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  1. Yep - same reason I always keep it in manual. Sport changes up at too high revs for my liking, and D is too low. But prefer Sport as it'll set the outer exhaust flaps to open at idle and certain rev range, unlike D which keeps the outers shut. Better on pre-OPF Rs to evenly spread the soot 😂. I'd love a middle-ground auto mode - like a D+ mode. Where it does all the exhaust flap stuff but also doesn't hold onto gears like S, and doesn't short shift like D.
  2. You posted that 1 month later, and the earliest appointment is 3rd May?! Wow. Just a tip: I had the same thing with my camshaft actuator - they gave me an appointment about 3 months in future, but one of them said "you can drop it here as a 'breakdown'" and it will be looked at sooner. This worked as instead of 3 months, I got my R fixed and returned in a week I would argue yours is a 'breakdown' since you have no navigation etc. Plus you can say you are concerned the rest of the digital dash might fail = no speedo! Just be ready to not have your R for a bit, as it will be an unplanned job in VW's view so have no obligation to fix it quickly...but they have an interest to fix it quickly to get it out of their workshop.
  3. Do you mean in the top right corner when it says 1 --> 2 when it thinks you should be in 2nd gear? Or is there a 'bigger' message that appears for you? If it's the gear recommendation in the top right, I think I've just mentally blocked it out. I've driven my R since new in S Manual - I've only looked at it when in traffic but if I'm pushing on I rarely look down at the DIS.
  4. Interesting! Not heard of anyone doing that before. With that comment - do you mean the major service didn't do a great job at the oil change / filter etc?
  5. It might be yes - though I thought limp mode is when you're restricted to a lower speed (like 30mph) and limits maximum revs. Definitely a loss of power is the main thing.
  6. @Dazautomatics let us know what VW come back with on your query. I'm in my 3rd renewal of VW extended warranty - Named Components only. It does cover 'Engine' overall. Actually, realised ~1 year ago I paid for an electrical repair to my exhaust valve as they said it's not under warranty, but according to my policy - electrics are covered! FFS. As mentioned above - read the policy. They slip this one into general exclusions though
  7. Just a theory - but I would think modern engines have some sensors and tolerances built-in that will stop it breaking / wearing down other components due to misfires - i.e. the ECU would think "uh oh - this isn't healthy, better go into protection mode" and then it'll adjust air/fuel ratios and so on. In fact I'm surprised you didn't go into limp home actually but maybe it didn't think there were sufficient issues to warrant that. The only thing that might break my theory is if the stage 1 overrides those parameters and it's still trying to give full power despite it coughing. Though given you didn't drive it hard + it was a short drive, I imagine that short window wouldn't have done anything. Edit - FYI, it's just my theory (from someone who far from being called a mechanic, or involved in car design / builds at all. I work in IT 😂. But some limited knowledge of how these things work - and the extent of sensors in modern engines and how surprisingly 'deep' the data they capture is and what the car's ECU brain can do with that data - is what I based that on.
  8. I'm an average R owner (I think) - good tyres, servicing at VW, no mods at all done, wash and spray wax paint at least twice a month. But there's certain things, like under the front splitter, that even I wouldn't think to check. I've my R for going on 7 years and VW have never mentioned there is problem. Maybe I should check myself!
  9. Mine had cracked as well - and it was flapping about on the motorway which was pretty funny to see from the driver seat. Although I had images of it snapping off and spearing into the windscreen and through my head Final Destination-style - so I pulled over the hard shoulder and taped it down with some Gorilla tape I randomly had in the glove box. Anyway - VW changed it for £40 incl VAT at my last service. Looks better than when it had a bunch of hastily slapped on black tape
  10. Just to check: they were lit and working before you took it to the garage, they replaced the S/S button, and now none of them are working, and they're saying "sorry we can't fix it but good luck" I mean - really? What kind of garage is that. Sorry not helpful I know, but personally I'd be asking for a refund and demanding they fix it - or pay the costs for a VW dealer to diagnose and repair them...
  11. +1 for battery being the cause - based on past threads, electrical gremlins seem to be battery linked. My battery is still original (and I know it'll fail now) - though I'm on 54k miles so maybe it's due for change! "Error: ACC" weirdly can mean anything in these Golfs. In my case it was dodgy camshaft actuator. I'm guessing anything that affects the engine - and therefore affects ACC's ability to accelerate / brake - would cause it to stop working. Or if it thinks the car engine has taken some external damage but hasn't affected the radar, it will err on side of caution and stop ACC from working.
  12. Hi All - anyone else had this where at low speeds (and no music or loud fan to mask it), you hear a squeaky whine - almost like a low pitch whistle - from the front centre as you are turning? I mean nearly right-angle turning (but not full lock - I'd say 60% of full lock). It seems to happen when it's cold - e.g. 4C or less. But recently we've had 10C+ here and I've not noticed it. Also, for me it only happens when turning right but not left??
  13. This thread has reminded me I really need to get mine done! Planning to just throw on some Pagids pads and discs all round - or maybe "EBC Yellow Stuff" pads and Pagid discs. Not looking for performance increase but would like less dust ideally. Last quote including parts and labour was £400 from a local garage. Compared to probably £5,000 + VAT + labour + extra things VW find wrong.
  14. Good point above about tyre pressures. Lower pressure + grippier tyres will definitely impact. I always overinflate mine a bit as I prefer the feel - with Michelin PS4 it still feels equally grippy (obviously not pushing it like on a track) but the Bridgestones my R came with over-pumped felt like I was riding on stones wheels, and were as grippy as stone wheels would be...
  15. This was my error: Cam Shaft Actuator "A" Cylinder 2 Range/Performance (15396 P11A600) - though VW fixed it under warranty. Actually @slider09 fixed this exactly issue for £30 and 5 minutes work on his driveway . VW said if didn't have warranty it would cost me £3,000. Next time I'm going to slider's driveway for future work.
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