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  1. I had an intermittent clunking noise when steering to the right at low speed going over bumps. It was diagnosed as a faulty rear shock which was duly replaced. However, the clunk remained so the car (Jan 2019 R estate) went back in today when they fitted noise detection equipment and sat an apprentice in the back and another in the front. The front apprentice thought the noise was coming from the back and the back apprentice thought it came from the front. It was the noise detection gear that finally indicated that it was coming from the near side A pillar and when the trim was removed they discovered a broken weld. They welded it and reassembled the trim and it’s now clunk free. I’ve never heard of this before so it’s a bit concerning. Anyone else had anything similar.
  2. 2Fast

    Hi All

    Impulse buys are best kind. I’ve got previous. Many years ago we went to look for a car, stopped of at a new build development for a nosey, and bought a house instead.
  3. 2Fast

    Hi All

    I went to test drive a Tiguan a couple of weeks ago and ended up buying an R estate in Atlantic Blue. Don't quite understand what happened there, something to do with my wife assuming that four wheel drive was four wheel drive and she liked the colour. Anyway, one blast around the back roads where we live convinced her she’d made a mistake and would stick to her Captur. So, I’ve been lurking in the shadows here, picking up all sorts of valuable information from the knowledgeable members, and thought it about time I joined. I’m more likely to be an asker of stupid questions than an answerer of them, but I suppose all you bright guys need people like me to impress😁.
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