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  1. Thanks, assuming all goes to plan do you know roughly how long i should expect it to take?
  2. Thanks, i'll let you know how we go!
  3. Thanks all , We bought a Sandisk SDHC 32GB card and we'll try that - although the process seems reasonably straight forward it's our computer skills that are at question!!! i'll probably leave the original VW card as is for now as it has the Australian mapping on and i don't want to confuse it as much as me. Cheers
  4. Thanks , i'll let you know how we go.
  5. MJG


    Thanks so much for the warm welcome, yes, we really love the R and plan on keeping it for quite a while - really glad we had the ceramic coating put on making it much easier to keep clean!! We're trying to get the mapping changed to uk mapps but not having any luck so far - have posted in another thread. as you can imagine the Nav system is pretty important to us at the moment. Thanks
  6. Thanks so much for that, Had a look at the web site and noticed one of the options was that the dealer could supply a new card , unfortunately the local dealer said they couldn't help - very disappointing really! We bought the car new from the dealer in Aus and have the original SD Card , yesterday though we bought a new SD card so will try to follow the process of downloading the European maps from that link. looking at the process it seems we select the care followed by the type of nav system and then choose which set of maps we would like? Are there any other options ? the Nav system is essential for us at the moment!!! We're near Reading in Berkshire, if there are any more local places that could assist that would be great or we may take you up on your offer. Cheers Mark
  7. Thanks Alfredo, yes , i saw that but to be honest it looks like is outside of my capabilities , if we have the old SSD would it just up date that or do i need to put in a new blank card? I guess i can give it a try. Thanks so much.
  8. Hi, Having recently brought our 2016 Golf R back from Australia we are looking to both update the media system and replace the Australian maps with the current UK versions. Would anyone know whether its just a case of buying a new SSD card with UK Maps or if there are any other changes we need to make? if so where would be the best place to buy/download- have to admit i'm not that great with technology. Probably should mention that we bought the car new from a VW dealer in Aus, would really appreciate any assistance with this. Cheers Mark
  9. MJG


    Hi all, We've just returned to the UK from Australia and have brought our 2016 Golf R with us, with just under 10 k miles on it , it didn't seem worth trying to sell over there and then buy again here. The Car is Lapiz Blue with a DSG box , leather interior and 19" wheels. Cheers MJG
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