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  1. I've never seen that in my 7R! Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, or it's a 7.5 thing.
  2. Didn't quite see, but how did they get in? Cloned the keyless signal or break-in to the house? Hope it was recovered! And good looking out by the neighbours, especially for the person letting them damage a very expensive Range. Hope the insurance companies didn't take advantage of this - i.e. Range-owner's premium goes up, R owner's premium goes up, both lose no claims and the entire street's car insurance goes up because of the theft in the area makes it "dangerous"...
  3. Haha - ouch. I guess I have that many years of dreary SUVs - though I respect the XC40. Who knows what an R (if there is an R) will be like then. No doubt faster than it's ever been, but powered by batteries probably! Congrats! Also exactly the same here - when she walked around the car the first time back in 2016 it was all "this looks practical and easy to park" until she reached the back, I saw her eyes look down then dead-pan looked across at me over the roof. I said "don't worry - it's for improved engine airflow so it's more economical". Which convinced her for 0 seconds. Even though, ironically, it might be true. I did consider this. Though I think legroom in the passenger bench is the same as the hatch? So same issue with the isofix base + car seat. They're massive these days it seems - the front passenger seat currently can only be used by people up to 5'8" I reckon. And forget about putting anything else in the footwell. Due to the boot size - the (folded) carry cot goes on the front passenger seat, pram in the boot, wife in the rear-right seat, car seat on the rear-left. Middle seat...unusable by an adult. It's fine until you need to stay overnight somewhere or do any substantial shopping. The R estate would solve that issue though. I think a part me does want an XC40, and I really like what Volvo are producing these days - the V90 / S90 are stunning cars in and out. But nothing will beat the feeling of being alone in an R and punting it down a well-known clear B road. It is do-able to use as a practical family car though (the hatchback) - just depends how much you want to compromise on, and how good you are at cramming stuff into every bit of space in the car.
  4. I'm feeling sad these days because I know I'll be giving it back at the lease end Having just had my first baby. I found putting in an isofix base + car seat, the front passenger seat has to be pushed quite far forward. And suddenly the boot, which previously was perfect, suddenly feels very small when you put a changing bag + folded pram + carry cot in there. I was adamant at keeping it, but even now I'm starting to agree with my wife (for once) that actually I need a car that's even more practical than the R already is. So now whenever I can drive it alone, I take longer routes and try enjoy every minute of it. And I still maintain - in terms of price, power, practicality, running costs, looks, desirability, standard kit and reliability - it's the best all-round car on sale today. Any issues I have with it are minor. My next car I'm aiming for is an XC40 Inscription 4WD with the 250hp turbo petrol unit. Seems like a worthy alternative, although running costs are higher.
  5. Mine also does this occasionally. I put it in reverse and no camera. Usually resolved by turning the car off then on again. But to last a whole day and it not work, that's not happened to me.
  6. How are you driving? Sorry for the delay - just had my first child so was away for a while! It's just stop/start traffic, and short bursts of acceleration (not flooring it or in sport mode). It does vary. Like a drive through ring road, through more traffic to Tesco, through even more traffic to get to the Tesco car park - like 11 to 15mpg is normal for me.
  7. Mine also whines - like the sound in a manual car when you're in too low of a gear. It only happens at half-throttle though, or gentler acceleration.
  8. Nothing wrong with the MK7 - I prefer the looks and dials in the MK7 vs the 7.5. However I still think the 7.5 pre-WLTP is the best of the series - highest power, no emissions fiddling and given it's newer, in theory it'll have less mileage 2nd hand. In the right spec - colour and wheels etc. - it looks better than the MK7. Freshly waxed Lapiz Blue, Black Prets with Pano Sunroof is the best looking R I've ever seen.
  9. I get the same in Watford - except in ring road traffic, where I get 11!
  10. On the plus side, for those with Rs at the moment - it might make them more valuable! The best of its lifetime being the pre-WLTP 7.5 R with the 310PS engine. For those in the know, that's the one to get 2nd hand in future. Especially if the MK8 turns out to be a hybrid hot hatch.
  11. Hi all - not sure if I am being thick, or not observant. But I can't see the Golf R in the VW configurator in the UK site?! I also couldn't see the S3 in the Audi site either. Only the GTI Performance could be configured. Could this be due to the delays / WLTP things? Also, apologies if this was covered in a different thread already!
  12. Try a Timpsons for a start. But definitely make sure anyone you use doesn't have your home address. If a locksmith asks what car it is, tell them it's for a 2011 Kia Rio. That'll put anyone off. Wouldn't bother buying parts or blanks for it yet. Just get it cut, test it out - and then get your toolbox out and get the new blade inside the fob. Or, the quick but expensive option, spend the £250 for a new key from the dealer.
  13. Interesting on the GTI. To be fair I got all my stats from Parkers.co.uk so it may / may not be 100% correct. But agree - 94kg isn't much for 4 Motion, but then again, it is like having a heavy person in your car. I wonder if you throw a 94kg weight over the front wheels of a GTI PP it might give you better off-the-line FWD traction I checked the Audi S3 site and it says unladen is 1,490kg which is 5kg lighter than the R. Maybe Parkers is wrong
  14. So it's at the port waiting to be sent to the UK? What have VW said over Live Chat? Otherwise I'd fire an angry e-mail off to VW and see what they say. If you can't find the e-mail address, I have one I used a while ago that I got a response from Customer Services.
  15. First I've heard of that - bit worrying. But, personally, I'd be a very hesitant about posting my pride and joy's key to someone via eBay. If they can repair keys, they can clone keys. And when you purchase on eBay, the seller gets your address (even if you're not getting anything delivered to you). Just seems too much risk - again, personal opinion on that! I'd go to VW and stomach the bill (after some complaining) - hopefully you might score a discount on a new key. Good luck!
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