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  1. get a hacked unit with carnet. i have it 9.2 with working carnet(around 100€ per year) and working google maps navi
  2. 1. Resolution: max 720x576 pixels 2. Bit rate: max 2000 kbit / s 3. H.264 Profile (Base Profile)
  3. You can put any OEM radio the mib2 8inc media or pro , or 9.2 disc pro anybody that doest retrofitting can do it
  4. Bosch dealership here in my town, friend works there so has a nice discount about 35-40% . Dont really know who makes the OEM ones, but maybe they are also bosch
  5. great charger, had mine for 10+ years. always leave the R for 20-30 days connected on it no problems
  6. we had 2 failed GTis and one R all 2014 and 2015 my cars.
  7. 2014 R's, did You change Your head injectors for the new revision?, I seen a few 14/15's fail over time. Found a set of 4 brand new bosch OE injectors, half of price the OEM, and thinking of preventive change. would not want an injector to stop work on WOT any feedback is welcomed Cheers
  8. and the best FAV geek upgrade is the 9.2 discovery pro navigation with SIM option / unlocked g.maps and carnet not the cheapest.but I love it
  9. And some carbonporn The Racingline rear brace not liked the exposed carbon, so my friend got them clearcoated. sooo much better
  10. So a year nearly i did not update . Not much was the car driven, only few weekends, and car meets But a few upgrades and stuff was done and some are still waiting to be installed lets bundle some pics up first it received a new charger. the old Ctek died after 8 years 😕 some new brake pads from Racingline some little cosmetic mods the audi 12v socket plug the "china" animated turn signals for the mirrors and the FL frameless mirrow with the HBA camera (not fitted
  11. sounds better to me, lounder deffo hm dont know really, mine is the first version kit not the later A/B/C versions of the kit, maybe there is that difference. But then again the focals were made as a plug and play kit for the golf. if they can be powered of the oem radio without the helix kit, dont see why they should cause problems with the kit. The tweets are a bit too loud for my liking, but turned them down via the infotament. for the money they are a nice upgrade
  12. just to double chech before buying this is the correct PN 5G6827940A 041 ?
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