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  1. I've had VW in St Albans ask me once if I wanted to book in for my 'overdue' cambelt change - almost had me as well since I didn't know it's was a timing chain!
  2. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aawireless#/
  3. That's an expensive sticker 😂. I reckon you could get one custom-made if someone provides a hi-res photo / scan of their sticker. And the forum owners allowed it.
  4. You're not alone with that - my 2017 Golf R gives me a lot of frustration with Android Auto. Hit a bump? Disconnect. Turn too quickly? Disconnect. Think a bad thought? Disconnect. Then it goes through a comedy-like cycle of connecting and disconnecting. I have sympathy for software, but sometimes - if I don't need navigation - I let it have its tantrum and watch it slowly give up trying to connect itself. The quickest fix is getting a new cable. I rarely - if not ever - have issues with cables for any device I own in my house. Yet with my VW and Android Auto I've used i
  5. Where does anyone actually race though? The most I've done is 'race' to 70 to join a dual carriageway then both me and the other car are in traffic till we get to wherever we're going, which for me these days is usually B&Q. Personally (and I recall having a discussion on a different thread about someone nearly 'losing the back end') if you obliterate yourself on a side railing because you tried to take a corner too quickly, tough luck mate - you took the risk, you paid the price. I'm fine with that. But if you took someone else out (your own passenger, or another car) in the
  6. Nice result - glad you avoided an expensive fix in the end. Bit of a shame the garage, being a "VW and Audi specialist" (though I see so many garages call themselves that) didn't run the 'pump learn' - I'd probably feed that back to them for future reference. Do you get any wheel spin now @MarkieMark? My R is stock and I only get slippage when either - a. The car is cold and I'm guessing the Haldex oil needs some warming or b. I'm turning out of a T-junction (not full lock, but most of the rack) which the Haldex doesn't like so it spins up.
  7. I think the tyre pressure sticker should say, but 2.6bar / 37 or 38 PSI is about right. I run mine at 40 / 2.7 bar all round. Used to be at 41 / 2.8bar but I think that was overdoing it
  8. That's a good choice and a good price as well for all 4. I'm glad, despite everything else seeming to cost more, that fitting new tyres hasn't really changed in the last 5 years! I had fitted 4 x Goodyear Asy3 for about the same money 5 years back!
  9. Agree with what everyone else has said. PS4 are a good all-rounder. For added comfort, reduce PSI a bit. You do have to remember though it will still be a hot hatch - even with tyres made of jelly the suspension will be rock hard. DCC I'm sure helps if you have it. I run my PS4s at higher PSI (41) as I prefer the feel of it. Does make bad surfaces really bad but it's still comfortable on most roads.
  10. I sent a direct message to @CG7R in case they see it but like you said, not been here since Jan last year!
  11. You could try prise a small gap and put a few squirts of 'Stick Stuff Remover' which should eat away at the glue that VW use...which seems no better than B&Q superglue. Give it 5 mins, then try peel it off. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mykal-Sticky-Stuff-Remover-250ml/dp/B000TAT4GM/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=sticky+stuff+remover+liquid&qid=1649752708&sprefix=sticky+stuff%2Caps%2C66&sr=8-5
  12. I've heard the wagon / estate sound inside also depends what you put in the back of it. An empty 'chamber' and no load cover would be quite loud. But full of bed duvets and pillows it'll be muted? Not suggesting you drive around with a king size duck-feather duvet in the back at all times.
  13. I would tell them to stop and cut my losses - you're talking £5,000 for a repair which is an insane amount in the UK for most repairs, even serious ones. You only get to those kind of numbers when there are loads of things wrong with the engine or it's completely done. Feels like a rip off to me.
  14. Interesting thanks - didn't realise the estate had no valves at all. I remember when it came out the setup used to be like this. Image is courtesy of this forum actually! The OP in the post was saying how vent only came out of two of the four pipes, which I guess led many to believe it was valved like the hatch but a photo underneath showed it was fake 😕 And I believe VW changed it - either a mid-life change (i.e. while it was still a MK7) or in the MK7.5 to both tips having their own separate pipe to the muffler so now they all had a smoke. I
  15. Does it change throttle response? I guess it does from idle as it revs higher (and thus is closer to the torque band) but in mid-rev range I would've thought the power ('response') is the same. But I'm not sure if makes the actual pedal more responsive...nothing like a Pedalbox anyway. Need to test it myself 😊 - D-Manual 4k RPM and floor it versus S-Manual 4k RPM. One thing I notice is S mode's threshold to change down a gear in manual mode is at a much higher RPM than D. You can let D drop to barely any revs before it'll force a downshift on you, where S will want to downshift ear
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