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  1. Your door is scuffed too. Unfortunately to get that 100% right you’ll have to paint the new wing and the door and possibly blend into the rear door.
  2. I've seen it many times before. Its most likely due to stone chips and then a power washer making it a tad worse.
  3. Ah they cost them a fair chunk more than that. They retail at near 1k per rim. There's no chance they have a 600 euro margin on them 😃
  4. Some story Noel! I'd heard sketchy details on this saga from the chap who's interested in buying your old wheels 😌 Sounds like they're a nightmare to deal with! I guess you did OK in the end though, replacing 4 prets is a costly lesson for the idiots. Its a wonder they didn't damage the new wheels when fitting them to the car....
  5. Front bumper? Probably a stone chip which broke the lacquer and the problem spread over time. Rare enough to see this on factory paint I think. For me it would suggest that the bumper was repaired (badly) before.
  6. You have an itch for an R since I left you for dead on the Ted Run 😀
  7. Oh of course there could be other mistakes... who knows.... sure many cars might have mistakes that go totally un-noticed as they're not visually obvious. There's every chance that the bumper shell is identical on the R-Line so it could be just a matter of swapping out the few bits of trim. There's also the possibility that the car left the factory with the correct bumper but "lost" it somewhere between Wolfsburg and the dealers.
  8. I said it in my earlier post but this could be a much simpler fix than you think. If the R and the R-Line bumper are identical barring the grills / black trim inserts, etc, then it should be easy to get this sorted out. No full bumper swap or painting will be needed. Just need to compare the part numbers of an R-Line and R bumper. They may be identical...
  9. It might well have been the sound-actuator in my case too. Probably was vibrating off the loose scuttle panel and when I secured the scuttle panel, the buzzing stopped...
  10. You might be onto something re under the bonnet. I remember in my R I had something similar and it did seem to be coming from the dash. But one day I was topping up the washer fluid and I noticed that the scuttle panel (the plastic trim under the wipers) looked a bit loose and the rubber seal around it didn't look too secure either. So I poked at that a bit and re-fastened a couple of loose-feeling clips... removed the rubber seal and re-fitted it. I never heard the buzzing noise again...
  11. Try Allianz or An Post. Both were significantly cheaper for me for my last renewal (~600 euro versus 1k+ with most of the others). I went with Allianz in the end. Bit of a lottery though... no doubt when my next renewal comes up I'll get more magic numbers thrown at me...
  12. Wow, that is pretty random! But it's not the first time I've seen cars come with very obvious mistakes in the build. Ones I remember: - a GTI with one GTD headlight (missing the red stripe on one side) - a car with leather spec'd and one of the door cards having the cloth insert - black prets (when silver were spec'd) It would also make me wonder if it was damaged in transit and the bumper was swapped somewhere between the factory and the dealers. It might not require the full bumper to be replaced... maybe the only difference is the grills? Worth checking...
  13. My Dad’s new Tiguan is like that. A very nice and subtle led strip all around the perimeter of the roof opening. It looks excellent. I suspect the Golf’s much shorter and lower roof line prevents it from being truly “panoramic”. There’s not enough room for the glass to slide back into!
  14. Probably a stone chip - you're lucky it wasn't a centimetre either side of it! As above, those trims actually pop out really easily, get your fingers under it and tug. Fairly cheap to replace too.
  15. Exactly the same thing used to happen to me. I had it back to them at least 3-4 times, I had the "special" lube applied, and various parts replaced. It always seemed to be "fixed" for a day or two and then came back. Actually I think on one occasion I could hear it as I drove out of the dealers lol.
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