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  1. Please read these rules before requesting support Group Buy/discount deals Rules Guests are not able to view this section. Members with fewer than 25 posts can see the section, but not the content of topics. Those with 25+ posts can view & reply Members with 50+ posts to create a new advert All Group Buys or discount code deals must be approved prior to launch. To gain approval PM or email admin@vwroc.com or contact a Moderator. All Group Buys/discount deals run to completion must be approved before starting again. New
  2. Official Current Forum Fastest: Hurdy As we all know we have one or two members that like to go as fast as they can in a straight line over 1/4 mile. The introduction of this thread will aim to serve two purposes: 1) Keep track of how fast our members are going 2) Crown the fastest member as 'Forum Fastest' (not fattest... ) The rules are simple - post an official timing slip from a Drag Strip. That's it. Easy as that. Now to Forum Fastest... To claim the 'Forum Fastest' title you must post a scan/photo of your timing slip and state where it was achieved. Once you have post your slip se
  3. Please post details of recommended professional detailers here. Include name, telephone number, web site and areas covered.
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