R to contrast other black trim bits. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0794HW33K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_xZ3bDbZ5YFJ7A - the bit that bugs me about these is they don't seem to line up with the bonnet panels, based on a photo from this buyer. But it could be how they fitted them, or the way the photo is taken. But better than these at least
  9. VW gave me that free module that you slot into OBD port - tracks fuel use, mileage, where I travelled to, where I parked etc. They probably keep much of that data in the car for warrant-dispute purposes anyways without the module, but I removed it anyways. Plus it killed my phone's battery + it was so hot I could've used it to get my oil temp up quicker. It reminded me of those black box insurance policies. Accelerate too hard = lower score. BS really. So if I'm being chased by the police for speeding I'll have to pay a higher premium next year??! Ridiculous nanny state.
  10. Just learnt about this thing called Google, and using Google I found this - https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/technology/welcome-to-car-net The GoPro thing for the back seat looks pretty cool, if it works well like that.
  11. What is Carnet exactly? Do you need to enable it from factory or do all Golfs come with it as standard (i.e. ability to tether from phone?)
  12. Can you extend it beyond 4 years? I was going to keep the car at the end of my lease but wondering I can buy warranty via VW again.
  13. I love the Cadiz - prefer it over Prets, personally. If you black your tyres with a gel, and give the Cadiz a good clean and shine - they look great and look bigger than 18" for sure. Because they're angled inwards (don't know the term for it), they look better on the move as well - like a helicopter blades at low speed. I've always preferred wheels with either thick spokes (like Cadiz) or lots of thin spokes (like you get on some Mercedes). Though I do like the GTI Santiago wheels. But they would rip my cleaning sponge to pieces
  14. Thanks - will take a look one day! I have found some roads in the Chalfonts, though I went at the wrong time of day. They were clear-ish, but too many cars coming the opposite way for me to feel comfortable going quickly. Sunday early morning is the best bet. If I can just resist having a drink the night before. There is one road that connects Watford and Harrow - A4008. 40mph. Recently resurfaced, wide and a mix of straights and light bends - but tends to be busy.
  15. Ignition1


    Speaking of the new Polo - they're huge now. Looks nearly as a big as a MK5 or MK6 Golf. This is a good point - if you just want a powerful (but usable in the real world - i.e. with 4WD) and specifically want a VW - what options do they have other than an R or R Estate? In the UK the next fastest 4Motion VW is probably the Tiguan 3.0 bi-turbo TDI. In the US - you can get a Passat with 3.0 VR6 TSI with 4Motion. And there are rumours of a Tiguan R with the Audi 2.5 V5...but emissions and WLTP will mean it'll probably have the same 2.0 E888 as the R - if the Seat Ateca Cupra is anything to go by as well. So the R ends up with two types of buyers - those who want it as a sports car to thrash about, and those that just want a usable powerful car for occasional blasts but usually pootle about the place getting 38mpg. Nothing wrong with either!
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