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  1. Snap on the car front except my repeated notifications are stage 7, three this week! I got my 5a about three weeks ahead of the bw I was given so it may well be correct.
  2. £440 delivered from black circles to the stealer who isn't charging for fitting. Worth checking when it arrives though, mines an estate but I'd imagine it's down to the alloy rather than the body!
  3. Stage 7 for me on Friday and weirdly, again this morning... And an email from the dealer to advise the car, with Cadiz, is on Bridgestones. Set of MPSS duly ordered for fitting before handover!
  4. Got 5c notification this morning for my R Estate. Ordered late July, originally had bw41 but that ended up getting 5a a couple of weeks early.
  5. C5 RS6 for going fast in a straight line. Renault sport Clio 182 Cup for going round corners. Hoping the R Estate will give the best of both when it arrives early November!
  6. Bodfish

    R Estate

    My Lapiz Blue currently with the factory, dealer reckons bw41 but we'll see...
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