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  1. nice addons enjoy the car
  2. Dario

    Fuel flap

    Mine was like that. Noticed 3-4 days after pickup, the dealer resprayed it
  3. one for the Volkswagen Croatia
  4. Nice I have the HBA assist and want to retrofit the frameless mirror
  5. Hi dario. I fitted my dynaudio tweeters but one has blown and the resistor has blown, it has very small hole on side. I have taken a picture of the resistor could you help. I have ordered new one and don’t want to mess up again. Thank you 


    1. Dario


      ooo sorry but You did not properly solder the side :( thats why it blew :( 


      see picture i draw. the current needs to go throw it and out on the other pin 86-B0-F912-4-E2-E-48-E8-AF86-9754-C2-B75

  6. Dario

    Back again

    welcome back
  7. Thank You for info . too bad I cant install this intake pipe
  8. i had 2 sets, one 57.1 and one 66.6 with spigots no problems or vibrations with the spigot rings
  9. Thnx They turned up so nice and complete the inside
  10. a friend is into that. can ask about price. but you need to disasemble your current ones and ship them to him
  11. they are really great. great pedal feel and everything
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