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  1. Hiya...does anyone know the part number for the rear intake blanking plate to complete the pikey 600 please...I have seen it somewhere but didnt take the number down ..I understand it's for the gtd intake ?
  2. Does anyone know if there is a headlight bulb upgrade for the 7R...I've looked on different sites and cant seem to find them ?....and if there is do you know the type/ part number..thanks
  3. Thanks Daniel I'll have a look at there website because I've decided to get one
  4. Thanks sequence I'll look at that one
  5. Thanks Dave I'll have a look into that but thgt itd be too loud...is a resonated sports cat back miltek for example..not too loud then..I'll YouTube examples that should be ok ... are the jb4 tuning boxes any good do you know I did think a remap but can't take it off n don't wanna knacker my car....thanks again
  6. Thanks for that I'll have a look at the bus one
  7. Thanks reapstar...I was definately goin to have it done then a clip put me off a bit saying it drones etc.. I had an a45 before and the amg exhaust popped n banged but no droning so was ok...think I will tho hahaha
  8. hiya... im new to vw cars but really pleased with the R. just wondered if there was anyone in lincs who had a res delete that they would like to show me ? thinking of doing it but dont want the drone ..i like a few crackles and pops so a demo would be great if possible Also thinking of jb4 if anyone has one in lincs to demo me thanks in advance
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