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  1. FIXED LED HEADLIGHT! Just a quick note, LCMs where perfectly working, turned out to be the motor in the headlight that failed (left to right motor) as confirmed by fault code there is 2 motors one is a serviceable item the other isn’t and my wasn’t ☹️... second hand headlight for £298 to my door in brilliant condition, better than the £1700/£2000 quotes I was getting! no coding was required as I used my old modules, a garage well known for retrofitting did confirm sometimes they do need coding, mine obviously didn’t as they where my originals thanks for the help @dv52
  2. Brilliant once again thank you for your help. I will do what you have said.. and do a write up on the fix so people can learn from my problems
  3. @dv52 So just to confirm if it’s the LCM at fault this part doesn’t need coding ? So I can buy a second hand one or brand new one from VW with matching numbers and this will plug and play? Thank you again don you’ve been great help
  4. I will try this test with LCM, sorry I got abit carried away as I thought with the fault code showing mechanical failure on the motor as well, that it was the headlight and LCM at fault. Will try swapping over and let you know the out come.. thank you again been great help! as to the coding part i was under the impression fitting a new headlight (Second Hans) with lcm would need coding to my car.
  5. Sorry don another question.... if I was to buy a second hand complete led headlight unit including the modules (x2) from the same spec car (golf r) with same part numberA would this need coding to the car or would it plug and play ? As the new and old lcm would be coded the same am I right in thinking? Thank you again
  6. Thank you so much for your reply, so this all seems to make sense, it had a service at VW last week and they never showed anything about the battery but I could get this confirmed, the motor you can clearly hear clunking and clicking for a approx 5 seconds when you put the lights on (right side)... the left light does it’s up down/side to side perfectly, But when you clear the codes in either 4b or 39 the motor straight away clicks again right side, I was thinking of purchasing a second hand headlight with both modules included, but I believe this would need coding ? Is the LCM module the one that sits at the very bottom ? Would it straight forward to re code, the fitting of the headlight won’t be a problem. thank you again
  7. Thanks I was thinking it would need to. Am just slightly confused on why I have the 2 other codes (low voltage and the 4b module fault) now if there only there because of the main motor fault. It all makes sense and I only need to buy a head light and use my old modules of the headlight, hopefully this can be confirmed🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  8. Really struggling with this one 2017 golf r 7.5 I have a fault with the AFS showing a error on the dash, connected vcds and it’s showed 2 faults with the right light (photos attached) low voltage and mechanical failure to motor, which I suspected as it makes a clicking sound when the lights turn on for a few seconds, and another 1 fault in the 4b mulit func module, which states “received an error code” now is this because the module is linked in which because it’s showing the error on my dash it’s showing in the module??? wanted to clarify before I purchase a second hand full headlight light including ballasts Last question is once I purchase the new headlight and ballasts modules (x2) will this need coding to my car or will it plug and play with matches per numbers? thanks in advance for the help really need it
  9. GELCR

    Hi don I was hoping for some insight on these fault codes on vcds.. you seem to be the guy!  I do believe the motor has failed in the headlight but would this cause the other 2 fault codes in 4b module and low voltage ? Would really appreciate your knowledge, lastly when I try And clear the fault codes separately it results in the headlight motor clicking, which is making me think all these codes are linked to the main reason (the headlight motor failure) 





  10. any solution been found to this?
  11. mk7.5 2017 hi new to the group first post have checked but can't find anything that relates, question is i am getting this error: bending lighting (AFS) every time i start the car up, i have checked the lights which seem to work perfectly bending and lighting up the extra light when you turn left/right.. is there something i am missing, car is booked in a vw next week, thanks
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