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  1. well i have the super basic VW at the minute, so either one will have pretty much everything else extra. Probably none to be honest
  2. interesting! i cant get one pretty cheap here in Norther ireland, but im just wondering is that or the VW one the best option. and then fitting it...id tackle that myself i think!
  3. Hi all, What are the opinions on these two machines? Similarily priced, but it seesm the alpine has a bit more spec for the money, and requires less to be spent to get all the fittings. has anyone got one and fitted it themselves? eary or hard? Any info greatfully recevieved! Thanks
  4. do you just use one of the longer type clamps to put the resonator back on again?
  5. how hard would it be to return to stock after fitting the res delete pipe, stock exhaust, stock everything
  6. With jb4, how do you know what to set it to? Or is it all preset? I had assumed dtuk were pretty much the standard. Where's best to get jb4?
  7. Just as an FYI, genuine bearing was the issue in the end thankfully. Odd but I'm glad it's sorted
  8. But I'm pretty much asking do people think my box is dead or can it be resurrected, the tuning box, NOT the pedal box or anything to do with pedals
  9. I hadn't heard of it when I was looking at boxes tbh, picked up this one on ebay. Did the Job till the above happened
  10. This is actually the tuning box, which is even worse\more expensive...no reply as yet but I guess we'll see.
  11. Ok grand, my mate has one in Bangor. What are you driving?
  12. They all seem grand, used multimeter to check they didn't break. Only a flicker when you connect battery then nothing. Is sol slang for broken? Lol
  13. So, plugged the dtuk box back in after having the car in for warranty work. Engine light came on and it felt sluggish. The box had come loose, so I turned it off and wwited. Plug the box back in and there doesn't appear to be any life about it, it flickers when connected but nothing else happens. Holding + and - doesn't do anything. Is the box now FUBAR? I took it all out of the car and the lights went off. So the cars not broke. Also appreciate I could ask dtuk, but it's 3rd hand at least by now. Thanks in advance
  14. 33k miles, march 2015, owned it 2 weeks
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