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  1. Gib69


    Dsg in manual sport using stick! Is my new norm cheers buddy 😜
  2. Gib69


    Brooklands green 😎
  3. I’ve black wheel bolts the security one is showing bit of rust 🤬 Ebay jobbies 🙄 best way to tackle spray hamerite or paint hamerite obviously away from car 😬
  4. Gib69


    Vinyl roof replace or spray? Are those ghia wheels 😱 Chevy definitely looks an animal Matt black or toffe apple red with flames up the front 😜
  5. Gib69


    I recently had the apr dsq map completely different drive! Manual is now manual not semi no dropping 7th to 6th at the slight touch on motorway no pause when touch throttle from 1st holds gears better round town and launch!! Need I say more 😎
  6. Gib69


    Hi Chris put some pictures up in 7R ride 🥴was digging around at weekend for Polaroid’s of my early golfs didn’t know I collected so much 💩. As the advert once’s said! If only everything in life was as reliable as a Golf probably the only advert I’ve ever believed in 🤘🏻
  7. Gib69


    cheers Paul one will try that on way home from work 🥴
  8. Gib69

    Newbie 7.5 R

    Cheers pics don’t do her justice 🥴
  9. Joined last Friday finally got some decent weather to wash Her! Apologies I ain’t no photographer 🙄
  10. Last summer 



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    2. Booth11


      Yeah but you’ve cracked that one now, so no stopping you. 🤣

    3. Gib69


      That is true! Just looking on 7R rides now,So suns out snow foam is a coming out hopefully some pics later! Fingers crossed 🤘🏻

    4. Booth11


      Yes, make the most of it whilst that big yellow ball in the sky is visible!  Watch that wind doesn’t give you a face full of snow foam though!  😂  


    8A8078B3-5778-4BE8-B1BB-F6A7DC07BFDB.jpegQuick pic while waiting for sunshine 🙄

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    2. NRW


      Ther a several owners on here done similarly, using different sombinations of materials& colours to get their preferred look.   Looks great, for me it’s the perforated leather touch that seals it!  Is it A Royal piece of work or elsewhere?

    3. NRW


      I Vowed after buying mine that I’d not spend Any more money on it😂😂

      But really, you start modding as soon as you add anything, including ff extras, on top of the standard car.

      So m vow didn’t last long. Winter wheels and tyres bought from another owner on here were my downfall.  And a really good move, imho.  If your geography is such, then these are a big, valuable enhancement.    A boot mat to prevent damage to the floor, - an eBay bargain until I decide which suits me best.  There’s some badges in transit from badgeskins.com......

      and I keep returning to the Lockwood Sill protectors, over and over again😂

      Lowered Springs are I admit a Must to give a better look, but would not help me in how I have to use my R (permanent wheelchair user, and the standard height is great for me getting in/out).

      Regular viewing on here adds to your knowledge of all the other great things that R owners do to their cars.... so I have lists and links to all sorts of useful things for or related to an R.  Phew. It is loads of fun on here, be warned.  Tell your partner in advance!😂😂

      I Look forward to your posts!

    4. Gib69


      Steering wheel is from custom controls down Devon way waiting list is 3 months! It blends so well with car the quality is top notch 😍


      single dude be very hard to find a woman who understands the VW life I know they’re out there! So we live in hope 🥴

  12. Gib69


    Nice to meet another Paul 👊🏻 tbh I’m still trying to like the dsg, always been manual. Last gti was mk6 and I cried when that was sold I felt more at one with the gti obviously being manual I was driving not just being a steer wheel attendant ha! You open the door to a gti your opening a door thats smothered in history. The R Is a stunning car I’m not regretting buying it the dsg box has just been tuned and in manual is way better gti is and always be a iconic car The R is his angry bi polar brother 🤘🏻
  13. Gib69


    Sorry still finding my way round the site yes had 3 mk1 79&80 1600 and 82 1800 so wish I’d kept the y reg 1982 in red 😍 one for sale last year in white 14k
  14. Gib69


    Had 3 of them 79,80 1600 82 1800 today they’re going for ridiculous prices I’d love a 78 plate in red 😍
  15. Gib69


    Afternoon everyone never joined a club before so definitely a virgin ha! 50 yr old on my 9th golf now 1st R 8 gti’s 2018 3 door R iridium grey probably like most done a bit of tinkering 😜 apr stage 1 high torque apr dsq 381 tune 20 mm eibach springs tarox sport japan discs brembo pads cobra resonator delete front maxton v3 splitter custom control steering wheel 19 oz ultra leggera 4s pilots pics to follow its chucking it down 🙄 like I said never done a forum before so hopefully everything goes good 😎
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