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  1. What error is popping up for you? I'd bet on spark plugs 😆. Solenoid. A leak in the intake, too low fuel pressure, and the most common errors in this case are : 16684 - Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected P0300 - 001 - - MILES ON 16685 - Cylinder 1 P0301 - 001 - Misfire Detected - MIL ON 16686 - Cylinder 2 P0302 - 001 - Misfire Detected - MIL ON 16688 - Cylinder 4 P0304 - 001 - Misfire Detected
  2. Wrong power supply. Normally it should be that one power cable (memory backup) is permanently connected to the battery, the other (the one from playing) goes through the ignition. You may want to start with this, as it seems to me that this will solve your problem in many cases.
  3. I love people like this, a lot of work put in and above all willingness. It's a pity that the end result could not be known, although maybe the author will surprise us again one day. It's a bit of a pity about that Passat CC 3.6 V6, but I would have loved to know if the deal was indeed fully successful.
  4. Hello, I was fortunate enough to own a Golf I and II, alongside a Seat Toledo, they were my first cars ever. I hope to find many enthusiasts here, not only of the brand but also of motoring itself, I will not hide that especially of the older models of many years ago.
  5. I have always dreamt of owning a Renault 19 Williams, because many years ago, I had the opportunity to experience the car. I know it's just a Renault 19 to many, but to me, over 20 years ago, it gave me many amazing experiences. It's a shame that finding one in good condition is quite a problem.
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