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  1. What is the name for the mk6 golf r wheels ? I need a replacement wheel and vw want 880 plus vat with no tyre for one wheel robbing [email protected]*t's
  2. so maybe mods to the R will have to stop for a while because I just went and got my self a mk1 golf project
  3. Which bcs did you go for? Decat or sports? Would it be orite if I pass over wakey to have a look?
  4. Where can I get these discounts ðŸ˜
  5. It's going down after my holiday lad 😂ðŸ˜
  6. Porsche boxster 230bhp one. I know they aren't great but the guy driving thought his was as he went to overtake Me and didn't make it past 😂😂😂😉
  7. Cheers lad ... Yeah I kind of jumped at getting this one because I had been messed around with a dealer and didn't want to travel too far to get treated the same way at other dealers because I was 22 at the time they was a set of co#ks and wouldn't let me test drive one should have slowed down and got a 3 door but it's good for getting everyone in to be fair easier
  8. quick shot from top of holme moss Huddersfield with the new reg on ... which I have just been sent a letter from the police about how its spaced Enjoying the R Think next I will have to get some coilovers
  9. Spotted mk6 4 door in blue on the A38 taking the turn off for catholme last Friday 3.00pm i was in my work car 1.6 skoda Octavia so i had no chance of catching up haha
  10. I am from Huddersfield with a white Mk6 R 4 door but I don't think it was me I was over that way sunday tho
  11. cheers lads I will look into it a bit more
  12. R tech told me it should make around 305-310 bhp at stock with stage 1 map
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