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Golf 7 gte 2017


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@Elon: Hi.


Please don't take this response as a criticism and I don't intend any offense in my reply!


I've seen a number of similar requests on various forums- which I have never felt confident to answer because of the underlying "value" based assumption in the question!


To explain - like many of life's wants, "interesting features and tweak" is a very personal set of words and the range of options is so large and diverse as to be almost undefinable!! A simple Google (or Co-Pilot) search will yield an absolutely ginormous number of different options for MQB platform cars - like your mk7 Golf!


And more problematic,  anyone responding to your question MUST necessarily assume that how they value the term "interesting" is the same. or similar to your value-set! This has to be a very big assumption if for no other reason than the sum total of the forum's understanding of your value-set can ONLY be drawn from the 30 x words in your post.


Again, I intend no offense to your inaugural post (incidentally, welcome). My purpose is a messy attempt to help- but to do so, I need to understand what coding changes you might value more highly in the vast maelstrom of possible options!



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