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  1. Thanks everyone for your input! I'll either go with the Brembo or the ATE pads then! @DaveAberdeen That was my main plan originally, however since I can get the pads and install them on the cheap side, I will just put some OEM like pads now and when I gather the funds I will also upgrade the rest! Appreciate the input on the Vagbremtechnic disks, I will keep it in mind! Again, thanks everyone!
  2. Hey everyone! I am a long time lurker in this forum and this is my first post! So happy to say hi to everyone! I have a question about front brake pads. I took my car (2014 Golf 7 R) for a service, and the advisor told my I am close to needing front brake pads. I already searched and saw recommendations for the Ferodo DS2500, Tarox Strada and EBC pads, however I prefer to keep the brake pads stock until I can also upgrade the disks to Clubsport ones. The price the quoted me was really high for OEM pads with fitting and I will take the car to a mechanic friend and help me change my pads there. However I am not entirely sure on which pads to buy! I have these two in mind for OEM style pads. Which would you recommend? Or any alternatives? Ferodo pads Brembo pads I think I have the correct part number, but I am not sure to be honest. Just wanted some feedback before I pull the trigger! (P.S Also are these sparks LINK HERE the correct ones??) Thanks in advance guys!
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