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  1. If it was the Audi digital dash they put in the A4 / Q3 / S3, I think it's worth it. I really like the design of the Audi one, especially when you overlay Google Maps. On the newer high-end Audis like the RS-Q8 and A8. They are jaw-droppingly good. I'd take that over analogue any day. But in the Golf, VW haven't seemed to nail digital dashes yet - not just Golfs, but all VWs have "meh" dashes. I was hoping the MK8 will improves things there and bring it more in-line with Audi.
  2. I thought all new cars come with 3 years warranty as standard? Seems odd it expired earlier based on @R_wannabe_owner's dates. Unless it was pre-reg and sat around waiting for a number plate to go on it. Definitely would fight back that £900. Seems daft that just 15 days after the alleged expiration and the dashboard fails. Flex that Consumer Rights Act!
  3. I don't think there is any way of improving MPG from that, other than keeping it turned off 😂
  4. Would love see a photo of your RAM next to your R to compare size. I've seen a few imported pick-ups around in the UK and it makes our road widths look tiny. I always assumed - wrongly - that a diesel in any pick-up in the US would have huge displacements, but a 3 litre V6 turbo is similar to here. The VW Amarok pick-up in the UK has a 3.0 V6 diesel, and it's quick. $4k is a hefty surcharge over a V8 petrol, in the UK that would definitely be the other way round in terms of pricing. I guess it's all about what they can sell at what margin etc. I wonder if
  5. Certainly brings a different perspective to the R's fuel economy, if you are in the US. In the UK a diesel is rarely a big diesel (unless it's in a lorry), and they tend to be the economical choice. I don't know of any diesel engines in the UK that are bigger than a 3.0 multi-turbo 6cyl - BWM's "M50d" range (X5, X7 etc.), Audi's "50 TDI" (A6, A7, A8, Q7 etc.). There used to be V8 diesels and even a V12 diesel in a Q7, but they died out quickly because most buyer's in the UK didn't associate the word 'performance' with 'diesel' - on top of that they were expensive. And a final nail
  6. I think you're still too focused on fuel economy, like I was for a short time. It can be economical by snail crawling - sure you'll get maybe an extra 50 miles out of a tank, but what's the point? It will never be as frugal as you're hoping. And the moment you hit some heavy traffic or go above 60mph on a motorway, that's it...bye bye petrol. The best thing you can do is forget about it, accept the higher cost, whack it in Race / Sport, put your DSG in manual and enjoy it.
  7. I was nerdy enough to look back at my first few posts in this forum back in 2016, as that's when I was still ballin' in me A3. So there you go - a pokey 1.4TFSI A3 - that even ran on 2 cylinders sometimes - wasn't actually much better than the R in traffic. Compared to the A3 to my experience today with my R: In London / heavy traffic - A3: 25mpg, R: 20mpg Motorway doing 70mph - A3: 50, R: 38 Motorway doing 80mph - A3: 40, R: 34 It looks like a big difference - average of 40mpg in the A3 (440 mile tank), 30mpg in the R (330 mile tank).
  8. Nice R @Timmymeads. I do think of all the cosmetic mods people do, black trim (badges etc.) is the best one. I saw a properly murdered out R once - Deep Pearl Black, black trim, extra tints on front and rear windows and I'm sure the stock Prets were darker. Looked like a shadow. Bit too far though. Your one looks just right. MPG is one of those things that you have to accept and compromise on. I got into an R after driving a 1.4TFSI A3 - it was a company car so I wasn't gentle with it, but even ragging it down to its very soul I still got better MPG than driving my R moderately. So
  9. If I recall my old A3 also had a way of pausing music from the steering wheel. Maybe it was that configurable * button on the wheel that they removed in future versions. Btw @AHG - what steering wheel is that on the R?? Looks neat.
  10. Did you try the "sound character" setting? And re-setting to default? It's the screen where you can adjust the equalizer for bass, treble and so on. That's the only other software setting I can think of. But the equalizer should make music vocals only come out of one speaker...bit strange that. I'm assuming you've tried different songs from different sources (e.g. Spotify, Youtube etc), and tried sending music via bluetooth and via USB cable. Does it happen with radio as well? Must be a software issue, if the speakers are working and can play vocals (e.g. a voice call)
  11. Ouch - I can imagine the feeling in your stomach when it doesn't react how you were expecting 😕
  12. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard of this before personally. Would be good to know what they find out. Hopefully it peaked their interest and they will do some digging. Seems like a software thing rather than mechanical (I hope). Also - quite alarming as it could happen if you're using some power to join a busy roundabout 😕 . It's not like a "blip" either - it completely goes out of gear then drops back in again. Which also, at higher throttle amounts, can't be mechanically healthy to drop into a gear after falling out of one...
  13. I do miss Max Power for entertainment. Slammed hot hatches, stuck-on decals and a girl in a swimsuit photoshopped in front of it. They certainly had a target audience in mind.
  14. I agree. You can see the owner, based on the article, is very proud of it and likely kept it well maintained since it was his baby (that grew up to become a model in a magazine). Also the fact they used his car to advertise Ecotune gives me, maybe slightly misplaced, reassurance that they back the mods done and that they're solid / reliable. They're also a point of contact for future issues, or take your car to them to repair - just show them the photo of their advert, with that exact R, in the magazine and see what happens . Albeit they're based in Scotland which could be a litt
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