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  1. Thank you everyone. PS4S it is then. I've had a think about it and it doesn't make sense to go for anything cheaper. May as well go all out and get the full feel. A lot of you guys are talking about discounted prices. Which websites are these from. £155-£170 per tyre is what I'm seeing everywhere. Is that about right?
  2. Sorry my bad. 19 inch wheels
  3. Just bought a new Mk 7.5 golf r. Need advice on tyres to buy. I know pilot sport 4s are the best, but might be a bit expensive for me right now. 1) Any ideas of good solid all year tyres but at a decent price. Best cost effective i guess. 2) And lastly which is the absolute cheapest tyres you'd recommend but will still do a job. Need from both categories please so I can decide. Thanks.
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