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  1. I've had jerky gear changes as well. I'm not sure if they are happening more, or I'm noticing it more, but since about 28k miles I'd say. Some gear changes are sloooowww and others are quick to change gear but feels like the clutch is slipping?! I notice this usually when manually changing though (S mode). Though it is due a Haldex + DSG service this year. So maybe that will sort it.
  2. I guess "why" can be asked about any hobby - sometimes you do it because you can. But like mentioned above, most on this forum will have got their R as an R - so unlikely you'll find people with in-depth mechanical knowledge. I could be wrong!
  3. Not a 7.5, but in a MK7 mine just says the number - no M. Either when paddle changing while in D or S, or pushing the stick to manual mode. I guess it doesn't need to say M - e.g. if there is no S or D before the number then I know I'm in manual mode. @sibrahim10 are you worried that your software is old or not the correct version?
  4. Haha, bit off topic as well - that silver looks so slick on the 7 series. Almost matt from some angles and pearl from others. Back on topic: given how thin the R paint is, it's probably 10 layers thicker Personal question maybe - but how did you go about convincing BMW to letting you buy a plinth model? Or did you mean they were refurbishing so put it up for sale? Sounds like a great opportunity to me. It will be cheaper than new because it's been touched and sat in a lot + high spec, but will have barely any miles on it! Laser lights are like Audi's Matrix right? Does it have that feature where it adjusts suspension in milliseconds to let you go over speed bumps without feeling it in the cabin? (long description for probably a short-named feature).
  5. Do love a 750 - FO4 or G11? Even if I could afford it I don't think the V12 in the 760 is worth it - from what I've heard on YouTube it doesn't sound that great. Much prefer a V8 in Beamer. 750 is the best of the range. Pillowed head rests on the back seats = happy kids!
  6. My guess is: The £63 fee is: 10% for the glass 30% for labour (less than 5 minute job including driving the car to the service area) 60% mark-up because it's "genuine".
  7. Nice! 7 Series? I like the sound of the seats bolstering tighter if you flick to Sports mode.
  8. Thanks @Penguin - my car is the same as @Captjack - mine is over 3 years old and 30k miles. I don't use ACC at all. My brakes will probably be due replacement soon, and I would've just gone with VW but I'll find an Indy instead and get some better non-rust brakes. Would going non-OEM brakes affect warranty - if anyone knows?
  9. Memory seats are handy, but the best driver-setup I saw was on an old Lexus I think. You could save the steering wheel position, wing mirrors, rear view mirror and driver's seat with one button press. Not sure which manufacturer does that today. On topic - I have had my R for 3.5 years and around 30k miles. The cloth seats are holding up really well. I have seen a few leather seats in older Rs (not Nappa) and some were sagged but others looked pristine. Not sure how many miles the cars were on (or how "bulky" the owners were ). I had spilled a lot of coffee on the passenger seat once. It did take a while to absorb out, an entire kitchen roll nearly, but used some rug / carpet cleaner to break it down and it's fine. Leather would be a lot easier.
  10. Some people just lack a basic level of human intelligence to be able to open a car door properly. And usually the same people lack decent parenting skills to stop their kids booting the back doors open to jump out.
  11. Interesting. Some are saying engine issues etc. But could it be your brakes engaging / disengaging? Assume you didn't have Active Cruise Control turned on when it happens. No way to tell other than taking some from VW for a long drive, or letting them drive.
  12. I'm planning to get extended warranty when I buy-out my R from it's PCP in November. Even if I was buying it out now during Covid I'd still take out warranty as it's a good time to negotiate with VW ... VAG will want the cash flow across all marquees to keep their investors happy and share price up during this time. If you wait till post-Covid - you and the entire of UK will be booking appointments, test driving and putting deposits down on new cars. They will charge you full price for anything.
  13. Yes same thing happened to me when my car keys were stolen. VW reprogrammed my keys for a small-ish fee (I think £30), but had to get locksets and keys changed which was between £400 and £500 incl. parts and labour if I recall correctly.
  14. Returning capital punishment springs to mind.
  15. At the moment - save your money on CCTV, proximity sensors and new locks. Just a big red and yellow bold lettered sign on your front door saying "URGENT NHS NOTICE: This household has a severe Covid-19 risk of infection, please do not touch anything". Then again. I'd be more worried about them stealing my baked beans, bog roll and plain white flour than my R.
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