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  1. when are you doing the dyno run? would be interested to see how it compares to DTUK and JB1.
  2. i got a reply this morning confirming Bluefin won't work on 2016 year cars. pity, i like how simple it is to put on and remove.
  3. Changed quote to driveway instead of garage and it took over £50 off the elephant quote. Not sure how that makes any sense but i guess that will do.
  4. Been on a comparison site and best i could see was £299 with protected no claims but haven't heard of the company before. Anyone heard of igo4 insurance? Next best quote is £50 more for elephant who at least ive heard of.
  5. I got a quote a few months ago for £199 with esure, checked again today as car is arriving in 4 weeks and quote is now nearly £700. Guess I'll be moving to an new insurer.
  6. Good point about it being detectable, didn't think about that. They used to do decent forum discounts so hopefully they still offer that. The last time I had one of these was 9 years ago.
  7. No, not yet. My car is getting delivered in about 5 weeks so i'll give it a few months to make sure everything is ok first.
  8. Bluefin is now available for the mk7 R, got contacted by them this week. I like the flexibility of it, easy to install and remove for services etc. Had one on my mk5 GTi and liked it a lot.
  9. I think bmw are due to update the 3.0 diesel engines next year.
  10. Bit surprised with the results, in a track battle i thought it would be between the cupra and megane. Why is the golf 50kg heavier than the S3? Thought they'd be very similar.
  11. The only way it will work is with the phone connected via usb. Don't have my car yet so not sure if both usb ports work or just the one in the centre console. Apple are enabling bluetooth in the next version of ios but don't know if that will work
  12. Currently drive a 3 series with those awful tyres. Would really like anything but Bridgestones on my new R. Can't see why we can't get conti's or Goodyear, they are pretty much the same price.
  13. Seen elsewhere that the 2016 Canadian R's are getting conti's as well. Fingers crossed time.
  14. I think you can get it on demand on sky.
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