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  1. Although I think the R puddle light is borderline naff rather than childish, I kind of agree with this statement. There is absolutely no reason anyone actually needs the R performance. The TDI is indeed the 'adult' and 'sensible' choice. We buy the R because we are all enthusiasts here about the product and the performance. The cars themselves are important to us and are treasured possessions. A lot of people would find this wierd. In some ways I have given up trying to act like a grown up becuase life would be too dull. Cars like the R take that dullness away for the
  2. As I thought - a Marmite feature! I'm a bit torn as to whether it's naff or cool. A friend commented it was cool when I first noticed it, but then again I might not keep the best company
  3. OK, I'm a bit slow at noticing things, so apologies in advance. Almost 2 weeks of ownership and I've only just used the car in the dark. I really like the courtesy lights on the handles, but I wasn't expecting a projected "R" on the ground from the wing mirrors! I must admit, it gave me a smile. However, it's a little bit 'bling' if that's the right word (I am over 50). Anybody love/hate this?
  4. Agree. And I think the problem with reviewers is they don't live with the car. It's a bit alien when you first try to use any new interface that different to your old or your conventional way. It just takes a few days, that's all. Reviewers don't have a few days - possibly not even a few hours. Working out the shortcuts and best way for you also takes a bit of time too. Getting the dash set up with the info you want takes some fiddling, since we are all different. I dislike the broad brush critisim that the interface or buttons don't work well, although I un
  5. I know this is a somewhat old thread, but I'm just in my first 2 weeks of R ownership. The concern of the haptic no-button setup was a real concern for me. In fact, it really made me consider very carefully if I could live with it. After a few days of fumbling when I gt the car, it's now all second nature. It reminded me of moving from a Blackberry to an iPhone - there's no way you would want to go back. I get really irked when I see reviews like this: https://www.parkers.co.uk/volkswagen/golf/r/review/ "Touch sensitive controls don't work well"
  6. That genuinely made me laugh! Thanks - I was just questioning my sanity when filling up with premium fuel.
  7. I wonder if there are any opinions on this? Sorry if this has been covered in another thread, but I have been filling up with E5 rather than E10 to be on the safe side. Aer there any potential issues, short or long term with E10 in the R?
  8. Just to report that my OBDEleven arrived this afternoon, and I programmed the lane assit within a matter of minutes. Thanks Rebecca for working this out, and providing such clear instructions!
  9. Thank you for this. I'll purchase one now. A bit steep just to turn off one function Driving back from the gym this morning, I forgot to turn off lane assist, and it kicked in. I don't see the value in such a system - at best it's unnerving. I would much rather this be an optoinal extra and have something more essential like heated seats. Are there any other useful tweaks I can do with the OBD device?
  10. That's really useful! Thanks you!! I guess I need to get myself an ODB Eleven Dongle - I can see them on Amazon but if anyone knows a decent cheap source that would be most welcome!
  11. Thanks for that - this is exactly what I have been doing. It's a shame that you can't make the view standard across the board. Adding this to the list of buttons to press to disable lane assist and start/stop!
  12. I have a question that maybe someone on here might be able to help with. I like to have my instrument cluster in 'classic' mode which has the rev counter on the left and the speedo on the right. I then have the options for the centre of the dials and the middle set up just fine. Every time I start up, everything is as I want it. However, when I change to Race mode, the screen changes to the default screen for Race. What I want is for the screen to stay in classic. Is there any way to do this? Apologies if this has been covered before.
  13. Haha, yes I think there's qite a lot of understandable paranoia on the subject of plate privacy. I suppose I have learned over the years to understand how criminals think. A common trait is laziness - hence turning to criminality for easy money. Before I took delivery of my car, I really wanted to look through the manual online, and needed a reg to enter into the VW site for this. Trawling sites like this would have taken a long time. I went onto the most popular car sales site and just entered Golf R, with a filter on 2021, and there I found a dozen or so reg numbers. I think having pics buri
  14. I have heard the white no-cost-option referred to as the "poverty spec" which really tickled me I already have 2 other black cars, and I'm not a fan of the Lapiz Blue, so white seemed the sensible choice. My reasoning was also that I wanted to keep it just below the luxury car tax limit. All said, I really like it in white now I've had it for you few days. You're going to love the car!
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